Chapter 312: Smilingly Debating Against the Crowd

Chapter 312: Smilingly Debating Against the Crowd

Many gazes fell upon Li Qiye; some people knew him while others didn’t. Those who didn’t know him found it strange. Who was this little demon that dared to provoke a young genius like Hu Yue? However, those who knew him were aware that this ferocious guy was about to take action.

Li Qiye smilingly said: “Like you said, whether it is true or not, you know best.”

A calm and deep voice rang out: “Today, all the sects have gathered here to debate about the grand matters of the world, and not to settle personal grievances.” The speaker was Zu Huangwu who represented the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom.

He gave a cold glare towards Li Qiye and calmly spoke: “However, this grand meeting isn’t a place for a nobody like him to speak, so we should take away his privilege to enter the portal!”

Another domineering voice resonated: “I agree with Brother Zu’s words.”

Another young man stood up; he had a stature as stout as a golden mountain and jade pillar. His tyrannical presence pierced the sky, exuding fear to all beholders. This young man was Ba Xia, the first prince of the Furious Immortal Saint Country.

Zu Huangwu was the grand child of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom and Ba Xia was the first prince of the saint country; behind them were two monstrous lineages that presided over the Eastern Hundred Cities. Zu Huangwu and Ba Xia taking the same side caused everyone to take a cold breath as their hearts began to beat faster since these two represented their sects.

Zu Huangwu had the awe-inspiring arts from two Immortal Emperors.

Ba Xia had the natural Tyrannical Monarch Physique; one of the twenty-four King Physiques. He also cultivated the Immortal Physique of the Saint Country that was reserved for talented disciples. Some people said that Ba Xia could achieve grand completion and become the second person to do so after the Saint Country’s progenitor.

This was why he had his name changed to Ba Xia at a young age; initially, this was not his name. It was needless to expand on the reason behind this change; he wanted to become the second ‘Ba Xia’ of the Saint Country. [1. The Saint Country’s Immortal Physique Law was named Ba Xia.]

At this moment, the attention of even more people turned to Li Qiye after two geniuses banded together against him. Many people know that Li Qiye killed Gui Fushu so he had a great life and death feud with the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom.

Ba Xia declared: “The timeless portal is an inheritance left behind by the supreme wise sages, so how could a nobody have the rights to enter? Only the grand sects and countries should enter together; all the other idle people should just leave.”

These words offended many minor sects and vagabond cultivators, but he didn’t care. The Saint Country was a powerful inheritance, and they didn’t care for these weaker powers. As long as it joined forces with an ancient heritage like the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, then these weaker powers couldn’t shake them no matter what they tried.

A different voice rang from afar: “I agree.” A young man who was completely shrouded in an azure fog showed himself. He was grand and mysterious with a pair of eyes as bright as the stars.

Seeing this young man, a student from the Heavenly Dao Academy muttered: “The Sacred Era Hall’s Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan! People from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom also came!”

Many Azure Mysterious experts sat right behind Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan. All of them had rolling blood energies. A bit before this, the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom had joined the academy so it was not too strange for them to appear today.

Li Qiye glanced at him and laughed. He then calmly spoke: “So it is the loser. And? That year, when you ran out of the Evil Infested Ridge with your insignificant life, was it not enough of a lesson? Today, you still dare to act boisterously in front of me? It seems like all of you think that I am quite merciful because I did not completely massacre your Ancient Kingdom.”

Li Qiye was not reserved in his speech towards the Ancient Kingdom. Thirty thousand years ago, the Ancient Kingdom had its shadow behind the Heavenly God Sect when the Heavenly God Sect wanted to destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Li Qiye’s statement alarmed many students and even some predecessors.

“Such an arrogant tone!” Ba Xia fiercely shouted: “A little brat like you still dares to speak these words?”

Ba Xia had no intention of showing mercy towards Li Qiye. His junior brother, Sima Longyun, wanted to marry Chi Xiaodie, yet Li Qiye interfered and ruined the beautiful marriage. It would be strange if he left Li Qiye alone.

A cold glint flashed from his eyes: “If someone thinks he is so great, then we should clean up some of the idlers before entering the portal.”

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, who was shrouded in an azure fog, nodded his head and said: “We indeed should take care of people with no business here, especially a few who do not know life from death. Am I right, Brother Huangwu?” His sharp gaze then fell upon Li Qiye.

Zu Huangwu nodded his head in agreement: “Vagabonds and tiny sects should disperse. Behind the timeless portal lies great dangers; it is better for you all to not take this risk.”

In just a moment, some of the most powerful heritages like the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, the Saint Country, and the Tiger’s Howl School were on the same foot. Maybe they had already reached an agreement before this and Li Qiye was just the spark.

Humble cultivators and vagabonds inside the academy couldn’t swallow this injustice and voiced their rejection: “This is too unreasonable! The portal is not yours, it belongs to the academy! The academy has already agreed to share it with everyone, so on what basis do you deny entry to others?"

Many other minor sects concurred: “That’s right! The portal does not belong to you!” Many people couldn’t help but echo this sentiment. If they did not fight now, then there would be no chance later on.

In just a flash, many weaker sects and cultivators, and even the students with ordinary backgrounds in the academy understood that Li Qiye and the Lion’s Roar Gate were just used as a catalyst to stir the waters. The great powers and countries perhaps had already discussed this and reached an understanding prior to this event. This grand event was merely a tool used to chase other weaker sects away.

At this time, Zu Huangwu slowly said: “Of course, the treasures of the academy should be shared with everyone. The grand sects and virtuous masters are just being considerate of the well-being of this world and caring for the safety of all the cultivators present. In order to avoid meaningless deaths from the dangers hidden inside the portal, the grand sects will work together to take out the immortal treasures from the portal. Then, we will divide the spoils and everyone will get something.”

No one actually believed Zu Huangwu’s words. It was harder to force a wolf to spit out its prey’s fat meat than reaching the heavens. His words were only meant to appease and trick the crowd.

Li Qiye laughed out loud and said: “Truly nauseating nonsense. If you want to be a prostitute, don’t pretend to be pure. Your words are truly befitting of a thing from the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom! What is this about virtuous masters being considerate of the well-being of this world and caring for other cultivators? It’s only a bunch of old undyings buried underground, lusting after treasures… Have they no shame!?”

“It seems that some people do not know the difference between living and dying! Wanting to be enemies with the virtuous masters of this world...” At this point, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan slowly spoke.

Zu Huangwu’s eyes sharply exuded a powerful presence as he gravely declared: “The views regarding worldly affairs from the virtuous masters aren't things a nobody like you can comment on!” Without a doubt, Zu Huangwu intended to kill Li Qiye not only to make him an example for the other cultivators, but also to avenge Gui Fushu.

Li Qiye looked at Zu Huangwu with one eye and said: “Virtuous masters?” Then, he spoke with disdain: “Who are these virtuous masters that are coming from your mouth? Tell them to scram out here so that your father can see how these old undyings have the audacity to call themselves virtuous masters!”

At this time, many cultivators from the weaker sects echoed the sentiment: “Yes, that’s right, it is only an excuse!”

Zu Huangwu replied with a sharp glare and immense tone: “How could someone like you understand the pain and good intentions of the virtuous masters of this world? Do all of you want to oppose them?”

A descendant from another great power immediately added: “Brother Huangwu is correct. There are too many great dangers inside the portal. If everyone went in, then how many innocent people must die? However, all the virtuous masters wish to combine our strength in order to take out the treasures and share it with the rest of the world — such wise and earnest intentions.”

Another prince openly stated: “Indeed, to do nothing yet still reap the benefits is not enough for you all? Don’t listen to this junior and his wish to create a rift amongst us.”

The great powers and the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom had been working together a long time. They wanted to remove the small sects and vagrant cultivators. Only the heavens would know the treasures inside the portal. If a little insignificant vagabond were to take it, then it would be such a great loss.

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan then gazed at Li Qiye intensely and said: “It seems that we must kill a few lowly villains who want to cause trouble! Questioning the wishes of the virtuous masters of this world — this is an unforgivable crime!”

Li Qiye didn’t care for the Heavenly Prince fanning the flames. He simply pointed at him and laughed: “Hahahaha! Loser, come, open your eyes and see your father personally break your bones!” Li Qiye was afraid of not having an excuse to kill, but now, he was very happy because someone came straight to his door and wished to die.

Li Qiye’s domineering presence left countless cultivators and academy students from the weaker sects in admiration. Of course, they simply praised and cheered for him in their hearts for they did not wish to provoke an existence like the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

“This thing not knowing life from death; an insect wanting to hinder a chariot! You, an ignorant no-name junior, want to question the virtuous masters’ conclusion? Today, you cannot be spared!” Zu Huangwu stepped out and said in a grim tone.

Ba Xia also exerted his tyrannical presence and aggressively declared: “Eradicate this lowly villain with ulterior motives! This Ba Xia will lend Brother Huangwu a hand.”

“A bunch of clowns that think they are worthy of being called heaven’s favored sons?” Li Qiye did not bother to glance at them because he simply looked down on these so-called geniuses, these so-called heaven’s proud sons.

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