Chapter 3155: Trinity Eccentric

The title had an interesting history behind it. This was also another thing used by future descendants to show respect.

A gentleman must strive unremittingly on the path towards the dao. This phrase was the meaning behind the title of “Tenacious” since it consisted of “gentleman” and “strive”. [1]

This title was fitting and flattering for the second person to achieve this level. It highlighted his effort on the path towards the grand dao.

Numerous emperors and progenitors have appeared in history. Many of the latter came from big sects; a few hailed from weaker sects or declining systems.

Tenacious’ background was worse and inferior to all of them. He was born as a servant in a rich family in the mortal realm, as lowly as can be. Moreover, his life didn’t change because a cultivator or a sect took notice of him.

Despite being a lowly servant, he still enthusiastically looked for a way to cultivate and become an immortal.

Just imagine, an illiterate servant trying to reach for the dao. This was exceedingly difficult. No sect or cultivation masters bothered taking him in.

Nonetheless, his effort turned him from a lowly servant into a lowly cultivator.

One could argue that his cultivation path was harder than any cultivator. Alas, as time passed, his effort yielded fruit and he became the second Fardao Everlasting.

That’s why his real name no longer mattered nor remembered. People only knew him as “Tenacious”.

For a long trek of time, many ancestors and seniors alluded to Tenacious in order to motivate their young disciples.

They also viewed him as the right role model. Needless to say, the ones with a humble upbringing respected him the most. His stories encouraged many who come from nothing to keep on trying.

That’s why those who knew about him, especially the ancestors, inadvertently had tears in the corner of their eyes after seeing him here.

Some of them came from nothing but eventually became an ancestor since Tenacious’ stories strengthened their dao heart.

Alas, he has fallen into the darkness today, breaking all of his previous prestige and honor. The crowd couldn’t handle the emotional pain after seeing this sight.

“Why, Tenacious…” One famous ancestor murmured.

“Boom!” A powerful force cut off Tenacious’ attack on the tree demon, resulting in an explosion after breaking the stalemate.

“Rumble!” All of the combatants staggered backward from the shockwaves.

Another old man came out from a misty mountain. He still looked to be in high spirits despite his age. His pace was steady, looking quite powerful.

His robe was old but still very clean and made from expensive material. He clearly came from either wealth or nobility.

He didn’t have the aura of a cultivator nor their energy, more like a mortal with the style of a scholar - perhaps a teacher or a researcher from a village. 

“Who is that?” Most didn’t recognize him.

“Trinity? Is that you? I’m surprised that you’re still staying at Five Elements.” Tenacious recognized him.

“Trinity Eccentric!” An ancestor shouted after hearing Tenacious.

If Li Qiye were here, he would recognize this old man as well. This old man tried to betroth a girl from his clan to Li Qiye and even gave him a jade pendant.

Now, the girl was clearly Hui Qingxuan from Five Elements.

“Trinity Eccentric is still alive! Five Elements Mountain is as unfathomable as ever, looks like we’re saved.” Many ancestors became excited.

The eccentric was the strongest ancestor of Five Elements, the third person to reach the Fardao level.

The trinity - heaven, earth, and man. Rumor has it that he was an erudite scholar who knew virtually everything.

His knowledge earned him just as much respect from future descendants as his cultivation level.

For a long period of time, even the brilliant progenitors would come to him in order to find answers to their questions. He normally would easily solve these problems.

The spectators couldn’t believe it. There were two Fardao and four progenitors right now, no, five when counting the tree demon. This might be historically unprecedented.

“Senior, your fame precedes you. I had nothing but admiration for you during my youth. You were my role model.” Trinity stared at Tenacious and became emotional.

“I’m not a great man to be admired and I never accomplished anything worthwhile. My life is a series of struggles in order to survive, that’s all. As for the motivational stories and legendary dao heart? That’s beautified by future descendants, a forced interpretation at best.” Tenacious shook his head and calmly said.

To earn such fame was some people’s lifelong goal. However, Tenacious didn’t care for being a paragon of virtues.

“You’re right, Senior. We needed motivation for our own desires, we never thought about your feelings.” Trinity pondered for a bit before agreeing.

The spectators eventually understood as well, especially the ancestors. Everyone used Tenacious’ achievements to motivate themselves. Alas, no one understood his bitter struggle.

He never considered himself to be a great man. His only goal was to survive.

“It’s fine, all in the ephemeral past now.” Tenacious chuckled.

“I never expected you to take on this path, Senior.” Trinity said with a tinge of regrets.

This feeling resonated with the crowd who viewed him as a role model. He must have experienced untold pain and suffering, allowing his dao heart to be firmer than anyone. Alas, this still wasn’t enough.

“I am still me, the same as before. It is a choice made in order to survive. I’ve been alone ever since my dao debut, Three Immortals has nothing to do with me.” Tenacious calmly answered.

1. I had a long note in the last chapter about this title without context. It started with Lordstopper (literal), then Preeminence (interpretation/guess). I also thought about keeping it pinyin as Junxi. The two words just had too many meanings. Now that the author has given the context and explanation, this makes it much easier. All of my interpretations were wrong.

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