Chapter 3151: Disaster

“I have made up my mind and will not withdraw, no matter what.” Left Bank Progenitor said with a solemn expression.

“Make your move then.” The old demon became serious and gathered the light from all of Three Immortals to his fingertip.

It eventually turned into a pulsing ray. The entire process happened so quickly and effortlessly.

“On guard!” Left Bank Progenitor’s expression soured after seeing this light ray.

In the next second, his aura erupted and a tsunami appeared again, ready to drown out the world.

A massive and ancient gate emerged from the bottom of this tsunami to block in front of him. It was created from numerous turtle shells. The surface had the dao of the stars.

“Profoundshell Divine Gate!” He roared and the gate exuded boundless light.

One could hear the cry of a black divine tortoise guarding there. The presence of this divine beast engulfed the area. When the two auras combined, the gate became unbreakable and able to stop any offense.

It appeared just in time to stop the pulse unaffected by time and space.

“Boom!” Everything seemed to be exploding. Numerous cultivators were forced to the ground from the pressure.

When they looked up, they saw the progenitor being blown away. His unbreakable gate was penetrated by the pulse.

The progenitor flew for a while before stabilizing. He then vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Good!” The astonished crowd eventually shouted.

Many became ecstatic - pushing back a progenitor with just one finger strike? This old man must be unbeatable.

“I am lost in admiration for your power, Senior.” Left Bank said while wiping away the blood on his lips.

“Can’t reach the apex, this is just the accumulation of power from the academy.” The tree demon calmly said.

Sure, this pulse came from the academy indeed. However, he was the only one qualified to control this power.

“Oooo-” Left Bank then blew his battle horn.

In fact, the other progenitors have been watching the whole time. Thus, the three instantly ordered their battalions to fly towards the academy to answer Left Bank Progenitor’s call for reinforcement.

“Shit, they’re meeting up.” The crowd became nervous.

Sirens could be heard all over the academy. Their members once again grouped up and entered a state of battle. Defense barriers emerged once more.

“There’s no way the academy can handle this.” The world lamented with uncertainty.


Meanwhile, Tai Yinxi back in Sky Pass has been paying attention to the enemies at the fortress.

Though they have yet to make a move, he still didn’t let down his guard. Another wave was definitely coming if these four battalions were to fail.

“Commander, the immortal material is here.” A general came in to report this good news.

“Hurry, let the elders fix this last brick!” Tai Yinxi excitedly said. This was the best news he heard so far since the dark invasion.

If they could fix this last brick, then maybe they would be able to stop the rest of the army from coming into Immortal Lineage.

Thus, as long as all the systems back there could work together to destroy these four battalions, they wouldn’t need to worry about dealing with any reinforcement.


“Rumble!” Space trembled from numerous explosions.

It didn’t take long before the other three battalions appeared above the academy. Though they were immensely far away, these ships led by progenitors could move at an insane speed.

The sheer number of ships blotted out the sky and instilled fear to those below. Fortunately, the academy was filled with the light right now so the atmosphere didn’t become as oppressive.

Eight Treasures, Cicada, and Bamboo Progenitor joined up with Left Bank Progenitor. They surrounded the tree demon in the center and sealed off any possible escape path.

These progenitorial auras ravaged the firmaments. All the living beings at the academy cowered in fear.

Just think about it, one progenitor alone was frightening enough. Now, four of them were here.

The grand dao of the academy’s cultivators became suppressed. They were powerless to resist; this included the mighty ancestors.

The systems who wanted to help started thinking otherwise. Just the four progenitors were enough to kill all reinforcements. This was before taking into account the dark invaders from the ships.

“Is there no hope?” Despair overwhelmed everyone. No one could come up with a way to overcome this dilemma.

“With faith in our heart, let there be light!” Suddenly, an ancient ancestor from the academy roared.

The living beings here woke up from their despair and thought about this method.

“With faith in our heart, let there be light!” All the mortals and cultivators, even the beasts with sentience started chanting. 

This was an elementary chant of the light dao. It has been carved in this dao land; even a three-year-old knew this chant.

“Buzz…” Strands of light emanated from the land and its inhabitants, culminating in a bright ocean.

This boundless power eventually entered the old tree demon like fledgling swallows returning to their nest.

He wasn’t the one absorbing the light from these entities. They actively chose to give their light in order to empower him since he was their only hope.

“Rumble!” The light continued to flow into him.

Just imagine, all of the living beings at the academy bathed in the light since their birth, possessing the power of this affinity. Now, all of this was flowing into the demon. This was quite a magnificent scene.

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