Chapter 3148: Against A Progenitor

“There’s nothing else I can say to convince you, Senior. However, we will capture the academy today.” Left Bank Progenitor said.

A being of this level wouldn’t bluster baselessly. The academy would really fall if it had no other ace cards.

“Hah, quite confident, aren’t you. I’ll give you one piece of advice, leave along with your ruffians before it’s too late.” The bull uttered coldly.

“Senior, I know just how unfathomable you are but one tree alone can’t build a pavilion. Even if you gather everyone against us, you won’t be able to stop me and the other Dao Brothers.” The progenitor glanced over at the direction of the other three battalions.

The ancestors from the academy and all observers took a deep breath after hearing this.

The academy was mighty and could actually stop Left Bank Progenitor. However, Eight Treasures Progenitor, Cicada Progenitor, and Bamboo Progenitor have destroyed three systems so far. 

If they were to come here to assist Left Bank Progenitor, the academy wouldn’t be able to stop these four groups regardless of their foundation. Destruction seemed inevitable.

“We have to help now, right?” Even the ancestors who had no ties with the academy said.

The academy served as the bulwark of Immortal Lineage at the moment. They couldn’t let it fall.

“Yes, we should mobilize.” Many dao systems started discussing mobilization.

“Come try and see. Remember, I’ve warned you once, don’t blame me when you die.” The bull snorted.

“Thank you, Senior. I still remember your guidance back then. It’s a shame that I was too foolish to understand. Today, I’m also ashamed of attacking my own benefactor. Unfortunately, orders must be obeyed.” Left Bank Progenitor cupped his fist.

“There’s no way to save the suicidal.” The bull said with contempt.

The crowd thought that this progenitor was ungrateful for attacking his own benefactor. However, this was no big deal compared to the other three progenitors who personally destroyed their own system and descendants.

“Forgive me, Senior. I’ll overestimate myself today and fight you.” The progenitor said.

Everyone watched with bated breath. They understood that as long as the bull survives, there was still hope for the academy.

Thus, this battle became the key. Though the bull had taught the progenitor before, the latter was at the immortal level now. He was qualified to challenge anyone.

“Bring it.” The bull arrogantly said: “Let’s see what amazing things you have learned from the hell hole.”

The bull stood on top of a peak in Sacred Mountain, brimming with power. This was its home so it could exert its top form.

“Very well.” The progenitor cupped his fist first before taking action.

“Boom!” He clenched his fists and everyone felt as if they were within his grasp, the same with all of Immortal Lineage.

The bull acted disrespectfully to this progenitor but it didn’t underestimate the guy at all. He knew how serious it was to fight against an immortal-level progenitor.

Its chest lit up just like a seal. This seal spread and it became filled with dao runes in the form of crystallized lines. Sacred Mountain lit up as well with dao runes coursing through the mountains and rivers.

People could see that the dao runes from the bull and the land were exactly identical.

The light from the runes eventually converged on the bull as it became one with Sacred Mountain.

“Rumble!” Dao laws from the ground shot to the sky next. These laws were ancient and surrounded by chaos.

They emitted a mysterious and timeworn presence. Each inch of this land seemed to have been blessed by immortals in the archaic era. These laws also wrapped around the bull, eventually culminating in a full set of armors.

It looked so gallant and peerless with an immortal aura, like a divine beast hailing from a world of immortals.

People quickly forgot how foul-mouthed it was and viewed it as a wondrous being.

“Mooo!” The bull’s roar echoed across the realms.

“Forgive me.” The progenitor said before unleashing two punches.

“Boom!” His aura erupted into the sky and surpassed everything. This alone was enough to force people down on their knees.

“Tsunami Fist!” He roared the name of his technique.

The world itself seemed to be lifted up. Both time and space squeezed together into a chaotic mess from the impact.

The tidal punches drowned out space itself. Numerous stars turned to dust to the horror of the crowd.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this single move could destroy a system.

The bull remained fearless. Its two horns became as shiny as can be like two divine sabers leaving their scabbards. Their snow-white light illuminated the whole world.

These were clearly two horns but everyone felt as if they were looking at two blades. They could even hear the clanking of sabers.

They instantly tore space apart, reducing the spatial fabrics into primordial chaos.

“Boom!” The tsunami was instantly split into two halves in a magnificent manner.

Some unfortunate spectators close by couldn’t handle the impact of this move. Their body violently shook before exploding into bloody mists.

The initial explosion had finished. Now, it became a stalemate between the progenitor and the bull. The former’s hands were pushing against the horns.

“Thump! Thump!” The bull staggered backward from the pressure exerted by the progenitor.

It couldn’t stand straight while leaving four deep lines on the ground, caused by its hooves.

“Still not enough?” The spectators gasped at this sight.

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