Chapter 3132: Battle Ends

The bronze giant broke through the void and disappeared as everyone watched in a daze.

They didn’t know who this figure was but he should have great significance. Just think about it, he came out of Uncrossable Expanse on top of still being alive and not turned evil. There must be something special going on in the background.

“What a shame.” Luminous Master regretted not having enough time to learn since the giant left too quickly.

If he had more time, he would be able to learn more mysteries about it along with the origin of his race. He only managed to learn a tiny bit.

Alas, he also knew that given his power, he had no chance of holding the giant back. Its power and profundity were beyond his control so the only thing he could do was watch.

“Thank you, Dao Brother.” He calmed down and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye was the one who gave him this chance. Though his harvest was limited, it was still a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“No big deal.” Li Qiye said before looking at the sky: “It’s getting late though, time for me to leave.”

“You’re leaving?” Luminous Master became startled, aware that Li Qiye was talking about Three Immortals, not just this place.

“Maybe I can stay a little longer, leave it up to fate.” Li Qiye said.

Luminous Master’s heart sank a little after hearing this. Anyone else would be happy because it wasn’t a good feeling to have someone so strong looming above them.

However, the master viewed it as a great loss for both Immortal Lineage and him. It meant that he would lose his role model and an opponent who could serve as a teacher. As for Immortal Lineage, it would lose another layer of protection.

“In my opinion, it’s coming soon, very soon.” Li Qiye read his expression and stared towards the direction of Uncrossable Expanse.

The master also did the same, becoming more and more dejected. He had stayed by the shore of that place for a bit but couldn’t calculate an exact date. Now, Li Qiye confirmed his suspicion.

A progenitor like him was considered invincible in Three Immortals. Alas, he had zero confidence to face the incoming calamity. What was coming? Perhaps a thing that Three Immortals didn’t want to face the most?

“Are you prepared?” Li Qiye asked the silent progenitor.

“I will try my best because it is my responsibility.” Luminous Master took a deep breath and replied.

“So duty-bound.” Li Qiye casually said.

“Dao Brother, please be merciful and aid us.” Luminous Master said with respect, asking for help.

Li Qiye’s involvement would give more hope for Three Immortals.

“I’m just a passerby so it’s not my responsibility.” Li Qiye said softly: “However, I do need to exercise more. If it comes during this period, I will warm up before my journey to build more enthusiasm.” 

This was the same as accepting Luminous Master’s request. The master happily bowed towards Li Qiye and didn’t say anything else.

“Go get ready then.” Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

“See you soon, Dao Brother.” The master bowed to say goodbye, the same with all the experts from Immortal Bronze.

In fact, even the spectators in Sky Pass bowed because he had proven his worth with his thirteen palaces.

Everyone watched his departure in silence. He had become a legendary figure, almost like a real deity.

“Withdraw.” Luminous Master shouted out the order to his sect.

The army of Immortal Bronze hurriedly marched away, following their progenitor.

Many also bowed respectfully towards Luminous Master.

The two parties were gone from Sky Ruins now, leaving behind a creepy expanse.

“It’s finally over.” One spectator murmured.

The outcome of the battle betrayed many’s expectations. Nonetheless, most felt an unprecedented satisfaction after receiving the benefits.

They got to witness a fight between progenitors that left a lasting impression. They saw Luminous Master’s spark technique but most importantly, the one-and-only thirteen palaces in history - a true miracle.

“Maybe we’re the luckiest in history, to be born in the same generation as Fiercest. This is the only generation that has thirteen palaces.” One cultivator reflected.

“It’s also a source of despair.” Another ancestor smiled wryly: “The most brilliant and peerless geniuses will have to play the role of a side character from now on because of Fiercest.”

Others put on a bitter smile as well since he made too much sense. Fiercest was unreasonably powerful and unsurpassable. Everyone would pale versus his dazzling radiance.

“So can cultivators really create thirteen palaces?” A Supreme Everlasting began discussing this issue.

Now that this possibility has been proven, these top masters still didn’t know how to get one.

“What’s the actual method?” People racked their brains to no avail.

“I think regular people like us will never be able to have it.” Even the Supreme Everlastings became dejected.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed about. So many greater beings than us in history with incredible achievements, progenitors and Fardao Everlastings, they couldn’t do it either.” A friend consoled.

“You’re right.” The crowd felt much better.

After all, even the brilliant ones like Gao Yang and Fire Ancestor couldn’t do it. There was a big gap between them compared to these beings. Thus, so what if they couldn’t get the final palace?

“What Fiercest had done is really the miracle of the ages.” The failed experiments made people respect Li Qiye even more, realizing how peerless he was.

He was the only exception in history, the only person with the thirteenth palace.

“I think he should be the leader of the Decemvirate now.” One ancestor suggested.

No one refuted this claim since Li Qiye was truly qualified for the position.

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