Chapter 3129: Eternal Separation

Various emotions struck the silent spectators.

Luminous Master had plenty of future potentials. So many respected and viewed him as a role model in Immortal Lineage. Alas, he was about to die in battle today.

Nonetheless, this was as good as it could get - dying to Fiercest.

“Any last words?” Li Qiye smiled and stared at him.

The tense crowd held their breath and stared at him, waiting to listen.

Death was inevitable. It’s just that Luminous Master was still too young. He had plenty of things left to do in life.

The initially calm Luminous Master knew that he didn’t have much time left so he sighed with a sad expression.

He turned towards the direction of Creek King - the kingdom-toppling beauty with few peers.

“I have no regrets in life. Being lucky enough to marry you is the greatest happiness and honor.” He looked at his wife and said softly with love-filled eyes.

“Becoming your wife is the proudest thing I’ve done in life.” Creek King’s eyes were also filled with love as she gently responded.

The two of them stared at each other and time came to a halt.

Meanwhile, the crowd became sentimental and said. This couple was a match made in heaven - perfect for each other and made everyone else envious.

What more could a man ask for after marrying someone like Creek King? The same applied to any woman and Luminous Master.

This tender moment seemed to be lasting for an eternity. No one dared to make a sound and interrupt the love between these two.

They didn’t need words to express their feeling, just one glance was enough.

A long time later, Luminous Master eventually withdrew his gaze and looked over at Zhe Long.

“Thank you, Senior, for protecting me all this time. I apologize for letting you down.” He said.

“No, you are my most excellent student, my pride.” Zhe Long said.

“I apologize for letting all of you down as well.” Luminous Master then told the members of Immortal Bronze Mountain.

They kneeled and bowed towards their worthy leader. Words weren’t necessary for them to show him the greatest reverence.

The ancestors and Everlastings felt sad too. They have been watching this young progenitor all this time.

“As I am near death, may I make a request, Dao Brother?” Luminous Master solemnly asked Li Qiye.

The flame was about to burn his entire being. Only ashes would be left soon enough.

“What is it?” Li Qiye smiled.

“I’m not afraid of death but I do wish to go out in a certain way if you are willing. Help me by using the power of the thirteen palaces to destroy me.” Luminous Master said.

The crowd stared at Li Qiye, aware that Luminous Master wished to go out in a different manner. Dying to his own flame seemed tasteless versus an honorable death to the thirteen palaces.

“It’s too early to talk about dying.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head. 

Luminous Master froze for a moment before smiling wryly: “I know how terrible my creation is, only death awaits me once ignited. Not even an immortal can save me.” [1]

“I might not be an immortal and there might not be one in this world, but I do have thirteen palaces.” Li Qiye calmly said.

“You can save me?” Luminous Master became surprised, the same with all the spectators.

First, putting aside his ability to do so, Luminous Master was still his enemy. There was no need for Fiercest to save him when he’s dying to his own forbidden technique. They probably wouldn’t save him if they were in Fiercest’s shoes.

“I’ve killed plenty so saving one is no big deal. Plus, there are a lot of people in the world but only a few are interesting.” Li Qiye leisurely responded.

Many took a deep breath and found Li Qiye worthy of respect. He was powerful but also had plenty of haters. However, even this group found him slightly more tolerable.

“Boom!” The thirteen palaces suddenly oozed out a light bright enough to illuminate the entire world.

This dazzling radiance enveloped the progenitor and stabilized the flame burning him.

“Zzz…” The palaces then exuded light particles that successfully extinguished the flames.

“He’s actually doing it! It’s working!” Thunderous applause resounded.

Luminous Master couldn’t believe it just like everyone else. His devouring flame was subsiding.

“Boom!” The palaces then poured down primordial chaos and forcefully reversed time while adding life affinity. This chaotic expanse began reconstructing Luminous Master’s body.

This gave a clear answer as to whether Li Qiye could save the master or not so everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Incredible, thirteen palaces are special indeed.” One Everlasting commented.

Those at their level knew just how impossible it was to stop that flame. Treasures and merit laws were useless.

However, Fiercest extinguished the flame on top of helping Luminous Master create a new body.

“One and only in history, a miracle of the ages. I think we shouldn’t be surprised that it can create more miracles.” Another ancestor said.

Others nodded in agreement. Thirteen palaces should be far more magical and profound compared to twelve palaces.

Thus, they became curious - what else could these palaces do?

1. The word for immortal here is actually Grand Firmament Golden Immortal. You can say that this is a classical cultivation level for original CN mythos, the one in Divine Investiture or Journey to the West. This doesn’t exist in ED. Maybe the mortal realm has myths about it but ED never really started at the mortal realm, only the cultivation world. The author has done this several times in the past. The Chinese readers that know the myth wouldn’t really have a problem with it. Nowadays, it is used colloquially to describe something impossible. For example, in a modern urban novel, ‘Not even a Grand Firmament Golden Immortal can save you.’ That’s a typical usage. It’s just a little weird to see it in ED, and it becomes even weirder for English readers lacking the context. So I’m reducing it to immortal.

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