Chapter 3146: Pride Turned Into Nightmare

Eight Treasures Ancient Emperor fell in battle; the dao source exploded and that signaled the end of his system.

The destruction of Eight Treasures was more magnificent and tragic than Skyhigh’s.

Skyhigh couldn’t put up a fight; it was a complete massacre. On the other hand, Eight Treasures lasted a while. Its emperor also went wild and would have destroyed many ships if it wasn’t for the appearance of Eight Treasures Progenitor.

Of course, the battle between this duo also struck the crowd hard, leaving them with anxiety and sorrow.


“Boom!” An explosion from another part of the world woke the crowd up from their rumination.

The ships above the divine court started exploding like fireworks at night.

“Rumble!” A large cicada made from divine metal had wings large enough to blot out the area. Their thinness only made them sharper. Just a slight movement left behind spatial scars.

Blood splashed everywhere it went. Numerous dark invaders were taken down and their corpses fell.

This cicada could open its mouth and devour heaven and earth on top of possessing a frightening progenitorial aura.

This was the totem of the divine court’s Cicada Progenitor. It had fused with the dao source on top of being harmonized with tens of thousand ancestors. 

Virtually all the top experts in the divine court have become a part of this metal cicada. This was the amazing aspect of this race.

They could instantly disassemble into something as small as powders. Next, the individuals could rebuild into one entity. In this case, the metal cicada.

The body of the metalkins was extremely tough. Thus, the accumulation of all these experts created a wondrous weapon.

The cicada possessed a power infinitely close to a progenitor, capable of breaking through several ships in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, a metallic storm was also tearing numerous ships into little pieces. Many invaders got unlucky and were caught in its wake.

This storm was made from the heavenly pillars under the control of the ice god. He and the other powerful metalkins utilized the pillars in order to turn into this devastating storm.

The ice and solar gods didn’t care about the invaders attacking the various sects in the system. They were focusing on the ships instead.

There would still be hope for their system if they could break down the blockade. Some of their disciples would be able to escape and live on.

They knew that the dark enemies were simply too strong. Their utmost effort wasn’t enough to stop the invasion. More than half of the sects and kingdoms in the divine court have been annihilated already.

Thus, recklessly focusing on attacking the ships was the only choice.

“Boom!” The cicada and the storm from two different directions took down a dozen ships or so, successfully breaking a part of the spatial blockade. This gave them a sliver of hope.

Of course, they paid a great price. Thousands of them have fused fully into the cicada and the storm. They would never be able to return to their initial form. This was a type of death.

Alas, they didn’t have time to mourn the fallen combatants. The only thing on their mind was to bring some lucky survivors out of here.

The spectators saw this and became ecstatic.

“Maybe there is hope for the divine court.” One ancestor murmured.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, a progenitorial aura ravaged the escape path and stopped them.

Both the cicada and the storm were blown backward as a result. This gave the ships enough time to reform the blockade.

One person stood there now to stop the escapees - a cicada with a humanoid form with numerous wings that seem to belong to the gods. Their metallic shimmer looked as murderous as can be.

“What’s that…” People shuddered while looking at this figure with ninety-nine wings.

“Those wings…” The ice and solar god nearly lost their mind as they staggered backward in disbelief.

The two of them shared the same thought about one particular figure - Cicada Progenitor!

Only one man in the legends possessed these wings - their progenitor.

“Cicada Progenitor…” One ancestor revealed.

“No, it must be someone else!” The solar god shouted, unable to face reality.

They knew exactly who it was but denied it in order to not go insane. Only one metalkin in history possessed wings like these - the person who created their divine court.

“I created the divine court so I shall be the one to destroy it today.” The man with the ninety-nine wings said.

The ancestors and Everlastings in Immortal Lineage took a deep breath, feeling a chill coursing through them.

They already thought about this possibility the moment Eight Treasures Progenitor appeared.

These progenitors have returned and wanted to destroy their own systems.

“Why?!” The ice god bellowed with bloodshot eyes. His voice was filled with rage and despair.

“You all won’t accept the new era so I must cross you over.” The progenitor slowly said.

“Perish!” The solar god furiously roared and the cicada turned into a heavenly saber, slashing downward to sever everything.

“Boom!” The ice god also ordered the raging storm forward.

“It’s over.” The progenitor spread his wings and also unleashed a perfect, snow-white slash. This slash was immaculate, a flawless work of art.

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