Chapter 3152: One Against Four Progenitors

Four progenitors surrounded the old demon shrouded in radiance. His light could illuminate all of Three Immortals, purify all living beings, and chase away the darkness.

The demon showed no sign of apprehension. He seemed nonchalant as if he was eternal as long as the light was around.

“Fellow Daoist, your accomplishments are nothing but admirable.” Cicada Progenitor still acted with caution despite it being a four-on-one.

The old demon was unreasonably powerful. None of them stood a chance against him in a fair fight. Suppressing or killing him required all four of them.

“It’s no big deal. There are plenty of people stronger than me.” The old demon said with a calm expression.

People felt suffocated. In their mind, progenitors were invincible. Just one of them was enough to destroy a system, as shown today.

This old demon was even stronger, above these four progenitors. It was hard to imagine people stronger than him.

Cicada Progenitor’s group stood at the apex but the old demon stood at the apex of the apex.

What kind of existence would be stronger than him? Even the Decemvirate should be about the same as him. Probably immortals?

“You’re right, Fellow Daoist.” Eight Treasures Progenitor nodded and said: “The world is too vast. There are things beyond our imagination above the firmament. We’re only specks of dust, far from being lords.”

This wasn’t a casual comment. The four of them have seen terrible beings in Uncrossable Expanse, resulting in them succumbing to the darkness.

If these progenitors considered themselves as specks of dust, then what would a real overlord look like? The listeners couldn’t come up with anything.

“The path towards the dao is long and arduous.” The old demon said: “The enemies are strong? Let them be. You just need to never yield and stay true to one’s dao heart.” 

The calm words struck people differently. The four progenitors were more affected than the others and exchanged glances.

“Everyone makes a different choice.” Bamboo Progenitor said: “There are thousands of grand dao, the same with people. No need to talk anymore, let’s find out who is stronger.”

“Very well, till death then.” The tree demon said.

When these words came out, the air became murderous right away all around Immortal Lineage.

These five combatants have shown their fangs and battle spirits. There was no conceding today. One side must die.

The old demon must defend the academy while his opponents needed to take it down in order to take over Immortal Lineage. The other systems would definitely surrender after the destruction of the academy.

“Till death.” Cicada Progenitor said. His murderous aura felt like divine swords pricking the heart - a truly painful sensation.

All living beings in Immortal Lineage cowered in fear after sensing these auras. That’s all they could do, completely unable to move.

“Senior, we know that we can’t take you on alone so the four of us will have to team up.” Left Bank Progenitor cupped his fist and said: “Excuse us for this transgression.”

This admission was rather shameful but the progenitor still expressed it. Normally, progenitors would never need to utilize this tactic but they had no other choice. The old demon was just too strong.

“It’s a fight to the death anyway, do whatever you want. Go.” The old demon didn’t mind.

“Yes.” His opponents roared in unison to build morale.

“Boom!” Everyone felt something extremely heavy pushing down on all of Immortal Lineage.

The first to take out his weapon was Eight Treasures, the thing exerting this immense pressure on the world.

It looked like a square-shaped seal, not that large in size. However, it seemed to be the heaviest thing in existence. Just its weight alone could devastate the land. It was black like the night sky with faint flashes, almost like the stars deep in the universe.

“Celestial Seal!” One ancestor murmured after seeing this weapon. Those who have heard of this name before shuddered right away.

Eight Treasures Progenitor was a gifted and renowned blacksmith. His artifacts and weapons might not be the strongest in history but in terms of blacksmithing, very few were on the same level as him.

This Celestial Seal was one of his best works. According to the legends, he refined an entire universe into this seal. 

Eight Treasures Progenitor didn’t need to use weapons to destroy his own system. Alas, he needed to be prudent when dealing with a foe like the tree demon.

“Rustle.” Bamboo Progenitor turned into a gigantic tree. The trunk was already large enough but once he spread his branches, nothing else could be seen behind him. Just this one tree alone was enough to cover the entire world.

Beneath the trunk were numerous intertwining roots. The oldest one was shiny with the glint of a sword.

This progenitor was unique in that his body was a weapon, and an extremely magical one at that. The main root was there at birth and it was just as strong as any progenitorial weapon - virtually impossible to destroy.

“I suppose it’s my turn to show my meager skill.” Cicada Progenitor humbly said while taking out his weapon - a cauldron with nine legs, seemingly capable of devouring everything.

The light emanating from this cauldron made everyone feel their soul being dragged away from their body even though he has yet to activate it.

“Heaven-refining Cauldron!” One Everlasting blurted out.

This was another famous weapon known for its lethality. Back in his era, his foes were dead whenever he took this weapon out. It wasn’t a pretty death either.

He would destroy his enemies then the system they came from, turning it into energy for his cauldron. 

Several systems fell victim to this so his cauldron contained numerous fallen souls. This was the reason why the spectators became afraid.

“Since my dao is shallow, our lord created a weapon for me. Please don’t laugh.” Left Bank Progenitor sighed and said.

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