Chapter 3131: Bronze Giant

Only reticent breathing could be heard after Li Qiye entered the area.

No one knew how long he had been in there; they didn’t care about the passing time either.

“Boom!” An explosion caught them off guard and the continent instantly collapsed.

“What?!” Zhe Long couldn’t believe it. He had tried this method a while ago but this landmass exceeded imagination.

Alas, this was Fiercest, a person who had thirteen palaces. There was no point in being surprised by his success.

Many could see that this wasn’t an ordinary collapse. Li Qiye didn’t punch it into smithereens or anything.

The pieces fell in a particular manner, making it seem that the continent was assembled from numerous pieces placed together. They were simply falling apart right now.

Each piece was special and possessed its own laws. The continent looked like a perfect work of art made by a devilish master.

“Look at that…” A gigantic entity emerged and floated in space.

People saw that it was a colossal bronze humanoid, larger than any other statue in the world.

Of course, this thing was a living entity, not a statue. He seemed to be born in an ancient era.

His eyes were close, seemingly asleep with a peaceful expression. A faint glow surrounded him. This slumber could last until the world becomes old.

The impressive size understandably astounded the spectators. They then turned towards Luminous Master and the members of Bronze Immortal.

Their race was the same - born with a body made of bronze instead of flesh and blood.

However, they would change after cultivating. For example, Luminous Master gained a regular body. Of course, keeping their bronze body was another potential path.

Everyone instantly thought that this bronze giant might be a member of this race.

Alas, the knowledgeable ancestors have never read anything that would indicate that this race could grow to this size.

In fact, the ancestors from Bronze Immortal couldn’t think of a forefather of this size either, at least not in the records and legends.

Now, everyone knew why Luminous Master said that the continent had something to do with their race. 

Even if this giant wasn’t from this race, he should be related to them in some ways.

“What a miracle.” Zhe Long became emotional and shocked.

So many bronze immortals kneeled and bowed towards this giant. Though they didn’t know his origin, their instinct forced them to do so. Some started crying tears of joy as well.

Luminous Master shot out two rays towards the giant, wanting to see some clues.

“May I climb up there, Dao Brother?” He asked because the giant belonged to Li Qiye.

“Why not, a harvest is up to your own fortune.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Thank you.” Luminous Master bowed before landing on the giant. He rubbed the body while becoming emotional. He was gentle as if he was caressing a lover.

Li Qiye headed straight for the chest area since he had a pretty good understanding of this giant. He had seen one before back in the nine worlds.

In fact, the Primordial Will consisting of twelve laws was taken from a chest held by that bronze giant.

“What’s that?” Some spectators noticed that the giant seemed to be sleeping with both hands placed on its chest.

However, there was a bronze bottle in its hands upon closer inspection. This bottle was actually massive but because of the giant’s size, it was easy to miss it.

They started thinking that it might contain the immortal artifact desired by Luminous Master’s group.

“That has to be it.” Everyone held their breath as Li Qiye was approaching the bottle.

They were naturally tempted, just too scared to do anything about it.

Luminous Master didn’t look at the bottle. All of his attention was focused on the giant.

“Another gift, I won’t hold back then.” Li Qiye stared at the bottle and smiled before grabbing the bottle.

Taking this bottle should be impossible but Li Qiye had reached the apex.

“Boom!” His thirteen palaces began suppressing and transcending everything again. Impossibilities became possibilities.

The crowd felt an unfathomable might and couldn’t stand up straight.

“Rumble!” Li Qiye seemed to be pulling on the world itself. If the world had a physical handle, Li Qiye could easily lift it up with one hand.

Everyone felt themselves being lifted up to the air during this process.

“Boom!” He successfully took the bottle in no time at all.

“He got it!” One spectator blurted out.

Some started fantasizing that it was them who got the bottle. It would be amazing since they would soar towards greatness.

“Good stuff.” Li Qiye looked at the content and praised.

Everyone couldn’t help stretching their neck up a bit while wishing to see what was inside. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

Many wanted to ask him as well but the words returned to their throat. They didn’t dare to ask plus he might not tell them anyway.

“Rumble!” The bronze giant became dazzling and started shaking at an increasing intensity.

“Time to go.” Li Qiye put away the bottle and glanced over at Luminous Master before jumping off.

Luminous Master continued caressing the giant, not wanting to leave. This moment seemed too short but he had no choice.

“Rumble!” The shaking became violent by this point so Luminous Master leaped to the sky.

“Boom!” The bronze giant broke through the void and traveled through numerous domains, disappearing from the astonished spectators’ sight.

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