Chapter 3126: Luminous Spark

Luminous Master was in high spirits, seemingly experiencing the proudest moment of his life.

Some could understand why he looked like that, akin to a mortal scholar placing number one on the official test.

Losing shouldn’t have been an exciting moment. Others would be dejected right now but the opposite was true for the master.

As a progenitor, he had experienced numerous happy events before but none made him feel this way.

However, only the Everlastings or top cultivators present understood why. Finding a foe that could also serve as a teacher wasn’t easy for an invincible progenitor like him. On the other hand, losing was no big deal at all.

Furthermore, to have an ultimate art yet no worthy foe? That’s a terrible feeling similar to a master sculptor creating the finest piece yet he was forced to hide it and be the only person who could see it.

Today, the sculptor could finally show it to a friend who could appreciate it - a truly joyous moment in life.

“A fight to the utmost of the dao, what more can one ask for in life?” The spirited master said.

“Everything is possible through the dao, go for it.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I named it Luminous Spark, where there is life, there will be light.” The master said.

“Luminous Spark.” Li Qiye murmured, carefully sensing the guy’s dao rhythm.

The name actually didn’t impress the surprised crowd at all. Luminous Master considered this to be his ultimate move and virtually unstoppable.

In their opinion, it should have some domineering title. Just spark alone seemed insufficient and rather common - not fitting with its prestige.

Meanwhile, a few powerful ancestors and Everlastings held their breath to also sense his dao rhythm.

Only those at a certain level could sense this uniqueness - a power at a higher level. Ordinary cultivators couldn’t touch this realm. In the rare chance of reaching it, they would already be near death.

“What is this?” The big shots noticed this strange dao rhythm emanating from him. It seemed like gentle ripples in a lake permeating across the world.

This magical feeling didn’t seem dangerous at all. In fact, these big shots thought that this power level was incompatible to Luminous Master’s might.

This progenitor might not be a match for Fiercest but he could still easily suppress the firmaments or cause incredible devastation. Now, this dao rhythm seemed as gentle as can be.

“Wait, I can’t move!” One ancestor shouted in astonishment.

This made everyone else notice that they couldn’t move either.

“What is going on?!” Even the powerful Everlastings were immobilized. They utilized their strongest merit laws in order to escape to no avail.

Normally, this type of imprisonment was oppressive and obvious. In this case, the power at work was intangible. People didn’t even notice that they were imprisoned until it was too late. The ripples worked in a gentle and mysterious manner.

Moreover, it was capable of trapping Everlastings and everyone else.

“Why do I feel like I’m a scandal right now?” One Everlasting said.

“The thing burning is your hope.” Luminous Master said softly but still made everyone shudder and become extremely afraid.

“Quite magical. As long as there is hope, there is desire, and that’s the fuel for binding.” Li Qiye was also immobilized.

“He’s not the one trapping us. We’re trapping ourselves.” One ancestor understood Li Qiye’s point and took a deep breath.

Some big shots, upon hearing this, immediately tried various methods to break it. Unfortunately, these methods seemed useless.

Why? Because there was no opponent to resist. Everything came from oneself.

For example, a muscular warrior could lift anything but not himself. That’s the scariest thing about this dao.

“Burn away without regrets, the same with my desires. Thank you for fighting me, Dao Brother.” Luminous Master sighed.

“Poof!” He seemed to be incinerated to nothingness, only leaving behind a flashing radiance.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye instantly lit up, entering a powerful defensive state.

Luminous Master no longer existed by this point, only a flickering light around the size of a soybean and on the verge of extinguishing in any second.

Despite its feeble nature, it still strangely looked eternal while burning away all desires in this world.

Heart, hope, and desire - all existed together and were being burned.

“Spare us!” One Everlasting felt the threat and shouted.

“Poof!” Others heard a fire-starting sound and saw themselves being lit on fire.

“Not good!” They activated their strong merit laws but couldn’t do anything to stop or avoid the burning process.

“Why is it like this?” Some were scared out of their mind after failing to extinguish the fire.

Each inch of their flesh was burning, eventually spreading to their muscles and bones, dao foundation, then true fate while they could only watch.

Power and invincible treasures were useless here.

Even the imperious ancestors started panicking as pieces of ashes fell off their body.

“Our various desires and emotions are burning - ambition, survival instinct, love, hate, kindness… even a little bit is enough to fuel this fire. Your heart needs to be as cold as ashes, devoid of hope and desires. Otherwise, it’ll burn you to nothingness.” One Eternal realized the flame’s property.

The experts realized that it had nothing to do with power and laws or even the grand dao. One needed to be a rock or be emotionless. Otherwise, death seemed inevitable.

“No, this can’t be true!” Some started yelling while watching their body being burned away.

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