Chapter 3154: Tenacious Fardao

“Boom!” While the spear struggled against the two sabers, Cicada’s cauldron suddenly sent out a deafening blast.

It opened its mouth. The light that has been absorbed earlier turned into a black pulse shooting straight at the old demon.

“Zzz…” Time and space along the path of the pulse became corroded. This would leave an indelible scar.

The old demon’s spear became resplendent as he focused his light, turning it into a sacred flame. This flame rushed out with the intensity of a million erupting volcanoes.

“Rumble!” The flame met the pulsing ray directly, resulting in the destruction of three hundred million miles. 

It successfully destroyed the ray and pushed Cicada backward.

“Break!” Eight Treasures Progenitor roared and used his seal again. Stars flashed on the surface of the seal as it pushed down against the sacred flame.

“Boom!” The stars turned to ashes; space crumbled as a result. 

The flame was pushed all the way to the bottom, splashing outward like the water of a pond after a large boulder was thrown in or an ocean being depleted after being struck by a massive meteor.

The great seal only needed a tiny bit more to destroy this flame. Meanwhile, the demon thrust his spear towards Bamboo and Left Bank.

“Eternal Radiance!” He roared while unleashing his attack.

The light crossed through the river of time and split into two rays, attacking both progenitors at the same time.

These rays could cross through all affinities and dao - simply unstoppable.

The two progenitors became startled at this sight. They let out a battle cry and mustered more energy, deciding to move forward instead of evading.

“Stabilize!” Bamboo roared. His massive frame and branches started spinning, turning into an endless sword domain. Sword energies started ravaging the realm.

“Clank!” His oldest root let out a blinding gleam and hymn. The sword domain focused all of its power in order to stop the incoming ray.

“Dark Dual Decapitation!” Left Bank crossed his sabers before slashing forward, severing the karmic and reincarnation cycles. 

“Bam! Bam!” The fiery sparks emitted from the impact point alone could destroy this world numerous times.

However, the spear was just too strong. “Thump, thump, thump!” Both progenitors were pushed backward after the explosion.

Nonetheless, the old demon’s light became unstable. He couldn’t fully nullify Bamboo and Left Bank’s attacks.

“Now!” Cicada and Eight Treasures joined again to take advantage of this situation.

“Buzz.” The old demon instantly spread his palm and summoned a heavenly plate, activating it with haste.

The power of the light instantly surged towards the plate like numerous rivers converging towards the same source. It replaced the river of time while the plate served as the new world clock.

The light became the only ruler, capable of flowing through everything and affecting everything just like the temporal affinity. Nothing could hide from its touch.

Time came to a still for a split second before flowing again. Light has now infiltrated Bamboo and Cicada’s body.

“Zzz…” It started purifying the darkness, weakening these two progenitors in the process.

“Stabilize!” The two felt threatened and channeled their dark energy together, building a massive dam of dark power in order to stop the purifying waves of light.

It felt just as large as the sky moat above, completely covering Immortal Lineage. Nothing could climb above its height.

The power of the light smashed into this dark dam and was stopped. However, another wave of light smashed onto the first, and another one afterward… They started stacking up and becoming stronger after each attempt.

Everyone became scared out of their mind. If the dark dam were to break, then the explosion of this light could smash all of Three Immortals. Nothing would be able to stop its majestic judgment.

This no longer had anything to do with merit laws, techniques, treasures, nor the dao. It was strictly a struggle between light and darkness.

These two affinities have always been mortal enemies. This was another fight to determine the fate of an epoch.

If the light were to win, Three Immortals would live on. Conversely, its defeat would spell doom to all.

“Rumble!” The darkness didn’t relent even against the accumulation of the light.

All four progenitors have poured their power to empower this massive dam.

No one could move at all in Immortal Lineage.

“Can he take it down?” Many started praying, entrusting their hope onto the old demon and the academy.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a force surpassing myriad domains assaulted the boundless light.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Its target was the demon.

An old man now stood behind the old demon - one with a majestic grand dao just like a god from the old ages. 

The newcomer’s ambush was stopped by the radiant flames exuding from the demon. However, the demon’s fiery light was becoming unstable.

He was fighting evenly against the four progenitors and even had a slight advantage. This was reversed with this next development.

One-against-five seemed unrealistic for the demon.

“Shit!” One spectator shouted. The defeat of the demon would allow the calamity to fully descend.

“Who is that?” One ancestor asked.

“A Fardao Everlasting.” Another Everlasting could sense the aura of a Fardao on that old man.

“Yes, his title is Tenacious.” A Supreme Everlasting born in an old era had a solemn expression. [1]

This title was unfamiliar to the younger ancestors.

“The second person to reach the Fardao level.” Those from an older era recognized the title.

Fardao was a person and the title of a cultivation level. In the past, Fardao broke the limit of the True God realm and created an entirely new peak. People called this new peak Fardao to honor him.

Several eras after Fardao himself came a second person capable of reaching it - Tenacious.

They only remembered him by this title; his real name was forgotten with time.

Future generations called him Tenacious, or Tenacious Fardao to show respect.

1. Taking a little risk here. The two words consist of (monarch; lord; gentleman; ruler) and (breath; news; interest (on an investment or loan); to cease; to stop; to rest). My first translation here was Lordstopper.

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