Chapter 3115: Creek King In Action

“Whoo, whoo, whoo…” As the qilin moved faster, so did the temporal flow. Everything around Li Qiye became bright.

More temporal affinities piled around him and he started to change.

His robe began to disintegrate, seemingly from the passage of time. Wrinkles appeared on his face - the regular aging process of a mortal. His body became older as well; his hair grew white. He should be around seventy to eighty-year-old now in mortal age.

The crowd took a deep breath. They all knew that Li Qiye had the power of a progenitor.

Most importantly, he was extremely young and full of vitality. His lifespan should be evaluated at around several hundred thousand years; his vitality as vast as an ocean.

It wasn’t easy for someone like him to grow old. Moreover, due to his cultivation level, his physical constitution was insane. Not even a progenitorial weapon might be able to hurt him.

Thus, this aging phenomenon meant that he was losing considerable vitality, the same with his lifespan.

“So this is the power of time.” One Everlasting shuddered.

If old men like them were in his shoes, they would be nothing more than bones right now. First, they weren’t as strong as Li Qiye. Second, they didn’t have the same vitality stemming from youthfulness.

This was an invisible way to kill, no need for techniques and merit laws.

“A Fardao can do something like this.” The Everlastings realized the gap between them and the Fardao realm.

Just Zhe Long’s avatar alone could easily annihilate them.

“A little worth seeing indeed, time is one of my favorite domains.” The old Li Qiye smiled, seemingly in no hurry.

“Buzz.” He posed with both hands behind his back before activating something.

A light instantly engulfed him while issuing loud rumbles. A sea of blood was churning deep inside his body and releasing vitality strands, adding vitality to every inch of him.

People could feel this life force, akin to standing in a primal forest filled with life. He had enough vitality to support the lifeforms on three thousand worlds at this moment.

“Buzz.” He turned young again; hair becoming black and skin becoming smooth once more.

He used a mighty life force to overcome the withering of time just now.

“That’s a progenitor for you, anyone else would be dead.” All were impressed with this show.

Injuries caused by time were extremely hard to reverse. Only a progenitor like Li Qiye could do so.

Meanwhile, the qilin has been rotating the entire time. It became a maelstrom made of crystal, fully trapping him.

“Zzz…” The influx of temporal power was weakening and aging Li Qiye’s radiance. Nonetheless, the latter remained effective as a shield.

In the next second, the time strands accumulated around him started surging like a river.

Remember, the qilin has done numerous circles around him, resulting in a timeline spanning for millions of years. It finally let this timeline go free.

The result was obviously terrifying. This meant that someone with the longest lifespan and most majestic vitality still wouldn’t be able to handle the millions of years passing by.

“Pop!” The radiance around him instantly crumbled and time assaulted him, causing his back to bend. He reverted back to the appearance of an old mortal.

“Damn!” Numerous masters felt their legs trembling.

Being bathed by that timeline would instantly turn them to dust. Their dao systems would separate and eventually collapse. Not a single soul could survive for this long. Even the mountains and oceans would change.

“Rumble!” However, boundless life continued to rush out from deep inside him. His vitality billowed like an ocean of blood and changed him back to his young self.

It became a competition between two affinities - life and time.

The spectators gasped while imagining the power necessary to gestate so much life force. This rendered Li Qiye virtually unkillable.

He could stand still and let them assault him nonstop. A million slashes probably weren’t enough to take him down.

He seemed like the legendary laurel tree - eternal and impossible to take down. One could try for ten thousand years and still fail to chop it down. It would just grow back again.

Suddenly, a flute could be heard from inside Creek King’s carriage. She finally decided to join the battle.

“Wuu-” The first sound made numerous spectators in the distance fall down, deep asleep. The fallen ones included a few Everlastings.

“Leave!” The powerful Everlastings instantly retreated with insane speed back to Sky Pass after this first note.

It didn’t take long before virtually all spectators were unconscious on the ground. Some Everlastings and emperors couldn’t handle it.

Those who were far enough away or fast enough to escape felt a chill coursing down their spine after seeing this.

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