Chapter 3125: Limitless Weight

Li Qiye walked on his sword dao and turned into a sword immortal.

The dao has been accumulating even before he had a sword in his hand. It felt as old as heaven and earth.

“Clank!” All swords started resonating as a result. The experts felt their own swords waking up, seemingly possessing spirituality.

“Rumble!” The sword users suddenly fell to the ground.

This wasn’t due to an external force; their sword simply became too heavy and dragged them downward.

This scared the hell out of everyone. Sword users naturally understood their sword the best out of anyone on top of possessing perfect mastery.

So why did their swords become so heavy? It was as if it was no longer theirs.

“Clank!” Li Qiye finally raised both hands and swung down. This slash relied on pure weight, nothing else.

“Crack!” The immensity of the sword crushed space and time along with the karmic and reincarnation cycles.

Three Immortals World was certainly heavy. Alas, it felt as light as a feather compared to this slash.

This sword dao surpassed everything in terms of weight. Even the most massive world started from a single point. This sword dao was as heavy as that start and more.

Luminous Master was surprised to see this incredible dao. He roared and grasped the yin and yang then life and death, throwing all of these affinities forward.

A might suppressed the nine heavens and ten earths. The existences in Three Immortals couldn’t breathe.

“Boom!” The slash cut through the various affinities and struck the progenitor, resulting in a destructive explosion. Blood splashed in space, looking beautiful yet sad.

He got sent flying for who knows how long? An indelible scar remained in space.

Luminous Master protected himself with the affinities but still suffered grievous injuries. Others would have died on the spot.

The spectators naturally trembled as a result. Some became paralyzed on the ground. The weaker ones pissed in their pants after seeing this insane power.

Everyone was glad that this fight was taking place in Sky Ruins. Numerous systems would have been destroyed otherwise.

“Damn.” One pale ancestor regained his wits and said.

Who could actually stop that slash earlier? Not even Luminous Master and his grand dao.

His fans became deathly white, no longer having the courage to cheer.

It was hard to describe the slash with anything other than “unbeatable”.

Luminous Master eventually returned. He coughed out blood but still looked calm.

“The weight of that slash is peerless, what technique is this?” He praised.

“Finality Sword, one of nine dao.” Li Qiye smiled and said. [1]

“Finality Sword, everything ends with the sword. True indeed, that slash was incredible.” Luminous Master said while staring at Li Qiye: “I’m not a match for you in terms of grand dao. Your power far exceeds mine.”

Many stood there in a daze after hearing him as chills ran down their spine. This was especially true for those who believed in Luminous Master and his fans.

They felt quite uncomfortable and distressed, even sorrowful. They knew that Luminous Master had accepted defeat to Fiercest.

They considered him to be the peerless genius in this generation, the very unreachable apex. Thus, the reality was too difficult to accept.

On the contrary, Luminous Master took it quite well and wasn’t affected like the spectators.

After all, becoming a progenitor meant experiencing numerous trials. Losing was part of being a warrior.

Plus, being defeated in a fair duel to someone stronger? There’s nothing shameful about it.

“It’s no big deal.” Li Qiye smiled.

This nonchalant attitude of his was too much to take. Defeating a progenitor like Luminous Master was unimaginable for most people - a matchless honor and an achievement worthy of pride.

However, Li Qiye didn’t care at all as if it was just another day to him.

If a progenitor was an easy defeat, then what about the rest of the world? From this, it made them wonder who would be a worthy foe for Li Qiye.

“This loss is an honor, I only regret that I still have one unused move.” Luminous Master said.

His fans suddenly found hope again after hearing this.

“Luminous Master still got something else up his sleeve?” One expert became excited.

“Sounds like you’re very confident with this move.” Li Qiye became interested.

“No, I don’t have confidence in this move. But, I’m confident about you.” Luminous Master said.

“Oh? Interesting.” Li Qiye replied.

“This move is my finest creation but it’s too dangerous. I believed that no one could survive it until today.” Luminous Master revealed with a serious expression.

The spectators took a deep breath. Someone like Luminous Master wouldn’t make baseless comments. This move should be monstrous indeed.

“I would like to experience and see how magnificent it is.” Li Qiye smiled.

“This move is not only dangerous to the opponent but to me as well.” Luminous Master pondered.

The spectators exchanged glances in astonishment. It sounded like the creator of the move himself would be in danger, not having complete control over it.

“A forbidden art that will hurt both sides?” One Everlasting speculated.

This wasn’t unprecedented in history. Progenitors have created moves like this in order to defeat enemies stronger than them. The price was high, potentially fatal.

“What a shame.” Li Qiye said.

“But since you are willing to see it, I should have the courage too.” Luminous Master’s eyes flashed as his battle spirit rekindled.

“If you dare to use it, I’m willing to be your target.” Li Qiye declared.

“Very well, it’s not easy to find a tough opponent, especially someone like you who can also serve as a teacher. I can’t ask for more.” Luminous Master laughed and made up his mind.

1. First seen in chapter 2351.

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