Chapter 3157: Great Battle

“Nothing will be left of the present age since a true immortal is descending.” Bamboo Progenitor uttered coldly.

True immortal. This caught the listeners off Guard. These progenitors have fallen into darkness so what is this talk about a true immortal?

There are no such things as immortals in this world, at least that’s what everyone believed.

They would instantly scoff at anyone else for saying something so ridiculous. However, it came from a progenitor.

“Can this be true?” One Supreme Everlasting murmured in a daze.

“Please, just a bunch of fake immortals yet you view them as the real things. How ridiculous.” The bull snorted.

“You’ll find out what an immortal is soon enough, if you can survive till then.” Eight Treasures Progenitor said seriously.

The world became confused and didn’t know what to say.

“Who cares if they’re immortals or not. It’s time to fight.” The old demon’s light erupted again.

His light purified the area around the four progenitors. The demon no longer felt like an old man; his spirit was vigorous like an eighteen-year-old.

“Break!” The progenitors roared and utilized their weapons.

“Let’s not gang up on one man now.” Lotus Ancestor hurriedly joined the battlefield on the side of the old demon.

“Boom!” The area trembled before their devastating might and pressure.


“Senior, make your move.” Trinity Eccentric challenged Tenacious Fardao.

“This will be good. One of my regrets is not being able to fight Fardao.” Tenacious accepted the challenge and moved forward.

“I’m satisfied with just fighting you.” Trinity laughed freely and unleashed a punch capable of crushing time.

“Rumble!” A terrible power ravaged the area.

The inhabitants of Three Immortals only got a short break before being terrorized by their terrible might again. Even Everlastings felt like ants.

“Please, defeat the darkness and protect Three Immortals.” The living beings started praying since this was the only thing they could do.


“Charge!” Numerous dao portals materialized in the air.

“Rumble!” Numerous legions were summoned next to the dark ships.

“Five Elements Legion.” Many people recognized the banner of the vanguard and shouted.

“Initiate!” Hui Qingxuan personally led her system’s legion to attack the four battalions of ships.

“Raaa!” Numerous gigantic beasts appeared to the left.

“Leave the left flank to us.” Violet Dragon Empress stood on top of a dragon, looking quite gallant. She commanded another legion forward.

“The right side is ours.” A third ancient legion appeared, led by Supreme True Emperor.

“It’s our chance!” Meanwhile, Holyfrost reorganized the legion of the academy before flying upward like an angel.

This army of light wielded their holy affinity to fight against the dark legions.

“We’re here as well!” Three-eyed Prodigy and an alliance of several systems also came out of another dao portal.

“Kill them all!” The dark legion had no fear of the numerous foes and flew out of their ships.

“Boom!” Another battlefield emerged. Thousands and thousands of men instantly smashed onto each other, resulting in a chaotic fight.

“We need to help the academy now.” A few spectating systems finally made up their mind. More portals appeared with new legions joining the battlefield.

It didn’t take long before corpses piled up in this area. The battlefield became a human meat grinder; numerous combatants lost their lives.

“Advance!” By this point, nearly all systems knew that they needed to do something or it would be the end of Immortal Lineage. They hurriedly sent the majority of their forces to aid the academy, if not all. Some didn’t hold back for defensive reasons.

There was no point in saving troops because the defeat of the academy meant their destruction anyway.

Their systems couldn’t stop the progenitors and the dark legion. Only complete solidarity gave them the biggest chance of survival.

The monstrous dark battalions were actually at a disadvantage against the full might of Immortal Lineage.

Five Element Mountains was the main fighting force. Holyfrost, Violet Dragon, and Supreme focused on flanking the enemies, cutting from the left and right. The other legions surrounded the ships and began their assault.

Dozens of millions or even more troops stifled the invaders. Unfortunately, this didn’t lessen the casualties. Corpses and blood rained down from above, piling up into mountains.

Meanwhile, the progenitors have opened their own battlefield since they were too strong. Just the remnant shockwaves alone could pierce through Three Immortals.

The old demon was no longer alone with Lotus Ancestor as an ally. They had the upper hand and continuously forced back the other four progenitors.

“Heaven didn’t abandon us.” The cultivators unqualified to join the battle prayed.

The dark legion back at shore took note of this. The defeat of the four battalions seemed imminent by this point.

“Strike camp. March towards Immortal Lineage!” Someone gave the command.

In fact, this force’s actual target was to conquer Sky Ruins. Unfortunately, they had no choice but to attack Immortal Lineage.

“Rumble!” All of the ships began flying towards this world.

“Prepare for battle! Our fate depends on this fight!” Tai Yinxi shouted after seeing the mass mobilization.

This was the reason why Sky Pass Legion didn’t return to Immortal Lineage. The real legion of darkness was coming - the thing he didn’t wish to see the most.

“How’s the last brick? Did we fix it?” He worriedly asked.

“Commander, the job is done. The new brick is in but we can’t guarantee anything.” The responsible general answered.

The legion did everything they could after the first failure to fix this flaw. Unfortunately, they weren’t too confident this time.

“We just need to try our best and leave it up to fate.” Tai Yinxi wasn’t optimistic due to the sheer size of the dark army.

“Men! Victory means our world will still be here! Defeat means nothing will be left but ashes! We fight till the very last man! Never surrender!” His voice echoed across Sky Pass to encourage his men.

“Till the very last man! Never surrender!” The soldiers roared like maniacs.

Retreating was not an option. To do so meant exposing their home and loved ones, letting them be massacred by the enemies.

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