Chapter 3121: It’s Lonely Up High

Invincibility bred loneliness. 

Most wouldn’t be able to say this without getting laughed at but not Luminous Master.

He has been unstoppable since his debut. So many have lost to him including the most talented ones in this generation. Even the mighty Everlastings from the previous generations failed to win.

All in all, calling him the number one in this generation wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Thus, others couldn’t understand his loneliness, his desire to find a worthy foe or even a stronger combatant.

To have a powerful rival wasn’t a threat in his mind. In fact, this could motivate him to move forward and work even harder. This goal would make his future more remarkable.

That’s the reason why he wanted nothing more than to fight Li Qiye right now, a foe from the generation as him. The continent and immortal artifact weren’t as important.

Li Qiye smiled while staring at Luminous Master’s eyes. He couldn’t be more familiar with this gaze. It had nothing to do with a love for battle, only a desire for a worthy foe.

The Immortal Emperors he trained back then also had the same expression.

“I guess I can entertain you. What should I do in order to stimulate your potential to the fullest?” Li Qiye smiled.

“All out.” Luminous Master pondered for a bit before seriously answering.

“It’ll be a quick fight then. When I go all out, maybe you will turn into ashes.” Li Qiye smiled.

Luminous Master had thought of this possibility before but was still shaken. Li Qiye’s casual demeanor showed that the guy had full confidence in defeating him.

Existences at their level had no need for blind arrogance nor humility. Li Qiye was simply stating facts.

Moreover, Luminous Master was strong enough to gauge Li Qiye’s true power.

A foe that could kill him… Just the thought made him excited.

Very few could calmly face death. The ones that truly didn’t care were either twisted in some ways or had no other choice.

Luminous Master was neither so his expression became austere.

Meanwhile, some members of the audience became unhappy, especially Luminous Master’s fans.

“So haughty already before the start of the fight.” One of them said.

The majority of Everlastings believed that Li Qiye definitely had the power of a progenitor. However, his confidence right now made them question themselves.

“Is he really that strong? No way.” They exchanged glances.

Because Luminous Master’s strength was well-documented, these top experts found it hard to imagine Fiercest easily killing him.

“An ephemeral radiance is still bright all the same.” Luminous Master eventually made up his mind and stared at Li Qiye: “A rock lasting for a million years will be nothing more than a rock, utterly meaningless.”

“Well said, a rock can’t comprehend the beauty of a bright ray. So be it, let’s fight.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Thank you, Dao Brother.” Luminous Master cupped his fist, looking excited.

The world suddenly became filled with his battle spirit. It was as if it didn’t emanate from him but from heaven and earth.

His battle spirit was different from Metalkin War God. The latter always put his battle spirit on display as if wanting to tell the world that he was craving for a fight and that provoking him would end with a clan massacre.

In reality, Luminous Master’s battle spirit far surpassed the war god. However, he had enough control over it to keep it as calm as the water in a well even during battles.

He was fearless during the most perilous situation or when facing the toughest opponents, always ready to fight to the end. This disparity made him a greater cultivator than the war god.

“Dao Brother, I will go all out.” His bright expression made others think that he was brimming with life.

This wasn’t to say that he was dispirited a while ago. He simply transformed from a supreme existence to a hotblooded twenty-year-old youth, a return to his early years.

“The period of frivolous arrogance and confidence is the best time in someone’s life.” Li Qiye commented with a smile: “Very well, I will show you the apex of the dao.”

“The apex of the dao...” Luminous Master was shaken by this domineering comment. Li Qiye sounded confident as if he was invincible across the ages.

“A fight between progenitors is happening soon, don’t miss it!” The spectators shouted excitedly.

Both the young and old couldn’t contain their excitement. A battle of this level was a dream come true for many cultivators - a life worth living.

As for the Everlastings and True Emperors, witnessing this was extremely beneficial for their dao search.

Who would want to miss something like this? Therefore, everyone paid full attention, not wanting to miss a single detail.

Of course, they were smart enough to back off from Sky Ruins and moved back to Sky Pass.

The destruction from this fight would be unreal. Maybe Everlastings could die from the shockwaves. Thus, moving back to Sky Pass was the safest choice.

Many systems started building temporary dao platforms in Sky Pass so that their disciples can have a better look.

Ordinary disciples normally wouldn’t be able to see a single thing. These two progenitors were too far away on top of being too fast. They needed heavenly mirrors in order to learn anything.

Li Qiye started floating into Sky Ruins with Luminous Master right behind him.

They didn’t wish to involve the innocent so fighting in deep space was the best choice.

Neither side exuded their invincible aura just yet during the start of this fight.

“Take out your weapon. You’re not my match fighting bare-handed.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Clank.” Luminous Master took out a great hatchet and placed it on his shoulder. Just the sound alone showed just how heavy it was.

Well, it would have been obvious regardless since the hilt was as big as a mountain range; the head was as large as a continent. He was as big as an ant compared to his weapon.

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