Chapter 3156: Lotus Ancestor

Tenacious Fardao spoke with a nonchalant calmness but the listeners didn’t take it as well.

Three Immortals was vast but he was all alone, not having a single family member despite being so famous.

Countless people viewed him as a role model but how many of them actually worried about him?

He had no one close in this world, no one to share his treacherous path. He eventually obtained power and peerless achievements but never a tinge of warmth for his cold dao heart.

Some ancestors sympathized since they have experienced something familiar.

After reaching a certain power level, their loved ones were dead. They no longer had anyone who genuinely cared for them. Thus, they no longer felt any attachment to this world.

By this point, they were no different from a passerby. There was nothing worth remembering in Immortal Lineage. Its existence simply didn’t matter.

Therefore, the only thing they cared about was to become stronger, go further, and reach immortality.

The younger cultivators didn’t share this feeling, unlike the old and powerful ancestors. The latter had experienced their loved ones and friends dying from time. Finally, they would become someone like Tenacious Fardao, a lonely man. 

Immortal Lineage was unfamiliar to him now. As he had said, he was only trying to survive. This invasion meant nothing to him, unlike his allies who destroyed their own system.

In a sense, Tenacious Fardao succumbing to the darkness felt more tolerable.

“The apex is emotionless.” Trinity Eccentric sighed and didn’t criticize Tenacious.

“The world itself is emotionless. Time kills everything except me, and I have returned.” Tenacious slowly said.

“I see.” Trinity said: “Your enemy is me today, you need to get through me to destroy Immortal Lineage.”

“Very well, people claim that the latter waves will always surpass the previous. Let’s see what level you have reached.” Tenacious remained carefree.

“There are levels to the Fardao realm?” Many ancestors became startled. One of them wondered.

“Yes, there are classifications, but the world only knows of it as a title, lacking the particular details. The truth is that there are levels such as True Fardao, Slayer Fardao, and Unending Fardao.” 

Regular cultivators had no idea about these next levels. When one broke through the limit of a Supreme Everlasting, they would be considered a Fardao.

Reaching Fardao’s actual height back then would earn them the True Fardao classification.

In actuality, Fardao’s cultivation didn’t stop there. He attained further achievements, resulting in two more levels: Slayer Fardao and Unending Fardao.

Rumor has it that at the slayer level, they should be able to kill an immortal-level progenitor. As for Unending Fardao? This remained a mystery. There were no records about people who have reached it. Perhaps only Fardao himself was the only person.

“We’ll find out soon.” Trinity smiled.

His confidence certainly assured the crowd. He was the most talented and knowledgeable in the world. Plus, he came from Five Elements Mountain. Both his talents and background surpassed Tenacious Fardao.

Though Tenacious made his dao debut earlier, Trinity still had a chance of overtaking him.

“Looks like we still got help.” One spectator quietly said.

Everyone found hope again after seeing the old tree demon and Trinity Eccentric. Perhaps the darkness would fail.

“Enough talk. Time for us to end this and welcome an entirely new epoch.” Cicada Progenitor laughed and said.

“Don’t be so certain and haughty.” The bull said with disdain: “You won’t even know how you’ll die a little bit later.”

“Black bull, you might be knowledgeable but this disaster far exceeds your imagination.” Cicada retorted: “You can’t even stop the vanguard, let alone our entire army. Three Immortals is finished this generation, no one will be able to change this.”

“It’s a little too early to jump to any conclusion, Fellow Daoist.” A pleasant voice joined the battle.

A comforting pleasant swept through the sky, filling Immortal Lineage with a majestic life force.

A green expanse emerged on the horizon with a lotus tree at the center. It wasn’t overly large but was ancient beyond calculation, perhaps existing even before the myriad dao. Its leaves couldn’t blot out the sunlight but people felt that it could shoulder a falling sky. 

It gave off the feeling of being the pillar of heaven and earth.

“Poof!” In the next second, the lotus tree flashed brightly. A woman walked out from this radiance and the tree disappeared from sight.

She wore a green dress, seemingly descending from heaven itself. She was immaculate beyond words. Any so-called kingdom-toppling beauties paled in comparison. Even the wondrous Hui Qingxuan felt inferior.

The aura of a progenitor trailed behind her just like the tail of a phoenix. This aura wasn’t oppressive at all. It elegantly billowed in the air in a transcending manner.

“Who is that?” People could tell that she was a progenitor. They just didn’t know which one.

“Lotus Ancestor!” A Supreme Everlasting recognized her and said with respect.

“The progenitor of Five Elements Mountain!” Many shouted.

Five Elements was the strongest and most mysterious system in all of Three Immortals. It was the only one to have several progenitors in the same generation.

Lotus performed a miracle. She used the same dao framework created by Five Elements Progenitor to prove her dao. She didn’t need to leave her system and still became an immortal-level progenitor.

No one has done this before in history. Therefore, her accomplishment earned her a spot among the Ten Radiance.

“She’s still alive. Five Elements Mountain is unfathomable indeed.” Another commenter became emotional.

So many progenitors have left Immortal Lineage for the expanse. However, someone as strong as her still chose to stay behind. This was quite surprising.

“Your mountain is a wondrous dao land.” Eight Treasures Progenitor stared at Lotus and said: “That’s why it is another main target, certainly worthy of a trip.”

“Fellow Daoists, you should know your own perilous situation.” Lotus replied.

“Yes, we have the advantage right now.” The experts in Immortal Lineage became spirited.

Lotus Ancestor and the old tree demon should be able to handle the four progenitors on the other side.

On the other hand, Trinity Eccentric should be able to fight evenly against Tenacious Fardao and buy enough time for his allies to win. Next would be taking down all the battalions of ships. Victory would be theirs then.


“Everyone, prepare to defend the sky moat with our lives. Hold nothing back.” Tai Yinxi saw the development and gave an order.

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