Chapter 3135: Darkness Arrives

Many systems prepared by ordering all of their disciples to return and entering a state of battle.

“Rumble!” Deep and low explosions came from deeper inside the expanse. The entire place seemed to be quaking. Many felt that Immortal Lineage was quaking along as well.

“I don’t like the looks of this…” One guy was afraid of Immortal Lineage toppling over, resulting in immense destruction.

Fortunately, this state didn’t last long and eventually halted.

“Look now!” One frightened spectator shouted. Of course, numerous masters all over Immortal Lineage were already looking.

Black dots appeared all over the vast ocean, seemingly coming from the depth. No one knew how they got there before the entire sky was blotted out.

“Buzz.” The dots followed the bright coordinates and started leaping, gradually drawing closer towards the shore.

The powerful masters became slack-jawed as a result.

“That’s a legion, right?” One ancestor shuddered.

These black dots were none other than numerous battleships shrouded in black fog, perhaps originating from a realm of death.

Thousands of ships floated on the water and continued moving through the existing coordinates.

A while ago, the ships coming out of the expanse were damaged from fierce battles. Now, these ones were as new as can be.

Their sheer amount and close vicinity made the whole thing look like a continent covered in a black fog.

“Boom!” They eventually made it to the shore but didn’t immediately head for Immortal Lineage.

They camped near the existing fortress as more and more ships docked. This great army painted the beach black.

The ships didn’t exude any powerful aura but one could still sense that this army could destroy a world.

“What kind of military strength is this…?” Many felt their legs trembling with fear.

These spectators couldn’t get a good view of the armies, only the ships. However, the content of the ship should be obvious.

“Sky moat, activate!” Tai Yinxi shouted, knowing that retreat wasn’t an option.

“Rumble!” The sky moat became resplendent enough to illuminate all of Immortal Lineage and the space above Sky Pass.

Countless ancient runes of varying sizes appeared on the walls. Some were as big as mountains; others as small as boulders.

“Boom!” These heavy runes stacked on top of each other and assembled a great barrier.

This barrier was a hundred times taller than the actual physical walls that make up the sky moat. Thus, this immediately separated Immortal Lineage from the outside world, a perfect seal of sorts.

“Boom!” A boundless power emanated from the ground of the moat and all of Immortal Lineage. It seeped into every corner of the barriers, firmly stabilizing each rune and brick.

Both the physical and energy walls seemed to be one - an impregnable defense without a single gap.

Visual phenomena emerged as a result - golden dragons were on top of the walls. Phoenixes guarded the sides and other primordial beasts guarded the gates. 

The moat had a majestic aura and became the toughest defense possible for Immortal Lineage.

“True to its name.” Those seeing this for the first time became amazed.

As long as this barrier was activated, no one inside could come out and no one outside could come in.

“Is it really unbreakable?” One cultivator asked.

“In theory, not even a progenitor can break it. Who knows if there’s a way.” An ancestor solemnly said.

“Then we don’t need to worry about anything.” The cultivator heaved a sigh of relief.

“We don’t know what’s over there in the expanse.” An Everlasting saw more ships gathering by that black fortress and became nervous.

“Activate our defenses.” The kingdoms and sects back in Immortal Lineage also activated their dao sources to start the barriers.

Though Sky Pass was fully activated, they didn’t know who they were facing or what might happen. 

“Open a communication line with all dao systems, keep it on.” These systems began working together. Some even had dao portals at the ready.

Systems who once fought against each other temporarily put aside their difference, choosing to become allies when necessary to face the disaster together.

“Rumble.” Meanwhile, more ships still gathered by the beach. The fortress had plenty of pavilions and encampments, becoming a world of war with a majestic aura that could be sensed from Immortal Lineage.

The world became silent after the great army had fully gathered. The bowstring has been drawn; the swords unsheathed.

Everyone held their breath, aware that a war was about to start.

“There’s someone at last.” Someone shouted while looking at the beach encampment.

One man finally showed up from that camp - the first.

His face remained shrouded by black fog and darkness just like a messenger of death. His pace remained leisurely as if he was taking a stroll.

People could feel that he was unfathomable despite not exerting any aura, as vast as an ocean with no end in sight.

No, it would be more accurate to view him as a bottomless abyss, capable of pulling anything or anyone down there. One fallen, it would be eternal damnation - never to see the sun again.

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