Chapter 3116: Gentle Home

The flute rendered all opposition meaningless, causing them to sleep on the ground. Fully covering one’s ears was useless. Even a deaf person was no exception.

The sound of this flute wasn’t actually an audible one. It aimed directly at the brain and soul. Thus, even a deaf person could “hear” it and be affected.

Upon hearing this sound in their mind, their heart would soften as if something was rekindling their most beautiful memory.

They could have a heart as cold as stone surrounded by numerous layers of emotionlessness; they could have buried all of their memories, never letting them see the sun again. However, the flute sound bypassed all of this.

A heinous devil and brutal butcher would still have a special memory or a moment of weakness. Such memories were precious and worthy of remembrance.

It could be their life’s greatest or most beautiful moment, rendering them unable to let go of this comforting and warm feeling. They would rather be forever lost in this moment instead of waking up.

The flute allowed them to live in this moment - the apex of their life. That’s why thousands of people fell into a deep slumber after hearing one sound.

“What type of dao is this…?” Meanwhile, even back in Sky Pass, some were still affected by this faint nose, nearly dropping on the ground.

They knew that this flute harbored zero evil affinity. This wasn’t a heretical dao but rather, as righteous and orthodoxical as can be.

“The unknown dao created by White Ash Progenitor with the help of Jiao Heng.” People recalled her statement earlier.

This dao created by the duo has never been cultivated successfully in Purification Creek until now. Just one flute from this terrifying grand dao was enough to subdue her opponents. 

However, this was its first appearance in the world so no one knew its name.

“Gentle Home, this dao’s name is Gentle Home.” An old ancestor had deep ties with Purification Creek and knew the name of this dao. 

“Gentle Home?” Many murmured this name, thinking that it was quite fitting for the effect of this dao.

Creek King’s actual dao wasn’t aimed at the spectators. However, the majority still faltered.

Her main target naturally suffered the brunt of it - Li Qiye’s figure was shaking back and forth, seemingly unable to stand straight.

“Look, he’s listening to the flute.” A big shot became startled. Li Qiye seemed drunk right now, slowly becoming intoxicated with gentle tunes.

“Maybe he can’t withstand it.” Another said after seeing the progenitor tumbling back and forth.

“Even progenitors can’t handle this musical attack?” An ancestor took a deep breath and wondered.

An old Everlasting put on a serious expression and said: “All living beings have a moment that they cherish, no exception, not even someone as powerful as Fiercest. It’s about whether he is willing to recall it or not.”

People exchanged glances then stared at Fiercest. He was clearly willing to recall this memory. They began to ponder the implications of being so powerful.

The top experts have experienced plenty of things and should have a higher standard for what can be construed as their best memories.

An invincible being wasn’t devoid of emotions, contrary to the popular phrase. It’s just that at their height, the world seemed crueler and they shouldered greater responsibilities. Thus, those good memories during the early days weren’t coming back.

Thus, it seemed obvious that he was amidst remembrance due to his instability.

“Beautiful, really beautiful.” He sighed and enjoyed the flute like a drunkard, on the verge of falling down at any moment.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat as he closed his eyes in enjoyment. He seemed to be like the others, falling into a dream state.

“He’s falling down!” Someone shouted, thinking that no one in the world could resist this flute.

“Boom!” The earth quaked and the sky turned dark with the appearance of another gigantic beast.

Everyone saw a creature with one leg blotting out the sun. It had enough presence to shoulder the firmaments.

“Boom! Boom!” Lightning currents flowed on its body.

“A kui!” An ancestor shouted in astonishment.

“This avatar might be stronger than the crystal qilin, one of the strongest.” An Everlasting revealed.

The kui wasted no time in sending terrifying lightning bolts, enough to drown Li Qiye. They turned into chains and fully immobilized him.

“Clank!” It gathered more energy to create a lightning spear capable of piercing all beings.

“Boom!” The spear swung him up high before pinning him onto the ground.

“Damn!” Many shouted after seeing this.

However, the kui moved with a speed too fast for anyone to react. It slammed its foot down on him with ample force to crush any emperor or Everlasting. They would never be able to get up again.

“Boom!” The ground sank down as a result and Li Qiye disappeared into the massive crater.

The world became quiet; the spectators speechless.

The flute stopped as a result but its victims still remained unconscious.

The question became whether Fiercest was alive or not beneath the Kui.

Creek King didn’t say anything either and patiently waited. This was also the case for Zhe Long. He showed no sign of complacency or arrogance after taking Li Qiye down.

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