Chapter 3124: Luminous Origination

No one could spot the real Luminous Master as if he had vanished into thin air.

The area became silent; the atmosphere was replaced by a suffocating feeling. They felt as if they were living under his shadow.

Whenever they looked up, they could feel a massive figure looking down. This type of invisible pressure could drive someone crazy or force them to submit.

Luminous Master had returned to the origin and withdrew all of his progenitorial aura and divine might. Alas, this new state of his made it harder on the spectators.

The world and all living inhabitants were living beneath his reign.

“Luminous Origination. This is his grand dao, all laws returning to their origin.” One Everlasting said.

Those who have experienced this grand dao before still felt fear. They knew just how mighty this progenitor was.

Among the spectators were actually invincible Everlastings that have lost to this grand dao before. They still remembered this grand dao’s aura so well.

Of course, they should be proud because after becoming a progenitor, he rarely needed to use his grand dao in a fight. The fact that they were lucky enough to lose to this grand dao was a testament to their strength.

It had escaped the boundary of Immortal Bronze Mountain and could open a new dao source for another system.

“Pop!” A ray of golden light emerged out of nowhere with enough power to shoulder the various worlds.

One person walked out from this ray - Luminous Master, albeit different than normal.

Previously, he was definitely a supreme progenitor. Now, the one walking out of the ray looked young and vigorous. He carried a simple temperament that could last an eternity.

As he walked out of this ray, all of his time reverted back to when he was eighteen.

Regardless of whether he came from the past or the future, he would still have this youthful form.

“Excuse me, Dao Brother.” He appeared before Li Qiye and instantly unleashed a vertical palm strike - direct and simple.

It felt like the attack of a mortal martial artist during a spar, lacking loud explosions and crackling.

Nonetheless, this casual strike encompassed everything - Three Immortals and all of its inhabitants.

Everyone felt themselves flying into the air; they and the world were being lifted up by Luminous Master.

His hand and everything else became the ultimate weapon. Just imagine the force behind this swing - it had the weight of all of Three Immortals. That should be enough to crush the strongest masters into meat paste, or even specks of dust.

Li Qiye retaliated by swinging his spear with both hands in order to stop the incoming hand.

“Boom!” The impact resulted in a massive earthquake everywhere.

The spear slightly bent as a result while Li Qiye tumbled backward.

Just imagine, Skysplitter failed to damage Eternal Damnation earlier but Luminous Master had successfully done so. After all, the entities encompassed within that strike earlier were insanely heavy.

Luminous Master unleashed a flurry of punches next, acting as an unstoppable tornado. It was as if all of Three Immortals were slamming into Li Qiye.

“Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!” Eternal Damnation was being bent to the limit from the barrage.

The spear was bent repeatedly and would morph back to its initial appearance. However, due to Luminous Master’s nonstop flurry, the bending position couldn’t spring back fast enough. It might actually break if this continued.

The impact point has been accumulating power all of this time. Once it reached the limit, it exploded and headed straight at Li Qiye.

“Boom!” He got smashed into the empty expanse, crushing through one dimension after another. When he came out of one dimension to be in another, people saw his body being surrounded by primordial chaos. Stars were destroyed in the process too in a dazzling manner.

The blow was strong enough to not only crush space but also revert it back to its origin.

“So strong.” One spectator shouted after seeing this, thinking that just one smash would have been enough to kill him, let alone a non-stop barrage.

His fans became excited enough to turn red.

“Yes, that’s how you do it! Teach him a lesson! Luminous Master is unbeatable!” One of them raised their fist into the air and applauded.

“That’s right! You’re unbeatable!” The other fans joined in: “Teach this arrogant man a lesson!”

“Luminous Master will always be triumphant!” They were immersed in his invincible style and crazily chanted.

“Luminous Master, forever triumphant!” These chants echoed across Sky Pass.

The experts from the previous generation and the ancestors smiled wryly after hearing this. Some could sympathize because Luminous Master has been dominating in recent years.

Li Qiye flew for a long time and Luminous Master took advantage of this. He caught up and swung his hand again towards Li Qiye’s head without showing any mercy.

Li Qiye had no defense while the master was extremely fast.

“It’s not looking good!” Many blurted out. A successful strike would certainly end with death.

“Clank!” A heavy sword hymn resounded as if numerous sword embryos were forming in the three thousand worlds.

A heavy sword dao emerged and surrounded Li Qiye like a defensive earth barrier. 

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Luminous Master didn’t relent and struck the dao several times.

However, this dao was immensely thick and tough. It flashed with a bronze shimmer, seemingly eternal. Luminous Master’s flurry failed to breakthrough.

“Earth’s Immensity!” Li Qiye roared and activated his sword dao, finally launching an offensive.

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