Chapter 3149: Omnipresent Light

Just when everyone thought that the bull couldn’t make it, Sacred Mountain became even brighter and exuded endless light.

The dao runes turned into a series of words that drowned out the entire area. The bull started flashing with immortal light as if it was shouldering a supreme immortal dao.

This seemingly immortal form of the bull astonished the crowd. No wonder why it kept saying that it had the bloodline of the immortals.

A while ago, they assumed that the bull was just bragging for fun. This no longer appeared to be the case.

“Boom!” The empowerment turned the bull into something divine.

“Clank!” The horns exuded endless saber energy and stopped the punches from the progenitor. It actually moved several steps backward while the progenitor was forced back.

Of course, Sacred Mountain was trembling from their duel.

“It did it…” Everyone’s mouth was wide open in disbelief since an immortal-level progenitor was stopped.

“A supreme immortal land.” Left Bank Progenitor praised after seeing the unending brilliance coming out of Sacred Mountain.

He could obviously see through the great mysteries in this place. Even progenitors covet a treasure of this level.

“Rumble!” During this stalemate, the heavenly armadillo roared, jerking back and forth to gather momentum.

Numerous mountain ranges got crushed as a result.

“Boom!” It aimed its drill towards the bull again while piercing through the spatial fabrics.

However, the runes from the mountain instantly formed a massive barrier around the bull.

The drill hitting the barrier caused fiery sparks to destroy the surrounding areas.

At the same time, the lightlord dragon abandoned attacking Holyfrost’s group and instantly rushed over to slam its thunderous tail on the barrier.

The ground beneath instantly sank while lightning bolts continuously struck the barriers.

Both the bull’s radiance and the barrier pulsed unstably while dimming down because of this powerful attack.

“Activate!” Left Bank Progenitor roared and grew larger in size, gathering power in his fists. The sheer pressure around them caused various affinities to crumble right away.

“Crack!” Though Sacred Mountain was mighty, the barrier still couldn’t handle the attacks from the trio. Cracks appeared everywhere on the barrier.

The ground beneath the bull was also crumbling despite being empowered and blessed.

“This isn’t good.” Everyone became nervous after seeing this.

No one could come to help him because this was a battle at the progenitorial level. They would just turn to dust from the remnant shockwaves.

“Senior, I apologize for this.” Left Bank Progenitor said seriously.

“Crack!” The barrier was on the verge of crumbling, the same with the ground beneath.

Everyone could see that the bull wouldn’t be able to handle the trio right now.

“Geezer, I’m screwed if you don’t come out!” It shouted.

“Boom!” The barrier finally collapsed into bright particles that scatter away.

The bull got hit by the explosion and continuously staggered backward, vomiting several mouthfuls of blood and becoming heavily wounded.

“Raa!” Both the dragon and the armadillo didn't let up, leaping forward in order to finish the deed.

The progenitor, on the other hand, simply watched. He felt very confident about victory.

“It’s all over!” Numerous members of the academy cried out.

The light suddenly erupted in this crucial moment and blinded everyone.

The world fell into momentary darkness before light took reign again. It illuminated the three thousand worlds and became omnipresent.

“Boom!” A massive light force emerged and blew the two gigantic beasts away.

“What?!” Left Bank Progenitor was astounded and took out a peerless treasure to protect himself. Laws poured down around him like multiple waterfalls for a full protective barrier.

Nonetheless, he still got blown flying for very far before stabilizing.

“Who is it?!” A powerful progenitor back on the shore of the expanse looked towards the academy, shocked.

“So strong!” Everyone couldn’t believe it. This was their first time sensing such a powerful force.

Every corner of Three Immortals was affected by this light. It felt like mercury, able to seep to the nooks and crevices.

This soft light felt like the most comforting thing in existence - truly an enjoyable moment.

“How beautiful.” Many praised the wondrous light.

The invasion of the darkness and the progenitors have left everyone in fear. However, this light chased away the darkness in their heart along with all negative thoughts. They were willing to bathe in this light forever.

“Ahhh!” The invaders around the academy were screaming in pain. Those who aren’t as strong as Left Bank Progenitor were being purified. Smoke appeared all around them, a result of darkness being eradicated.

“Gooo!” The survivors instantly fled back to their ships, not daring to linger in the academy.

“Just who is it?” By this point, people could tell that the source of this light originated from deeper in Sacred Mountain.

They eventually saw an old man slowly walking out from the brightest location. He wore a hemp robe; face full of wrinkles. Time had done a number on him.

However, his eyes were still as bright as ever. Millions of years didn’t seem to do a thing to them.

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