Chapter 3137: Only Fighting

Everyone held their breath after listening to the messenger.

“What new world do you speak of?” Tai Yinxi asked.

“An eternal world originating from the deepest part of your heart, from a desire to build this world. It will let you see the true source.” The messenger spoke in a flowery manner.

Many Everlastings shuddered. There was temptation in such words to them.

“This eternal world you speak of is the darkness?” Tai Yinxi naturally understood. He had more knowledge of this than others.

“It’s just a name, a word, nothing more.” The messenger said: “Light and darkness are classifications of ordinary men, there’s no right and wrong, no justice and evil. They’re both just a form of power coming from the heart. The affinity itself has no morality, it is dependent on the user.” The messenger said.

This confirmed the existence of the darkness and shattered many people’s hope. Some ancestors had a pretty good idea of what was going on but they still held on to a sliver of hope that this might not be the case.

Alas, the messenger destroyed this little hope. The worst had happened. Their most respected progenitors might have fallen to the darkness. 

“Darkness is darkness, no excuses. Those who fall to the darkness are no longer one of us and certainly harbor treacherous thoughts. They deserve death!” Tai Yinxi coldly uttered.

Since he was in charge of the first line of defense, his attitude, to a certain extent, also represented Immortal Lineage’s stance.

“People have different perspectives, there’s no forcing it.” The messenger calmly said: “If you won’t obey, then let’s settle this with fighting. I’m afraid you won’t like the outcome though.” 

The powerful listeners trembled again. They might have to fight against their own ancestors until death…

“I don’t understand something, Senior. You are a progenitor and I’m sure your side has more capable combatants. You all have become unbeatable and dominated your eras, even contributing long-lasting achievements. You have seen everything, all the trials and tribulations. What made your dao heart wavered?” Tai Yinxi put it tactfully.

The others wanted to ask the same question. In their era, progenitors were the top existences that have done it all.

In fact, becoming a progenitor showed how firm one’s dao heart was. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gone so far on the path towards the dao.

Alas, these determined progenitors have fallen to the darkness and now, they were here to attack their own world. How did it come to this?

“The world is too vast, there is always a better man and a higher mountain. We’re nothing more than regular people, no, insects.” The messenger said.

He spoke with neither happiness nor sadness, only stating a mere fact.

Unfortunately, the listeners didn’t take it well. They felt as if they had fallen into an ice pit.

If progenitors were mere insects, then what about them?

No one knew what these progenitors have experienced in the expanse but it must have been something unimaginable.

“Senior, I’m not trying to be arrogant here, but a vaster world and more powerful enemies still can’t conquer our Three Immortals. We had experts appearing in waves, brilliant progenitors and mighty masters, the Decemvirate and Ten Radiance…” Tai Yinxi wasn’t intimidated.

Some of the listeners nodded in agreement. Three Immortals had produced so many masters and could handle any disaster.

“Yes, we had some brilliant geniuses indeed, the golden age of men and competition, always surging forward with great momentum…” The messenger became slightly emotional again, seemingly recalling his high-spirited past.

His expression said it all so everyone, including Tai Yinxi, became startled. This messenger was clearly a progenitor and a top one at that.

The group immediately had an assessment of the guy’s cultivation level - maybe an immortal-level progenitor.

An immortal-level progenitor becoming a hound of darkness was a terrible thing to think about.

Some Everlastings felt their legs shaking after finding this out. No one could stop an immortal-level progenitor in their world. Moreover, there were more than just one.

All of them started praying and hoping for the sky moat to stay strong. Otherwise, all of Three Immortals were done for.

“But so what? The world is larger than your imagination. A Supreme Everlasting like you is impressive in Immortal Lineage but in that vast world, you’re nothing more than a speck of dust. When that day comes, our Three Immortals is nothing more than a fat piece of meat.” The messenger stopped reminiscing and said.

He paused for a bit before finishing: “Instead of struggling in futility, it is not too late to surrender. This is the only way out for our world.” 

The listeners fell into silence. A progenitor falling into darkness should be spurned. This still didn’t change the grim reality that such a powerful being was converted. Some felt despair as a result.

“I might be a speck of dust but I still won’t give up. I, the commander of Sky Pass and a member of Three Immortals, will protect my home instead of letting invaders trample on it! I will die fighting without taking half a step back!” Tai Yinxi took a deep breath and powerfully responded.

This declaration woke the ancestors drowning in despair up like the morning bell, driving away their confusion.

“He’s right, this is our home. We can’t let evil trample on it.” Many ancestors and Everlastings agreed.

“We can’t yield or we’ll have no place to go, our descendants won’t be able to live.” Others clenched their fists.

“Let’s fight to the very last man, don’t let the future generations become slaves to the darkness.” Their battle spirit surged.

Their opponents might be powerful and dangerous; some might be their progenitors and forefathers. However, they had no other choice but to fight for the sake of future generations! 

“Very courageous, I’m proud of you all.” The messenger nodded slightly: “Then let’s fight. I hope you can persevere till the end.”

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