Chapter 3128: Unique In History

The thirteen palaces horrified the world, causing people to become empty-headed.

So many said to never think about obtaining the thirteenth one. Sure enough, this was indeed the case.

None has ever surpassed the hard limit of twelve palaces, not the top emperors or the brilliant progenitors. This was true at least in the historical records.

Today, an existence with thirteen had broken everyone’s understanding regarding the palaces.

“Thirteen…” The crowd remained stunned, unable to accept this fact.

“Th-this is impossible…” One person said despite witnessing it in person.

The floating palaces were just too much to take. Numerous figures have attempted to break this limit to no avail. Thus, what Fiercest has done was simply unbelievable.

No one knew how he achieved this miraculous feat.

“Fiercest… is he also the number one in history…” An Everlasting felt nothing but respect.

From now on, he would have a long section written about him on the river of time. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him “Prime”, meaning that he was the greatest of all time. [1]

“Fiercest should be a member of the Decemvirate.” One True Emperor said softly.

“No, this achievement is enough to earn him the number one spot.” A timeworn Supreme Everlasting said.

Some actually became emotional and contemplated. They eventually nodded and conceded, thinking that this evaluation was about right.

The Decemvirate was a list of the most peerless cultivators and biggest contributors in Three Immortals. Only the best of the best made it here. For example, Gao Yang, Desolate Saint, and Fire Ancestor…

Today, no one would really object listing Fiercest among them. A few actually believed that he deserved the number one spot for having something as unprecedented as thirteen palaces.

“Boom!” The palaces lit up and turned into a matchless sky filled with primordial chaos.

Time reversed for the sake of creation. The palaces could do whatever they wanted, allowing Li Qiye to be the lord of all.

Many felt as if he had transcended everything, even standing above the high heaven. They watched this vast expanse in awe.

The incinerated Fiercest began reforming his body but this process was completely different than others. Time was reversing, allowing him to have a clean start without any problem.

Fiercest appeared before the crowd again. The flame on him was no longer there. Not even a strand of hair was missing.

Meanwhile, the thirteen palaces floated above his head, looking quite peaceful.

No one dared to breathe loudly, thinking that they might bother him.

He stood there without exerting divinity or aura. He had no defensive barriers either, looking like a regular mortal that could be found anywhere.

Of course, one couldn’t use the word “regular” or “common” to describe him when the floating palaces were up there.

This alone made him extraordinary - a supreme existence commanding respect and fear. He was the master of Three Immortals and the universe right now.

Fiercest didn’t need to say anything. Everyone already knew that Luminous Master had lost.

However, losing to Fiercest and his thirteen palaces was an honor, nothing to be ashamed of. Just being able to fight him was indicative of one’s might.

Fiercest has become a sort of test for all cultivators, similar to a tribulation. Reaching this level alone proved one’s worth.

“Boom!” The palaces started flying outward with enough force to pierce even the eternal high heaven.

They surrounded the flashing golden radiance that was Luminous Master.

“Poof!” The light stabilized and everyone could hear a fiery ignition.

Luminous Master appeared again, surrounded by progenitorial laws and flames. He was clearly burning himself too; more than half of his body had turned to ashes by this point.

This double-edged technique was outside of his control now. He could no longer extinguish this flame and it wouldn’t take long before death.

Many shuddered at this sight. A brilliant progenitor was going to die to his own technique - quite a sad ending.

Sadness took over some members of the crowd because Luminous Master was worthy of respect.

“Thirteen palaces…” The progenitor had an astonished expression. This was obviously his first time seeing thirteen palaces: “I have no regrets in life after seeing this miracle. Losing to you is an honor, same with dying to these palaces.”

He seemed cool and collected without fear despite knocking on death’s door. How many people could face death in this manner?

Strangely enough, a few twisted minds in the crowd actually became envious of him. After all, everyone would eventually die. Being killed by these palaces would be a heroic and impressive way to go.

1. The goat, just like Kobe Bryant. I know, I know, some of you will be commenting furiously about Michael Jordan and Lebron

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