Chapter 3118: Luminous Master

“The past wafts away like mist.” Li Qiye sighed and continued: “I don’t remember many things and try not to remember others.”

“You need warmth while embarking on the wintry dao.” Creek King said: “The higher, the colder, you need to turn around in order to remember the important things.”

“True. But that’s all they are, just the past. Now is the time to fight.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Boom!” All the lightning chains around him immediately crumbled. He reached up and grabbed the kui’s massive leg.

“Ooo!” The kui tried to get out but struggling was useless, unable to break free from his firm grip.

“Rumble!” Li Qiye slammed the kui on the ground repeatedly before the awed spectators.

The mountains nearby got smashed to pieces by this continuous violent storm. The kui became bloodied, groaning quietly and was on the verge of death.

This divine beast had no chance of stopping him, looking just like a fish on the chopping board.

“Crack!” He then tore the kui’s leg off, causing blood to gush out. This scene of carnage naturally frightened the spectators. Those unused to it started vomiting.

“Here’s a present in return.” He threw the leg at Creek King while smiling.

“Boom!” The lightning bolts around him suddenly became far brighter.

A while ago, these lightning bolts drowned Li Qiye but now, they were far stronger and gathered into a pulsing ray that shot towards Creek King with overwhelming might.

“Rumble!” This tsunami of lightning could destroy everything. Numerous mountains in its path became dust.

“Crack!” The destructive force actually destroyed the carriage even before the ray itself.

Remember, this carriage belonged to Luminous Master and had an insane defense. However, the lightning pulse was something else and easily dismantled it.

It continued to surround Creek King, seemingly as hungry as a primordial beast.

“It’s not looking good for Creek King!” An expert shouted.

Many felt that she might not be able to withstand it regardless of how strong she was. Death seemed to be the most likely outcome.

“Fiercest is just too strong.” Someone said. He showed no mercy against a beauty, still as brutal as before. 

“Poof!” Golden light descended from above and turned into a curtain blocking in front of Creek King.

This magnificent and beautiful curtain released golden particles. Each seemed to be alive, jumping and playing before taking roots on the ground.

“Boom!” The contact between the light curtain and the lightning pulse resulted in both dispersing away.

However, the golden radiance remained. The world seemed to be livelier with these jumping particles.

A figure appeared and slowly walked out of the radiance as if he came from a higher world.

“Boom!” Everyone felt an explosive dao resonation within them.

“Rumble!” The myriad dao in harmonization was a scene to behold.

A progenitorial aura struck the area like a tsunami, wiping away the dark clouds above along with all darkness.

A youth stood there, not as tall and sturdy as his aura would suggest. However, his shadow stretched for an eternity on the ground, making him look majestic.

The spectators thought that he was as tall as heaven itself. People couldn’t help looking up to see him.

He was the source of the golden particles, the origin of life in this world.

“Luminous Master!” Numerous spectators yelled.

“We finally see him!” The youths couldn’t contain their excitement.

He was a legend in Immortal Lineage. The young generation, in particular, viewed him as their role model; all aspiring to reach his height.

Luminous Master stood there, not trying to exude his aura. However, just one remnant strand could still crush the sky vault.

Many bowed to show their respect, finally able to see their idol in person.

Handsome would be a strong word to describe him. However, his facial lines exuded determination and power. He had a bright glow around him and seemed more charismatic than anyone else.

“Dear, go back first.” His voice was soft and magnetic.

So many women in the audience swooned over his voice. Of course, they knew that only Creek King was worthy of someone like him.

“Be careful, Young Noble Li might be too strong for you..” Creek King nodded before disappearing from sight.

Everyone thought that this was really a pair made in heaven and became envious.

Luminous Master stepped forward; his eyes also contained flowing light of a golden hue.

“Dao Brother Li, I have heard stories of your exploit, it is my pleasure.” He spoke without any animosity.

“I have also heard of you many times.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Brother Orchid said that you are unbeatable. He has nothing but respect for you.” Luminous Master continued with a dignified expression.

“You’re stronger than him but he has boundless potential.” Li Qiye, on the other hand, looked quite leisurely.

“I respect Brother Orchid the most because he lives his life freely yet still possesses such incredible mastery of the dao. His wisdom and intelligence are superior to mine.” Luminous Master praised.

This conversation surprised the crowd. All along, they assumed Orchid Sage and Luminous Master were rivals. Now, they seemed like two friends.

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