Chapter 3144: Dao System Destroyed

The invaders had no problem landing on Metalkin Divine Court and were teleported to various regions.

The defensive barriers of the system were fully activated. Both spatial coordinates and portals shouldn’t be working at this moment.

However, they were all useless against the invaders. The latter could move freely after leaving the ships.

The ancestors from the divine court didn’t know what the hell was going on. What nullified their defenses?

Alas, it didn’t take long before a hundred sects or so were destroyed after the attacks.

The two gods were occupied with using their pillar and dao source, unable to fight in other places. Thus, they had a disadvantage of passiveness and could only watch the destruction.

Moreover, the enemies moved so quickly as well. The two gods and other ancestors wouldn’t have been able to help in time.

Millions and millions have died to the dark invaders. The thick stench of blood engulfed the air and wouldn’t disperse.

Rivers of blood and mountains of bones were formed in the system. Many sects have been annihilated and reduced to ruins.

However, this wasn’t as bad as the current state of Skyhigh. Bamboo Progenitor had created countless bamboo trees, completely taking over this system.

The floating system had turned into a dark forest, fully occupied by the bamboo trees. The massive progenitor poured down dark laws, the same with the trees. The whole place was shrouded in dark fog.

The land itself had withered with dried corpses everywhere. The cultivators and mortals were dead. The animals and birds weren’t spared, even the tiny ants have been killed. Anything with life was drained of their vitality by the progenitor. This place became a tragic sight, one even worse than hell.

The powerful ancestors shuddered at this sight and stopped thinking about helping since it was too late.

Skyhigh was as dead as can be. Moreover, this progenitor was too terrible. Sending any legion, regardless of how powerful they were, seemed suicidal.

“Boom!” The large tree dragged out the dao source from deep inside the system.

This source was still pulsing with majestic dao power. “Boom!” The thick root pierced through the dao source’s defense and started draining its essences.

“Skyhigh is finished.” An Everlasting turned pale.

There was always hope for a system as long as the dao source was still around. The descendants could always inherit the system again even after a complete massacre.

However, the destruction of the dao source spelled doom. From now on, everyone knew that Skyhigh was no more.

This was a mighty system yet it couldn’t stop a progenitor at all. Alas, this shouldn’t be surprising. A progenitor could create a system so they could also destroy one with ease.

“Crack!” The floating continent started crumbling and separated into numerous pieces. These remnant pieces would be the only thing left of Skyhigh henceforth.


“Boom!” Blood rained down in Eight Treasures. This system was a sanguine mess now with chaos and flames everywhere.

The majority of the sects and kingdoms here have been massacred. One could hear cries of despair and unwillingness everywhere.

“Boom!” Dark entities exploded with blood splashing everywhere like the waves.

The only person left struggling was Eight Treasures Ancient Emperor. He was powerful indeed, being such an old existence with twelve palaces.

Before losing to the dark entities, he chose to go all out and fuse with the dao source. This gave him a power boost enough to control all eight treasures by himself.

He started sweeping through the area and killed everyone in his way, enough to make the gods and devils lament. Heaven fell and the earth broke down from his attacks.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t faring too well despite taking down many enemies with bloody wounds from top to bottom, nearly being dismembered in some spots. Alas, the power of the dao source kept him moving. The reason why he could withstand the dao source was simply that he was the progenitor’s grandson.

The spectators admired his tenacity and willpower. They saw some hope with his prowess as he dealt with waves after waves of fighters.

After all, a twelve-palace emperor with the help of the dao source should be able to reach the power of the progenitor.

“Enough!” The tough voice in the ship lost patience after seeing their failure to take down the emperor.

“Bam!” Space was crushed as this person came out of the ship, hovering above Eight Treasures.

His progenitorial aura filled the land along with a proud dark affinity. Flames oozed out like the sun itself. He looked like the lord of all realms, virtually undefeatable. People couldn’t help wanting to prostrate.

“No… no!!” The frenzied emperor staggered backward as if he had just seen a ghost.

He fought fearlessly despite the insurmountable odds. Alas, he turned pale after seeing this newcomer, unable to believe his own eyes.

“What?” The spectators became confused. The emperor shouldn’t be afraid of a progenitor at this point.

In fact, it became abundantly clear now that every battalion should have a progenitor there in charge. That’s why the appearance of one now wasn’t that surprising.

“That’s Eight Treasures Progenitor.” A timeworn Everlasting pointed out, also becoming shocked.

This revelation struck everyone hard like a hammer smashing down on one’s chest. They became frozen at this development.

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