Chapter 3153: The Mighty Light

Left Bank Progenitor summoned two long sabers with a crescent curve. Dark energy emerged after he unsheathed them.

This terrible energy seemingly originated from the deepest crevices of the darkness, brimming with this affinity’s power. They looked like two roaring dark dragons. The pulsing rays from them could corrode all living beings.

Their oppressive property felt different, unlike the all-crushing Celestial Seal or the all-devouring Heaven-refining Cauldron.

Nonetheless, people were still afraid of them. They viewed it as two fangs taken from the most horrendous devil.

The other progenitors were on the darkness’ side too but their weapons retained a righteous aura. This wasn’t the case for these two weapons given to Left Bank by his dark master. Thus, dark affinity and evil filled the blades.

“Senior, please take out your weapon.” Left Bank remained respectful.

“The light is my weapon.” The demon said.

The four progenitors froze for a bit after hearing this. Others might take the demon’s answer as an attempt to be cool or to intimidate his foes.

However, the progenitors were different. They have joined the darkness so the light was indeed an actual weapon against them. The demon had already begun his attack before taking out a weapon with his light.

The progenitors instantly protected their mind and heart against this light by activating their auras.

“Boom!” Immortal Lineage quaked violently, seemingly being overfilled by various powers.

“We’ll start first!” Eight Treasures Progenitor roared.

The grand dao of the four instantly emerged and darkness descended. These terrible grand dao made everyone in Three Immortals groan in pain.

They felt their own grand dao being suppressed, unable to muster an ounce of strength just like a fish on the chopping board. It seemed as if the world would never be able to see sunlight again. This made some people shout in horror.

“Buzz.” However, something akin to a light lotus blossomed in this darkness. Its beams started chasing away the darkness, allowing the inhabitants to see hope once more. Numerous people felt that they were sunbathing. This comforting feeling chased their fear away.

“Clank!” The demon condensed the purest light into his hands. They eventually turned into a light shield on his left and a spear on his right.

The light would travel as far as possible wherever this spear was pointed. The shield, meanwhile, resisted against the darkness and the terrible grand dao of the four progenitors.

It successfully stopped the unending tides of darkness from assaulting the academy and all of Immortal Lineage.

“Rumble!” The darkness didn’t give up and continued smashing against the shield of light.

However, this shield was the ultimate manifestation of the light affinity. The four’s dark power alone couldn’t break it.

“Down with you!” Cicada and the others finally used their weapons.

They themselves were strong enough to suppress the firmaments. Thus, the activation of their weapons resulted in a force too terrible to be described by words.

The next blink of an eye seemed to be the longest torture session for all inhabitants, lasting an eternity. Death seemed like a sweet escape by this point.

“Buzz.” The first to attack was the cauldron from Cicada Progenitor. It turned into a black hole and started sucking waves of light.

The shield clearly dimmed down as a result since the demon’s light force was being drained. 

“Boom!” The Celestial Seal descended from above without any technique nor merit law - only pure weight - a direct and brutal method.

Remember, this seal was created from the refinement of a universe. Now, its weight on top of the progenitor’s added power culminated in limitless offensive potential. Just dropping the seal down on a system would spell the end of it.

All living beings were paralyzed on the ground after the impact, unable to get up.

“Crack!” Cracks appeared on the weakened shield.

Bamboo Progenitor took advantage of this and his old root started flashing, piercing forward with the fastest possible speed. It aimed straight at the cracks on the shield - its weakest spot.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this root the sharpest weapon in the world.

“Boom!” Thus, the shield instantly crumbled, exposing the old demon behind.

That’s when Left Bank Progenitor made his move. The blades looked like two venomous fangs from the darkness. Their target was the demon’s heart.

All of this happened in a blink of an eye., The four showed incredible teamwork and mutual understanding. This perfect combination allowed them to break the demon’s defense and potentially deliver a fatal blow.

A direct hit on the chest should kill the demon. These two blades were as frightening as can be.

“Clank!” Sparks started flying. The old demon managed to move his spear in front of his chest and blocked the sabers during this perilous moment.

He held it horizontally in front of his chest, making it look like the most indestructible mountain range. No one could ever cross it.

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