Chapter 3119: Supreme Artifact

They also didn’t expect for Luminous Master to admit inferiority versus Orchid Sage’s innate talents.

In their mind, Luminous Master was superior, whether it be his cultivation or talents. It didn’t sound like empty words of humility either.

It seemed that they have been underestimating Orchid Sage all this time, at least relative to his peers. This might be a result of him always keeping a low-profile.

“Well, very few people can be called a sage. The world just didn’t know.” An ancestor calmed down and stated. [1]

Many agreed with this statement. A person with this title should have impeccable talents.

Alas, Luminous Master has been far more famous in this generation on top of having stronger cultivation. That’s why many assumed that the master also had better innate talents.

“Dao Brother, you are the strongest person I have seen.” Luminous Master said seriously.

“That’s normal.” Li Qiye smiled with no intention of acting humbly.

“I’m very curious about your origin and have been looking into it to no avail. Truly confusing.” The master asked.

So it turned out that the master had been paying attention to Li Qiye long ago. He even tried to calculate Li Qiye’s origin but came up with no result. This surprised him to no end because he had some attainments on the path of prophecy and calculation.

“I’m just a passerby, nothing to be curious about. That’s all you need to know.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I see.” Luminous Master had this guess already. This finally confirmed it.

The listeners noticed the two of them speaking like old friends without any anger, let alone animosity. This type of polite conversation probably meant that a fight wasn’t going to happen. All previous feuds were going to be erased.

“This is a treasure ground that has deep ties with our Immortal Bronze Mountain.” Luminous Master turned his gaze towards the land.

“More than that, it is a great fortune.” Li Qiye smiled.

Suddenly, the conversation took a turn and everyone felt the atmosphere growing tense. Perhaps a fight would actually break out after all if the negotiation failed.

“A great fortune indeed. Our race can be traced back to the ancient era, we’re probably one of the oldest races in Immortal Lineage.” Luminous Master nodded.

Why did he bring up his race? The crowd wondered about the shift.

They certainly agreed with the content. Immortal Bronze was extremely old and had plenty of tales about it. Some believed that they might be even older than the stonecarvers. 

“The wise sages of our race have tried to figure out our origin by traveling across the realms in Immortal Lineage. Alas, not much was found.” Luminous Master continued.

“I know, Immortal Bronze is old indeed and does have some fateful ties with me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

He wasn’t trying to build a connection with Immortal Bronze Mountain but was only stating a fact. Of course, no one else knew the stories behind it.

“I have been paying attention to this continent the moment it came out from Uncrossable Expanse. It might give us an answer regarding our origin.” Luminous Master said.

In the beginning, everyone thought that Luminous Master was trying to refine his own dao system. This didn’t seem to be the case now.

“Perhaps, but not that likely. There is one item here that can help you break the bottleneck though to become an immortal-level progenitor.” Li Qiye nodded.

This casual revelation made everyone gasp and stare at each other.

It was one thing for the continent to be connected with Immortal Bronze. But now, there was a supreme artifact here capable of helping Luminous Master become an immortal-level progenitor?

It didn’t take long before some people started feeling regrets, especially the ancestors who got on it earlier.

If they knew that there was such an amazing artifact here, they wouldn’t have wasted time on the spirit materials.

They certainly benefited from the trip and harvested many grass and herbs. However, these things were not worth mentioning versus an artifact of this level, nothing more than weeds. They should have tried to reach the depth of this land instead of wasting time. 

“No wonder why Immortal Bronze Mountain must have this continent. That’s why Zhe Long is here too.” One ancestor said, thinking that he should have known from the start.

How could a big shot like Zhe Long come here for no reason?

“Incredible, Dao Brother. Senior Zhe Long and I calculated and noticed this possibility. We weren’t certain so we came to take a look. You seem to be sure of its existence, looks like you’re one step ahead of us. I’m ashamed of being inferior.” Luminous Master spoke with sincerity.

“It’s no big deal, I just know more.” Li Qiye said.

This knowledge wasn’t due to divine calculation. Because of his ties with Immortal Bronze, he had access to certain secrets.

“Well, a fight is definitely inevitable.” One Everlasting concluded.

The two were on good terms right now but there was a priceless artifact involved. Both Fiercest and Luminous Master would never give it up for any reason.

After all, becoming an immortal-level progenitor meant reaching an entirely new realm - a true supreme existence.

Sure, both imperial-level and immortal-level progenitors shared the same title, but there existed an immense power gap between the two.

The crowd thought that these two were overwhelmed with greed right now for this artifact.

“The supreme artifact inside is precious indeed.” Luminous Master gazed deeper into the continent.

He seemed to have calculated the location of this item. That’s why the experts from Immortal Bronze immediately headed there upon arrival.

This comment confirmed his determination to get the item to the crowd. They became nervous since a storm was coming.

1. The initial title is talented/gifted sage, but I omitted talented for brevity

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