Chapter 313: Bing Yuxia’s Strength

Chapter 313: Bing Yuxia’s Strength

While the group that consisted of Zu Huangwu, Ba Xia, and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan wanted to surround and kill Li Qiye, a voice like the hymns of immortals appeared: “Fellow Daoist makes a lot of sense.”

A woman drifted by. Her gentle arrival was like a goddess descending from the heavens; with her divine presence, she was someone who was unstained by the mundanity of this mortal world. Strange images began to appear with her arrival; lotus flowers fell down from the sky while golden springs oozed from the earth, just like the appearance of a true immortal.

Goddess Mei Suyao! The representative of the Eternal River School. Both her background and herself were worthy of apprehension and respect. She had the qualifications to become a legend of the contemporary era!

She then spoke to everyone after drifting by like a fairy: “The timeless portal had always been in the academy’s possession. As its owner, the academy itself is willing to share with the rest of the world; which qualifications or virtues allows certain sects to steal from others? Even virtuous masters and wise sages during our contemporary era do not have the rights to steal from others. All existences are equal without superiors nor inferiors, so if the academy is willing to open its doors, then everyone should be blessed with the portal’s wealth. Great sects, powerful countries, or minor sects and vagabond cultivators all have the rights to reap this benefit.”

Those from more humble backgrounds immediately cheered: “Goddess Mei put it so well!” Even though everyone agreed with Li Qiye’s words as well, very few cheered for him. In the end, he was alone with no backing, so although everyone acknowledged his stance, they couldn’t show it openly due to a lack of strength.

Goddess Mei Suyao was different; she herself was unfathomable, not to mention that the Eternal River School behind her was quite frightening. Both the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom and Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom were far from being comparable to the Eternal River School.

Zu Huangwu’s tone sank as he spoke: “Goddess’ words are logical, but a few people who harbor evil intentions should be exiled. We cannot let him stay at the Eastern Hundred Cities to continue his treacherous rift-creating intentions!” He was glaring straight at Li Qiye while uttering these words.

A clear laughter resounded, followed by these words: “Since when did your Brilliance Ancient Kingdom speak for the entire Eastern Hundred Cities?” Bing Yuxia slowly approached with her male-styled dress. There were city-toppling beauties to her right and left, giving her the appearance of a suave young master.

Even before so many people, Bing Yuxia still did as she pleased and embraced beauties without a care. She came forward and smilingly said: “The Eastern Hundred Cities belongs to the human race and all the inhabitants of this world. The human race’s wise sages built this vast land so that any human could freely stay in this place. Who gave your Brilliance Ancient Kingdom the right to expel human disciples? The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom and the Furious Immortal Saint Country, what is so remarkable about these two existences?”

“If you want to monopolize the timeless portal, then just frankly say it. Do not make excuses and use the tiger’s skin as your banner; this is only a disgrace to the honor of your ancestors.”

“If you have any grievances with Li Qiye, then directly fight and kill him instead of simply waving the banner of justice. What is this about questioning the virtuous masters’ decision? Why don’t your virtuous masters show themselves so that everyone can see these great people and whether they are worthy of the virtuous master title or not? As a man, your way of conducting business is cowardly. Saying one thing but meaning another — such a hypocrite. How can you call yourself a genius with such a personality and dare to talk about competing for the Heaven’s Will in the future? People will lose their teeth from laughing at you!”

Compared to the elegant and graceful words from Mei Suyao, Bing Yuxia’s remark was much more arrogant and rude; it was filled with a hot temperament. However, her style really satisfied the cultivators with humble beginnings. They didn’t dare to offend the two powerful countries, but they couldn’t help but cheer in their minds for they thought that Bing Yuxia’s scolding was very appropriate.

“Little girl, your words just now really resembled Immortal Emperor Bing Yu’s style.” Li Qiye clapped his hands and said: “I’m beginning to like you more and more.”

Bing Yuxia glanced at Li Qiye and said: “Forget it, I only like pretty girls, I have zero interest in men.”

Her uninhibited manner caused many people to be speechless. She was such a supreme beauty yet she favored other pretty girls — this was not a secret in the Eastern Hundred Cities.

The group of Zu Huangwu, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, and Ba Xia became quite annoyed. Goddess Mei Suyao was still polite, but Bing Yuxia’s words spared no room for cordial pretension.

Zu Huangwu then slowly retorted: “And you’re saying the Ice Feather Palace can represent the Eastern Hundred Cities?” With a surging sacred aura, Zu Huangwu solemnly stood out. His body emitted the songs of wise sages. As an expert, the moment he began to speak, it created a suppressive aura that rendered others in fear and awe.

Bing Yuxia glared at him and let go of the beauty in her hand as she closed her paper fan. She then straightened herself and freely smiled: “Zu Huangwu, who are you trying to scare in my presence? Who the hell are you? A person with the arts of two emperors, right? Now, now, let me try the dual emperor arts of yours. What is so great about your fame as a genius? This uncle has always looked down on geniuses!” The moment she finished speaking, an explosion erupted and nine Fate Palaces appeared on top of her head.

Seeing the nine Fate Palaces, everyone exclaimed in shock: “A Nine Palace Ancient Saint, a Pinnacle Saint!” [1. Reminder, Ancient Saints have different names depending on how many Fate Palaces they have in the following order: Little Saint (4), Young Saint (4), Grand Saint (4), Heaven Restoration Saint (5), Dao Restoration Saint (6), Heavenly Saint (7), Grand Dao Saint (8), Pinnacle Saint (9), War Saint (10), Immortal Saint (11), Primordial Saint (12)]

There were so many geniuses at this meeting; Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, Zu Huangwu, and Ba Xia were all geniuses. The students from the Sacred Era Hall were also devilish geniuses.

However, after seeing the nine Fate Palaces hovering above Bing Yuxia’s head, all the geniuses lost their glow. At this moment, Bing Yuxia was not only an Ancient Saint, but she also had nine Fate Palaces.

This was too terrifying; at the Ancient Saint realm, nine Fate Palaces could be regarded as the limit. A Pinnacle Saint could look down in disdain on all the other Ancient Saints. Even a Heavenly Sovereign coming into being would lose their colors before this supreme genius.

“How… how could this be?” All the experts, both young geniuses and Ancient Saints of the previous generations, all changed their expressions before Bing Yuxia’s nine Fate Palaces.

“What are these geniuses worth?” Bing Yuxia was a woman, but she was very arrogant. She then coldly proclaimed: “I hate geniuses the most!”

No one thought that her domineering words were baseless. A Nine Palace Ancient Saint at her young age warranted her arrogance no matter the location.

“This little girl is truly just like Immortal Emperor Bing Yu.” Looking at Bing Yuxia’s proud arrogance, Li Qiye clapped his hands together and lamented. At this second, it was as if he was witnessing Immortal Emperor Bing Yu during her youth again.

Zu Huangwu and his crowd’s expressions dimmed down. Nine Palace Ancient Saints were indeed great. To all cultivators, nine palaces would be a limit, and as for the legendary ten palaces, they could be counted with one’s fingers. Since Bing Yuxia was so young, maybe she could even open the tenth palace in the future.

In just a moment, Bing Yuxia arrogantly challenged Zu Huangwu, and the two lineages were on the verge of battle.

“This time, we all gathered here for the fortunes inside the timeless portal, not to kill each other! The Heavenly Dao Academy agreed to share the portal with the rest of the world, so no sects have the rights to deprive others of this privilege!” At this time, Mei Suyao opened her mouth and exuded immortal words that were accompanied by beautiful hymns. She emitted an indescribable charm that was able to the calm the listeners.

“I agree with Goddess Mei’s words.” The speaker descended from the sky with a myriad of laws as his followers. He became one with the grand dao with each taken step — the sole sovereign of this world. Suddenly, the sun and moon lost their brilliance as he walked on his solitary path, shaking the mountains and rivers. All existences shivered where he trod as if he was a god from the nine heavens.

Someone shouted after seeing this young man descending from the sky: “Deity Jikong Wudi!”

Deity Jikong Wudi, the descendant of the Space Trample Mountain and great grandchild of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong after six generations. In the contemporary times, regardless of one’s fame or talents, no prodigies could compare to Deity Jikong Wudi; all existences were eclipsed by his greatness.

Jikong Wudi was the only student in the present generation of the Emperor Era Hall. Rumor has it that he obtained an unbelievable harvest within the hall. The Emperor Era Hall was the hall with the highest requirements, and since the beginning of time, its students could be counted on one’s fingers. Even Jikong Wudi’s ancestor, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, was not eligible to join this hall when he was younger.

In this generation, Jikong Wudi joining the Emperor Era Hall — according to hearsay — was not only to compete with Immortal Emperor Hao Hai when he was young, but also to make up for Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s regret from not being accepted.

People also said that Goddess Mei Suyao was qualified to join the Emperor Era Hall, but she chose not to. Mei Suyao’s status was very special; she was neither a student nor a teacher at the academy. Naturally, she was very knowledgeable since she once debated the grand dao with the academy’s hall masters.

Deity Jikong Wudi, in all of his invincible presence, began to speak: “The fortunes in the timeless portal are up to the fate of each individual. If friends here consider yourselves as contemporary prodigies, then go forward and take the lead. Why the need to be apprehensive towards competition? The fortunes are meant for the fateful, so friends do not need to exclude others. Whether one will obtain the fortunes inside the portal or not, it will depend on their own skills.” Jikong Wudi’s domineering tone was brimming with confidence because he was simply not afraid of competition.

“Goddess Mei and Deity said it really well. All existences are equal, and the fortunes inside the portal are meant for the fateful. Everyone will have a share!” All of a sudden, the cultivators from the weaker sects loudly resonated in agreement and applauded the two.

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