Chapter 3147: Another Progenitor

“Clank!” The perfect slash separated both the storm and the cicada into two halves.

Cicada Progenitor was at the immortal level so he was simply too strong. The two gods had no chance of stopping a single move.

Moreover, he just had perfect knowledge regarding the moves of his own system. That’s why the cicada and the storm were mere moths rushing towards their death.

Blood and corpses rained down from the sky, including the two gods.

The duo’s eyes were filled with despair and hatred along with tears as they were on the verge of death, never expecting to die to their progenitor. Their pride had become a butcher that massacred the entire system.

They still didn’t understand up to their last moment why their progenitor raised his sword against his own people. Why did this supreme and invincible being fall to the darkness?

In their mind, he should have been able to deal with all dangers and powerful foes. Nothing could ever force him to submit.

They had no idea why the progenitor willingly chose the darkness. Alas, they wouldn’t be able to get an answer anyway.

Everyone became silent while watching the two gods’ corpses fall from the sky. This was truly traumatizing.

Eight Treasures was first, then Metalkin Divine Court. What would be next? Which progenitor would personally destroy their system?

The most powerful ancestors in Immortal Lineage no longer dared to entertain this thought, afraid that their system might be next, and that they would need to face their progenitors.

Alas, they knew that this was only the beginning of the nightmare. There was still a long way to go. They could only hope that these tragic and dark days would end soon.


“Rumble!” Academy of Light was the only system out of the four successfully resisting.

The bull was furious while fighting against the armadillo and became even stronger. It had the advantage and showed the world its abilities.

On the other hand, Holyfrost’s group barely managed to stop the dragon. They wouldn’t be able to last longer.

Fortunately, the combined efforts of the academy’s ancestors and the powerful light formation stopped the dark invaders.

After all, light had a purifying effect against the darkness. Thus, these invaders experienced immense pressure. Desolate Saint’s light was something else, managing to repel one enemy after another.

“The academy is our only chance of victory.” The ancestors who wanted to help the academy prior further had this thought.

“Boom!” A legion of beasts arrived from the horizon and rushed towards the dark invaders like a tsunami.

“Myriad Beast Monarch is here!” A beast king raised his axe and took the vanguard.

“Clank!” A sword god led more than ten thousand swordsmen. They unleashed an ocean of sword energies towards the common enemies.

“I will fight to the end with the academy!” The sword god landed next to a group of disciples from the academy.

“The reinforcement is here.” Many ancestors felt their blood boiling, wanting to rush there as well.

“We’ll turn to ashes too if the academy falls.” Other systems began preparing their troops.

They knew that losing the academy would be a fatal blow for Immortal Lineage.

“Academy of Light never disappoints.” A torrential voice suddenly came from one of the ships.

In the next second, his progenitorial aura engulfed the area above the academy.

“Boom!” The celestials trembled; all existences needed to bow.

This progenitor attacked right away with a palm strike creating a tidal wave of energy.

“Rumble!” Layers of defenses crumbled in no time at all.

“Ahhh!” Numerous cultivators were crushed into meat paste by this attack. Their screams echoed across the academy.

“Shit, a progenitor!” Now, the systems that wanted to help change their mind.

The power of this progenitor could instantly reduce a True Emperor into a bloody mist.

“Screw you!” The bull roared and became resplendent. A spirit bell emerged.

“Ring!” The sound of this bell surpassed the temporal affinity. Time came to a stop.

The tidal wave from the progenitor also stagnated as a result. At the same time, everyone in the academy felt themselves being lifted up into the air.

In the next second, they landed and heard a deafening blast. They looked behind and saw the tidal waves exploding past them.

This was thanks to the bull utilizing its strongest weapon - the spirit bell born with it.

This took a lot out of the bull. It staggered backward and gasped for breath.

“Goddamn it, I’m at my prime, there’s no way I’ll go down so fast…” The bull looked quite heroic right now despite its vulgarity.

“Senior, your style is greater than before.” A voice answered.

A progenitor floated in the air; his robe fluttered to the wind while waves emanated from him.

He looked like the shore of salvation while the rest of the world was a boundless ocean. No one could reach him nor hope to get past him.

The bull’s eyes lit up as it looked at this progenitor. It eventually recognized the guy and laughed: “And here I thought a big shot was returning, hehe, little brat Zuo, you’re back to show off today?” 

“Yes, it’s Zuo An. Please excuse me today.” The progenitor remained polite.

“Left Bank Progenitor!” Many ancestors took a deep breath.

This was a progenitor from Imperial Lineage.

“Hmm, not bad, an immortal-level progenitor now.” The bull glared at the progenitor.

“When I entered Sacred Mountain back then, the answer was clear yet I was too blind and foolish to see. Later on, I broke through my bottleneck thanks to the guidance of my lord.” The progenitor said.

Two different thoughts surprised the crowd right now. First, the bull’s actual power. Second, this progenitor reached the immortal level because someone else taught him?

This “lord” must be the dark existence behind all of this.

“Seems like you have found a good master. It still doesn’t change the fact that you have no moral backbone.” The bull laughed.

“You’re right, Senior. I am shallow indeed.” The progenitor didn’t become angry; “It’s just that this is a new era. You’re an insightful and experienced master, you should know that there is no changing the outcome. Otherwise, I and the other Dao Brothers wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Is that so? Don’t be so quick to assume.” The bull snorted.

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