Chapter 315: Kill Without Mercy

Chapter 315: Kill Without Mercy

“Brother Li, hurry and come, Ba Xia is already at our door!” Chi Xiaodao anxiously urged Li Qiye.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile; he nodded his head and said: “Fine, they're just in time. Since they came to our place to seek their deaths, it would be a sin if I didn’t kill them.”

Seeing Li Qiye’s bright smile, Sikong Toutian — with chills down his spine — felt that a fierce, bloodthirsty beast was opening its jaws. He simply wanted to escape right away.

“Where are you going?” Li Qiye slowly spoke: “It is time for you to contribute; otherwise, how could I trust you?”

The Sikong Toutian who wanted to run froze up after hearing this, and he quickly replied: “Nowhere, I’m not going anywhere. On your command, I shall traverse any treacherous path!”

Li Qiye nodded his head with seriousness and said without any jest: “Very well, prepare for a great massacre then!”

Sikong Toutian frowned and followed along. Fighting directly was not his style, but he didn’t have any other choice right now.

Ba Xia, along with Sima Longyun, came for the marriage proposal with an aggressive momentum; they were determined to achieve victory.

After a rejection, and especially when the lady in question maintained her position, other people would not be thick-skinned enough to come again.

But this time, Ba Xia and Sima Longyun boldly came without any hesitation. Their attitudes made it clear that Chi Xiaodie could not reject this marriage.

Ba Xia courteously spoke: “Royal Lord Chi, three Virtuous Paragon True Treasures are included in the dowry for Miss Chi; I think this sufficiently demonstrates our good-will.”

Three of these treasures were indeed heaven-shaking no matter the location because they were monstrous, priceless items. If it was another minor sect, then they would be quite honored in the face of such a dowry.

Meanwhile, the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord had an exasperated expression while Chi Xiaodie was shivering in anger with sparks in her eyes.

The royal lord coldly said: “Nephew, please return. The Saint Country is a contemporary world power, my Lion’s Roar Gate does not deserve to climb up so high.”

Ba Xia boldly came not to propose, but to force a marriage regardless of Chi Xiaodie’s opinion. As her father, how could the royal lord accept this? It was too humiliating.

Ba Xia’s gaze turned sharp and oppressive as he spoke: “Royal Lord Chi, do not make a mistake. My junior brother is a contemporary prodigy. Regarding looks, talents, and personalities, he and Miss Chi are a match made by the heavens. My royal father will personally preside over their marriage that will be blessed by our ancestor. This is a grand occasion, and I trust that this marriage will be wonderful. My Saint Country will not mistreat Miss Chi, and this is also a great honor to the Lion’s Roar Gate’s ancestors.”

“Great honor to the Lion’s Roar Gate’s ancestors?” A lazy voice came about: “Even the Furious Immortal Saint Country’s Progenitor is nothing. How can one even dare to compare him against the Chi Clan’s Ancestor, the Hundred Battles Godking? When your Progenitor was alive, he was only worthy of carrying the Godking’s shoes!”

“Li Qiye!” Having heard this voice, Sima Longyun suddenly jumped as if he had been stung by a scorpion and screamed.

Li Qiye leisurely strolled forward; he simply glanced at Ba Xia once, and then he didn’t put him in his eyes again.

Ba Xia’s sharp gaze exuded an aura as torrential as a flood. He took a step forward, shaking the mountains and rivers. His surging blood energy rendered others breathless.

Chi Xiaodie breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Li Qiye. She was quite assured with his presence; even if the sky fell down, Li Qiye would shoulder the burden.

Ba Xia also sneered after seeing Li Qiye’s arrival; likewise, he also didn’t take Li Qiye into consideration. He then gravely spoke to the royal lord once more: “Royal Lord Chi, don’t throw your Lion’s Roar Gate, this long-standing heritage, into the abyss just because of an outsider. If you still possess any foresight, then you should chase a certain someone out of the Lion’s Roar Gate, lest he brings about a disaster to your sect.”

Another voice rang out: “Ba Xia is completely right!”

Hu Yue of the Tiger’s Howl School also rushed in; the Lion’s Roar disciples couldn’t stop him.

His powerful advance portrayed him as an arrogant dragon soaring in an empty sky; no one was able to hinder his steps.

The royal lord was quite displeased to see Hu Yue’s blatant intrusion. His actions didn’t give the Lion’s Roar Gate any respect.

Hu Yue stepped inside and looked around, then he smilingly added: “I also feel that Brother Sima and Miss Chi are a match made in heaven. Miss Chi being able to marry into the Saint Country is all due to the grace of her ancestors. Brother Ba Xia, instead of choosing a day, why not just get them married today?”

“You…!” At this point, the Chi family was furious. Chi Xiaodao stood out and angrily shouted: “Your Tiger’s Howl School shouldn’t push people too far!”

“Too far?” Hu Yue looked at Chi Xiaodao with contempt and said: “Chi Xiaodao, heed my warning, do not follow this Little Brat Li. In the future, if you still dare to appear around the Bao Yun Clan, then I will personally cut off your limbs and destroy your cultivation so that you will be a cripple for the rest of your life!”

“Brother Yun, go and greet your father-in-law.” Ba Xia sneered and said.

The ecstatic Sima Longyun quickly stepped forward to bow towards the Royal Lord. However, he was only met with blood-vomiting anger from the royal lord and Chi Xiaodie.

His greeting was also blocked by Li Qiye, who was standing in front of the royal lord. Li Qiye then quipped: “Hmm? You wish to bow down to your grandfather? Unfortunately, I do not have such an unfilial grandson like you!”

A surge of rage overcame Sima Longyun. At this moment, he finally lost his mind from anger. However, he had the support of Ba Xia and the Saint Country, so he was no longer afraid of Li Qiye: “Little animal, I’ve had enough of you!”

He roared and rushed forward like a maddened ox. His Golden Ox Physique came forward with its most powerful stance, wanting to slam Li Qiye away.


Li Qiye didn’t try to dodge. Instead, he stretched out his hand and seized the approaching Sima Longyun. Although Sima Longyun’s Golden Ox Physique could collapse a high mountain, it couldn’t move Li Qiye one bit.

Li Qiye’s technique resembled a myriad of hands; he was like a true god descending to the mortal world. Each of these hands could shoulder a separate world as nine great spheres appeared behind his back. At this point, Sima Longyun was caught by Li Qiye’s four hands as Li Qiye was about to tear him apart.

Li Qiye’s four hands appeared to be cast from unbreakable, divine gold. Sima Longyun was completely trapped. Although he was a Royal Noble equipped with the Golden Ox Physique, he could not hinder Li Qiye in the slightest.

A minor completion Immortal Physique, the Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds technique, plus Li Qiye’s current Royal Noble cultivation — Sima Longyun was not his match.

The Thousand Hands technique was the Myriad Images True God’s defining treasure. It could shake the nine heavens above and sink the underworld below; it was capable of slaying immortals and supporting this world. Sima Longyun’s Physique was absolutely nothing compared to the True God’s technique.

Ba Xia stepped forward with surging energy like a storm: “Li Qiye, if you dare to touch even a strand of hair on my junior brother, then don’t even dream about leaving this place alive!”

Hu Yue also came forward and snorted: “Li, be smart and accept your fate. No one will be able to save you. We’ll then show you a fate that is worse than death!”

Hu Yue and Ba Xia trapped Li Qiye with a pincer formation; both of them took action as they wanted to kill him in one blow.

Today, they came well-prepared not only for the matter of marriage but also to kill Li Qiye. Before obtaining the Lion’s Roar supreme Immortal Physique and accomplishing their goal, they must slay Li Qiye and eradicate this pebble that blocked their path.

“You still dare to threaten me with just the two of you insects?” Li Qiye, with his Thousand Hands technique, looked at Hu Yue and Ba Xia before he smilingly said: “Not to mention you two insects, even if your ancestors crawled out of their graves, I would still personally take care of them if they angered me!”

After these words, Li Qiye strengthened his grip on Sima Longyun.

“No!” Sima Longyun miserably bellowed. After a popping sound, he was torn apart by Li Qiye; his True Fate couldn’t escape either and was crushed by another hand.

In the blink of an eye, Sima Longyun could not resist being torn apart alive by Li Qiye. Even before his death, he couldn’t believe that Li Qiye still dared to kill him despite his senior brother backing him up.

“You’re courting death!” Ba Xia and Hu Yue both became furious and instantly struck with blows that were capable of sinking the heaven and earth. An amazing energy blade slashed straight towards Li Qiye, wanting to finish him off in one blow.

“Scram!” At this time, the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique broke out. Its power swept through the nine heavens and ten earths. His thousand hands held up three thousand small worlds and his back carried the nine grand worlds. The oppressive descent of the thousand hands was as if the three thousand small worlds were crushing the firmaments; even the eighteen layers of hell would collapse from such might.

Royal Noble power, minor completion Immortal Physique, and a True God’s defining technique — the three of these combined would even easily defeat an Ancient Saint. All of these things were not just empty names!


A deafening noise filled the air as the Lion’s Roar Gate’s camp cracked under this blow. Hu Yue and Ba Xia’s combined effort did not amount to anything; they were struck flying away by the thousand hands into the Lion’s Roar Gate’s camp.

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