Chapter 3123: Immense Power

Skysplitter’s power far exceeded regular ancestral weapons. This applied even at the immortal level.

Its power in addition to the full swing from Luminous Master resulted in a cut true to its name - splitting the sky.

It was enough to split a mighty system into two halves. In case of a direct impact, Skysplitter should have been sharp enough to nick another ancestral weapon.  However, Eternal Damnation managed to stop it without suffering any damage.

One could see how tough this spear was. Just what materials was it made of?

Viewed in a vacuum, one would guess that the spear was actually superior to the hatchet.

People took a deep breath after seeing this. They didn’t know the origin of this spear since it wasn’t as famous as Skysplitter. 

At the same time, they thought about how Fiercest just picked out a random weapon? How deep was his actual arsenal?

On the contrary, the actual experts placed their focus on Fiercest instead of the spear.

They noticed that Li Qiye didn’t move at all from the impact despite the destructive swing. He just stood there and leisurely blocked it. 

“Go!” Li Qiye whirled his spear and pressed down on the hatchet first before thrusting it at Luminous Master.

This move seemed to be without thought but still contained a mighty force.

“Boom!” The celestial bodies surrounding Luminous Master instantly crumbled as a result of the thrust.

Dazzling radiance suddenly appeared all over the sky in the form of waves.

“Time is flowing backward!” One Everlasting shouted after seeing this.

Li Qiye didn’t perform a merit law for a temporal reversal. Just his spear alone made the temporal domain flow backward, resulting in bright flashes wherever the spear went.

“Activate!” Luminous Master retaliated by raising his hatchet to the sky for another vertical swing towards the spear.

“Boom!” More temporal particles crumbled from their attacks.

This ended with Luminous Master being sent flying, breaking through the temporal walls. The chaotic flow poured down like a surging river wherever he went.

The crowd had a hard time reacting to this scene outside of leaving their mouth wide open. Some felt suffocated, akin to having a stroke and nearly falling to the ground.

A fight between progenitors was too devastating. Systems would have been destroyed if it was taking place in Immortal Lineage.

The most shocking thing was Luminous Master being sent flying after one thrust. So many viewed him as their role model, thinking that he had achieved the most in the current generation - an unsurpassable peak.

However, he had lost his first exchange. His fans themselves felt that they were the ones being sent flying.

“Can… can Fiercest already be an immortal-level progenitor?” One spectator murmured in awe.

This shouldn’t be possible since it would be too cruel to the spectators. 

“It has been a while since I felt this good.” Luminous Master stood up among the ruins. 

Though his golden radiance was unstably flashing, he looked to be in great spirit.

Anyone else’s mental state would be affected negatively. After all, from becoming invincible their whole life to being beaten in the first move?

Luminous Master, on the other hand, became more invested in the fight. His battle spirit surged. He wouldn’t regret dying in battle right now after finding such a powerful foe.

“Not bad, your cultivation is decent enough to put up a fight.” Li Qiye nodded.

People would have chastised him a while ago for making these arrogant comments. Alas, they didn’t say anything now since he looked unbeatable at this moment.

“Your power is immense, I’ve never seen anything like it. It would be disrespectful if I don’t use my grand dao and an overestimation of myself.” Luminous Master said.

“The world praises you for your brilliance, let’s have a look at your grand dao then.” Li Qiye laughed.

“It doesn’t compare to the wise sages of the past but I’ll gladly show it to you.” Luminous Master smiled.

The crowd regained their wits and became excited again.

“He’s about to use his grand dao.” All eyes were wide open in anticipation.

Luminous Master’s grand dao was brilliant. He reached it and jumped out of the grand dao belonging to Immortal Bronze Mountain. He was eligible to create his own system but didn’t do so yet.

He became invincible after proving his dao so the world rarely saw it again. That’s why everyone became so excited.

“Buzz.” He recalled his auras - both his progenitorial presence and divine lights.

The stars and three thousand worlds also disappeared, the same with his laws. He seemed to be degenerating from a progenitor to a mortal.

All cultivators were mortals once. They gained strength through training and cultivation. Now, cultivation atrophy was happening to Luminous Master.

People would question if he was still the same person if it wasn’t for his determined expression and profound eyes.

Though he looked like a mortal youth, his temperament and gaze remained unchanging - still that of a progenitor.

His figure slowly disintegrated like snowflakes in the sun, eventually turning into water and seeping into the soil. He was a part of this world now; the individual seemed to no longer exist.

However, everyone felt something extremely magical. He seemed to be omnipresent instead of being gone.

A falling leaf? Luminous Master. A strand of light? Also Luminous Master. The same with a speck of dust…

People looked around and felt his presence all around.

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