Chapter 3127: Thirteen Palaces

“No!!!” Screams bellowed across the realms, filled with despair and unwillingness.

It was one thing to be crushed by an ultimate technique or killed by an unbeatable treasure. At least they lost against absolute force.

However, there was no chance to even resist this flame. They felt like fish on the chopping board - powerless and hopeless.

Even the powerful ancestors and peerless Everlastings were subjected to this torment.

This scene was magnificent. Virtually every cultivator was experiencing this.

No one could move an inch while dying to their own desires. It sounded unbelievable but all of this was unfolding in real-time.

A hush fell upon the land as if all of its inhabitants had been burnt to ashes. 

This lasted for a long, long time before being interrupted by a loud exhale. All of the “dead” finally leaned forward slightly.

This sensation was bizarre. They thought they were dead earlier but now, it seemed like a dream.

“I’m, I’m okay.” They instantly looked down and saw that their body was still intact.

“We’re alive!” Someone yelled excitedly. To come back to life was an incredible feeling, inferior to none.

They realized that they weren’t ashes now. However, then what was that experience before? They clearly felt it deep to their bones.

“It’s because Luminous Master is merciful.” One Everlasting quietly said: “He didn’t ignite us, we were only experiencing an illusion beneath his power.”

The crowd took a deep breath in response. This meant that Luminous Master could have repeated the same thing on a whim, except for real. Peerless Everlastings and emperors would still die without being able to fight back.

Their lives were completely in someone else’s grasp - this was a scary thought.

They turned their attention towards the battle and Luminous Master was still in the form of a tiny light.

“Luminous Spark.” The spectators quietly repeated this name - something that they would never forget.

This rather common name was more domineering and impressive than anything else in their mind.

“Boom!” A loud explosion suddenly dazed all of them.

“Fiercest is still burning!” They saw a pulsing light coming from Fiercest deep in Sky Ruins.

Each inch of his body was on fire just like everyone else earlier. He was using a supreme technique and various merit laws but they didn’t stop the flame.

Even a monster like Fiercest couldn’t stop this technique, let alone them. 

“It’s unavoidable if one has hope and desires.” One ancestor sentimentally said.

Luminous Master only served as a catalyst. Hopes and desires were the things fueling the flame. They were the ones killing themselves, not Luminous Master.

Someone as strong as Fiercest should have an ambitious desire and pursuit. Thus, this technique became even more effective.

“What a terrifying move.” People finally realized why Luminous Master was so confident in this technique.

It had jumped out of the boundary of power and grand dao. This was a historically-great invention.

Moreover, they also knew why he hesitated. In order to use this technique, he needed to lit himself up as well.

“Poof!” The fire on Fiercest eventually reached its limit, culminating in him fully turning to ashes.

“He’s dead.” One spectator concluded.

“Fiercest is dead…” An ancestor couldn’t believe it.

“This technique is insane. Even Fiercest couldn’t handle it.” Some of the crowd gasped, thinking that this was the greatest technique they had ever seen.

“Boom!” Bright radiance suddenly came from his ashes and multiple palaces flew out.

“Look, his palaces, he’s still alive.” Someone commented.

“How can this be? He was reduced to ashes!” Even the ancestors were astounded.

All of them have experienced this technique and failed to overcome it, albeit in an illusory state.

“Boom!” The palaces suppressed the firmaments, stopping all techniques and forbidden arts.

“What the hell, are you guys seeing this?!” One spectator screamed.

“Thir-thir-teen palaces!” Jaws dropped to the ground in disbelief.

“Thirteen palaces really exist?” A Supreme Everlasting became frozen.

First a terrifying technique, now a miracle like having thirteen palaces? The crowd couldn’t take much more.

Everyone knew that twelve palaces were the limit regardless of how strong a cultivator might be.

So many brilliant progenitors have appeared in history - Gao Yang, Desolate Saint, Five Element Progenitor…

These peerless beings only had twelve palaces. Now, Fiercest had broken this conventional wisdom and a limit in cultivation.

Alas, this was not a dream. Thirteen palaces, as real as can be, were floating in the sky right now.

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