Chapter 3120: Just Want To Fight

Luminous Master withdrew his gaze and had a natural expression. He said: “Though the continent has deep ties with our system, it’s not that we must have it. Of course, if you are willing to make concessions, we will give you whatever you need as long as it is within our capability.”

Many nodded approvingly after listening to this reasonable and logical response.

Of course, some Everlastings thought that this so-called negotiation was only happening because of a perceived understanding of the two sides’ power.

If it was any other cultivator or sect, Immortal Bronze Mountain wouldn’t even let them talk, let alone Luminous Master negotiating himself. They would just kick the other party out of the continent.

Plus, most people wouldn’t dare to compete against Luminous Master in the first place. This wasn’t the case for Fiercest. 

He wasn’t afraid of Luminous Master and Zhe Long in the slightest. Therefore, Immortal Bronze would be courting death if they wanted to use force against him.

“No need.” Li Qiye shook his head and refused the peace offering right away.

The crowd wasn’t surprised in the slightest since Li Qiye hasn’t given anyone face ever since his debut. He did everything in accordance with his whim.

“Your true power is beyond our imagination.” Luminous Master didn’t become angry: “I don’t need this continent then. Our origin can be slowly figured out, and as for the immortal artifact…”

Luminous Master paused for a bit here. The crowd became anxious, waiting to hear a response.

After all, an item capable of boosting someone to the immortal level was too tempting. Luminous Master should be strong enough to not give up this item, at least in the eyes of the spectators.

“Hmm, an item that can make me reach the immortal level but in history, how many immortal-level progenitors needed external help to get there?” Luminous Master let out a free smile, full of charisma and confidence.

He wasn’t a handsome man but his charm exceeded all the good-looking fellas.

“I’m sure I can reach the immortal level without it, so I don’t need it either.” He concluded.

The crowd simply couldn’t believe it. How could someone resist wanting this great artifact? Moreover, they could see that it wasn’t out of fear. He simply chose this option, thinking that it was the best one.

“That’s why he’s a progenitor.” Someone praised.

Li Qiye also approved and clapped: “Well said, the grand dao isn’t easy. Relying on this artifact will shorten your path. You’ll have potential problems later on too.”

“I’m sure you’re not here for it.” Luminous Master asked, not feeling smug at all from the praise.

“On the contrary, I’m just an ordinary person who can’t resist the item. It has uses for me.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

Some believed that Luminous Master had won in this first round, at least in terms of mindset.

Luminous Master was flexible and patient while Fiercest desired this artifact at all costs. The latter lost in terms of heart and magnanimity.

“I understand. You must have your reasons for wanting it.” Luminous Master nodded.

“I know you won’t be leaving though.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You got me.” Luminous Master happily responded: “Looks like you know my reason for being here then.”

“Just about.” Li Qiye replied.

“I’m here today not to talk about the feud nor to compete for that artifact, these things are inconsequential, no need to waste time with them.” Luminous Master sincerely said.

The crowd didn’t expect this because Li Qiye had just fought against his wife and dao protector. There should at least be some hostile feelings present. And not for the artifact either?

“I wish to fight you, Dao Brother.” Luminous Master finally revealed his intention.

“And that's why you’re here.” Li Qiye wasn’t surprised.

Luminous finally confused the weaker participants among the crowd. There was no need for this if he was willing to give up this continent and the artifact. Why would he fight Fiercest now?

However, the top masters stared at his expression and immediately understood. 

How can the sparrow and swallow know the will of the great swan? Ordinary people wouldn’t get his domineering style.

“Yes, just for a fight, please give me pointers.” Luminous Master put on a respectful expression.

“But there’s no motivation now.” Li Qiye actually seemed disinterested to the astonishment of the crowd.

To be viewed so highly by Luminous Master should be the ultimate honor but Fiercest didn’t care at all.

“Don’t tell me Fiercest is afraid?” One youth said.

“No way.” An expert shook his head: “Afraid is a strong word, but since Luminous Master isn’t contesting the continent, who would be stupid enough to fight? Fiercest already got what he wants.”

Many agreed with this comment. There was no need for Fiercest to fight.

“Please give me pointers. You won’t be able to make everyone drown in despair without fighting.” Luminous Master didn’t give up.

“Your battle spirit is surging.” Li Qiye smiled.

The spectators didn’t see this at all. Luminous Master looked amicable and natural enough right now with no aura visible.

“It’s hard to find an opponent. Brother Sage kept on praising you so I wish to overestimate myself in order to witness the apex of the dao.” Luminous Master said.

“It’s cold and lonely up high.” Li Qiye could sympathize with this progenitor and nodded.

The powerful ancestors and Everlastings understood the comment. In history, Luminous Master wouldn't be considered the greatest progenitor or anything.

But in terms of this generation, he could be considered peerless. His only rival in the past was Orchid Sage but unfortunately, the sage rather traveled the world instead of being competitive.

The master met powerful foes during his youth but as he grew stronger, these foes became insignificant.

He was certainly unbeatable now up in his lonely peak. He looked around and found zero suitable opponents.

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