Chapter 3117: I Only Want To Remember

The kui’s foot could imprison the gods and devils for an eternity. However, even an unbeatable progenitor like Li Qiye too?

The spectators shuddered for two reasons - Zhe Long’s power and the more important reason - Creek King’s terrifying abilities.

Her “Gentle Home” was simply too effective with no need for fighting or techniques. It was beautiful, too beautiful. People couldn’t help but fall into the trap. Those on the ground were still sleeping right now.

They could also see that Zhe Long’s kui avatar alone wasn’t enough. It might be able to injure him but completely suppressing him was a different story.

The real ace card here was still the flute from Creek King. Zhe Long took advantage of this to deliver a potentially fatal blow.

“Is he dead?” No one could see through the crater beneath.

This wouldn’t even be a question if it was anyone else but Fiercest deserved the benefit of the doubt. Most believed he wouldn’t die so easily.

“He has to be.” One expert found it illogical for anyone to survive that: “He was lost in a dream and couldn’t resist. Struck by the lightning spear first then stomped into the ground into a meat paste.”

This was logical as well. It wouldn’t make sense for someone to survive the combination attacks, progenitor or otherwise.

“Creek King’s dao is so scary.” The spectators maintained a far distance since thousands of people were still sleeping. Among them were sect masters, kings, ancestors, and even a few Everlastings.

Many stared at the carriage with respect in their eyes. They thought that she was the perfect match for Luminous Master.

“Rumble!” The ground started shaking violently with increasing intensity.

The kui’s foot started moving as if something beneath was resisting it.

“Fiercest is still alive!” A spectator shouted right away.

“Boom! Boom!” The kui channeled all of the lightning flowing on its body downward like a waterfall, fully activating its power.

“Bam!” The foot pressed down again, increasing the size of the crater.

This sudden eruption of force still didn’t amount to anything. Cracks appeared along with loud detonations on the ground. The area was on the verge of collapsing, then the entire continent.

The kui eventually got lifted off the ground by an unimaginable force.

“See, he’s still alive, I told you!” One expert shouted.

Countless spectators took a deep breath after this sight.

“How is he still alive? Is he indestructible?” Another murmured with fear.

The kui got lifted high enough to reveal the crater beneath. Boulders were falling down as more cracks appeared.

Everyone saw lightning currents flowing around a tiny figure beneath. 

“That’s him.” They finally got a clear look at this figure.

Fiercest was still surrounded by lightning chains that wanted to devour him. However, he didn’t give a damn, not even about the lightning spear piercing through his body.

Moreover, he seemed to still be in deep slumber with his eyes closed. He simply used one hand to lift the kui while floating upward.

The kui was mustering all of its might but couldn’t push down at all. He had no difficulty raising the divine creature as if it was as light as a feather.

The sudden reversal naturally shocked the crowd.

“He’s not human.” One spectator got chills all over.

The others felt fear, speechless. Li Qiye’s power had surpassed their highest expectations.

“What a beautiful feeling.” His voice contained satisfaction, akin to someone waking up from a wondrous dream.

He slowly opened his eyes, looking quite pleased and not minding the kui above him.

“I haven’t had such a good sleep in a long time and the dream is truly worth remembering. Thank you.” Li Qiye glanced over at the carriage.

Creek King paused for a bit before finding her words: “It has nothing to do with me since you already had the beautiful experiences but chose to bury them deep in your memory. I simply dragged some of it out. If you didn’t wish to remember, my tune wouldn’t have done anything.”

She knew that Li Qiye didn’t lose to her dao but he purposely chose to fall under its effect. 

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