Chapter 3122: Skysplitter

Calling this hatchet gigantic wasn’t enough. It was massive, enormous, and colossal… IIts master looked smaller than an ant in comparison.

Some spectators were actually worried about him being crushed into a meat paste by his own weapon.

Fortunately, he held it on his shoulder without any issue, still looking relaxed.

Remember, he didn’t have a stout, muscular build. Thus, this weapon should look out of place with him.

Strangely enough, people actually found the two to be a natural pair, perfect for each other.

The first impression they got was one word - invincibility!

Yes, it seemed that only this great weapon could be a match for Luminous Master’s domination.

“Skysplitter is its name, left behind by Bronze Progenitor, capable of splitting the sky and separating the earth.” Luminous Master calmly said.

“Skysplitter.” Everyone found this name to be suitable. It was as if the hatchet was created specifically to fit this name.

However, the older experts became startled: “It’s not just a name, this hatchet can really split the sky apart!”

Bronze Progenitor was born in an ancient era, too old to be assigned a particular date. He was at the immortal level. Rumor has it that he might have been a member of the Decemvirate if he had been born later.

This hatchet was left behind by him. It’s unknown whether he was its creator.

“Good weapon.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly.

Earning such praise from Li Qiye naturally wasn’t easy. He wouldn’t react to just any ancestral weapons.

“Please take out your weapon, Dao Brother.” Luminous Master remained respectful.

“Hmm, don’t have any suitable one, let me see.” Li Qiye scratched his head before searching.

“Isn’t he too careless?” One dissatisfied spectator said.

They were fans of Luminous Master and thought that Li Qiye was putting up an act in an attempt to be cool.

“Does he want to fight bare-handed against that hatchet?” One expert felt the same way.

Of course, a few ancestors didn’t think so. Li Qiye hasn’t used a weapon ever since his debut. The only exception was the Sword of Repentance.

“Clank.” Li Qiye finally revealed his weapon - a spear.

“Not using a weapon is a little disrespectful.” Li Qiye smiled and took a look at his weapon: “Hmm, this should be okay.”

The crowd was surprised to hear Li Qiye insinuating that he would be fine fighting without a weapon against Luminous Master and his ancestral hatchet. Such confidence was unbelievable, to say the least. Just facing Luminous Master alone was tough enough without taking Skysplitter into account.

Many began staring at his spear. It was black from top to bottom with miasma circling around, clearly born from the darkness. Even a fool could tell that this thing was dangerous.

“This spear is from a forbidden ground.” Luminous Master became surprised as well.

“You know your stuff. It was born in Fiendish Ground, an extremely dangerous weapon.” Li Qiye nodded and smiled.

“Fiendish Ground!” Those who knew this place became frightened.

“Yes, it has to be a monster among weapons.” An Everlasting murmured.

Fiendish Ground was dangerous enough to startle people upon hearing its name.

“Thank you for being considerate. Let’s start then.” Luminous Master knew that Li Qiye was being respectful by taking out this weapon. The guy was clearly confident in beating him without one. Nonetheless, he still took out something quite impressive.

“Go.” Li Qiye smiled. The ghastly miasma floating around the spear looked like specters wanting to rush out. 

This particular spear was taken from Solar Daoist with the name of Terra Damnation.

“Excuse me then.” Luminous Master took a deep breath and held his hatchet with both hands.

Luminous Master began exuding his progenitorial aura like the rising tides. This process lacked loud explosions and lights.

However, even those back in Sky Pass became frozen because of his aura. Their throat became gripped by an invisible hand.

They felt as if they were fish on a chopping board. They had no chance to resist. In fact, they couldn’t even kneel down to worship him right now.

“Boom!” The aura finally erupted in full force. He turned into the rulers of the nine heavens and ten earths, the sun and moon supporting three thousand worlds.

The celestials floated around him even in Sky Ruins. His position became the source of many galaxies.

All existences needed to prostrate before him. They would lack the courage to even look straight at him.

This was Luminous Master - a being capable of destroying a world or excavating boundless space.

“Luminous Master!” A few people suddenly became emotional after looking at him, crying hot tears of joy.

“Die!” He let out a roar that can intimidate the gods or break the courage of a true dragon.

“Boom!” The hatchet simply slashed vertically forward.

The high heaven split apart. Lightning bolts rushed out like a galaxy from above in a fascinating manner.

The spectators naturally became frightened. They felt as if their body, system, and world had been torn asunder. The only thing they could do was watch. This made them realize how unbeatable the attack was.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye remained nonchalant and raised his spear.

“Boom!” A world of darkness appeared with numerous fiends and ghosts, ready to devour the world of the living.

The spectators became shocked once more, shuddering with fear.

“Boom!” The hatchet immediately cut this dark realm into two halves, killing millions of fiends in the process and bringing light back to the world.

“Clank!” Skysplitter struck Eternal Damnation directly and sparks went flying. Each spark could crush an entire planet or melt part of the galaxy.

The resulting detonation looked like the most beautiful fireworks in history. This was the most magnificent scene some have ever witnessed in their life.

After the smoke and fire dispersed, they saw the spear successfully stopping the hatchet.

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