Chapter 3150: Old Tree Demon

A pair of unfathomable and profound eyes, full of insight. Brighter than the stars above, older than time itself.

The old man stood within the light at the top of Sacred Mountain looking like the lord of all. Everyone took a deep breath and felt great admiration.

Even the immortal-level progenitors became serious. Eight Treasures, Cicada, and Bamboo Progenitors along with the others back on the shore all gazed at this old man.

They have swept through their era yet still took this new foe very seriously.

“So strong.” Three-eyed Prodigy murmured.

He has seen this old man before but didn’t expect him to be strong enough to blow a progenitor flying.

This was the old tree demon always brought up by the bull - the real lord of the academy!

“The rumor is true.” Left Bank Progenitor quietly said.

He heard stories back in his era about a supreme existence staying in Sacred Mountain. Alas, this being was so reclusive and mysterious, never showing himself to others.

Today had confirmed the rumors. His strength wasn’t an exaggeration either. The guy was truly mighty and terrifying.

Of course, other regular people had no idea about this old man.

“Is that Desolate Saint?” One ancestor even speculated.

His seemingly-liquid light had reached all of Three Immortals. This made people think of Desolate Saint right away.

In history, Desolate Saint was the only person possessing a light affinity of this level.

“I don’t think so, he looks different…” An old Everlasting wasn’t too sure. 

Many have seen the portrait of Desolate Saint and it didn’t match this person.

“Then who is it? Since when did the academy have such a terrifying being?” Everyone wondered. 

How did the world not know of this great existence? The academy was truly unfathomable.

Not to mention the outsiders, even the students and experts of the academy thought that their progenitor was still around.

“Progenitor!” Many including the ancestors got on their knees.

The older ones, on the contrary, were stunned due to the old tree demon’s power. They have heard about the legends of Sacred Mountain before but this surpassed their expectations. They started questioning themselves, thinking that this has to be their progenitor.

“How should I address you, Senior?” Left Bank Progenitor cupped his fist respectfully.

He assumed the role of a junior since the bull had taught him before and this being looked even older.

“I’m only an old tree taking root in this world, I’ve long forgotten my name.” The tree demon shook his head.

“I see… your mentality is far above mine.” The progenitor responded.

“Withdraw your troops, don’t cause needless trouble and sadness.” The tree demon waved his hand.

“I’m afraid I can’t listen to you, Senior. I’m under command, either to die in battle or defeat the enemy. Please excuse me.” The progenitor shook his head.

“You’re not my match.” The tree demon nonchalantly said.

“He’s incredible.” This earned him some points from the crowd. He acted so leisurely even when facing an immortal-level progenitor.

“You’re right.” The progenitor said: “I can’t last long given your cultivation but you won’t be able to stop the waves regardless of your might. Three Immortals’ fate has been determined.” 

“Really now? Looks like you’re very confident in your expedition.” The old demon smiled.

“Of course not, I’m simply telling the truth. For millions of years now, so many people have planned only to fail. So many brilliant progenitors couldn’t pull against the unceasing tides.” The progenitor earnestly responded.

He paused for a bit before continuing: “I am nothing more than a firefly on this path. I once shined in the darkness… unfortunately…”

He stopped there without finishing.

Those who don’t understand the implications didn’t think much of it. However, the powerful Everlastings shuddered.

They could imagine the terrible battles he must have faced and the cruel developments.

These progenitors didn’t fall to the darkness in the beginning. They must have struggled only to lose in the end.

No weakling could become a progenitor, the same with those possessing a feeble dao heart. These progenitors have experienced everything and eventually won to reach their current level.

Alas, they eventually made a choice. Now, they even brought a dark legion back to invade Immortal Lineage, going as far as destroying their own systems.

No one could imagine what they have seen or the terrible foes they have fought.

“Your dao heart just wasn’t firm enough, that’s all.” The tree demon remained unperturbed.

“You’re right, Senior. Our dao heart really wasn’t strong enough.” The progenitor nodded.

“We once hoped that someone would be able to stop the tides. Unfortunately, tomorrow has been determined. Not to mention you, Senior, but even someone stronger than you won’t be able to change anything. Right now, you still aren’t the strongest cultivator around.” He continued.

The tree demon’s appearance gave everyone hope. They believed that the academy could stop the dark legion. Only he could defeat these immortal-level progenitors.

However, Left Bank’s comment instilled fear into them again. He clearly implied that there was someone stronger than the tree demon in their dark legion.

Many looked over towards Uncrossable Expanse. A stronger progenitor was still waiting there? Just who could it be? They immediately thought about the members of the Decemvirate.

As for Holyfrost Emperor and the others with more information, they knew that Fire Ancestor had fallen to the darkness and was dead now.

So, a master stronger than the tree demon must also be a part of the Decemvirate. But which one?

The group got cold sweat all over. This meant that at least two members of the Decemvirate have fallen to the darkness. This was a terrible and shocking piece of information.

“I’m indeed not the top expert, my little arts aren’t worth mentioning. However, the top one right now isn’t in your group either.” He nodded before glancing over at the expanse and smiling.

Someone in the fortress narrowed their eyes right away after hearing this.

Left Bank Progenitor couldn’t believe it either. He thought that no one else in Immortal Lineage could be stronger than this tree demon. But now, the tree demon said that they didn’t have the strongest cultivator either?

Who else could it be?

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