Chapter 3113: Three-legged Golden Crow

“I’m starting!” Zhe Long’s ancient voice pierced through the myriad realms as the first to initiate the battle.

Just his voice alone was enough to deter anyone. They knew that he was serious and treated Li Qiye as a mighty foe.

“Poof!” A heatwave emerged along with a three-legged golden crow before anyone could react.

It looked magnificent, seemingly cast from gold from top to bottom. It was resplendent just like the sun itself. Its flashing legs could crush the ground with one stomp.

“Poof!” It spread its wings and added more flames to the sky.

“Zzz…” The forests on the continent immediately turned to ashes; the water in the rivers evaporated.

“This is Zhe Long’s avatar, I believe he has seven before showing his true form.” One ancestor became startled.

His avatars have threatened the ages because they consisted of the strongest divine beasts. Thus, he normally didn’t need to do anything; just his avatars were enough to take down the mightiest foes.

He didn’t start with his true form because he wished to gauge Li Qiye’s true strength. He chose to be cautious because one mistake could end with death against someone so strong.

“Screech!” The bird opened its mouth and spewed out endless sunfire towards Li Qiye.

This refined sunfire was immensely terrifying. Smoke started appearing everywhere since the ground was melting.

However, Li Qiye had a faint glow around him, rendering him invulnerable to the fire. He stood there nonchalantly and the waves of flame couldn’t break his light, let alone touch him.

“Boom!” The bird became furious. Its light erupted to the point where no one could open their eyes, not even with their heavenly gaze.

Its wings became massive enough to blot out the nine firmaments. Numerous suns began to float behind the bird - a total of ten.

“Zzz…” The continent started burning and drying up even before the suns sent down their flames. All the trees couldn't survive.

“Boom!” The gathering of the fire finally erupted. Flames poured down and drowned out this area. No existences were lucky enough to survive if caught.

The spectators shuddered at this sight since just one drop of flame would be enough to kill them.

The ground finally melted in full, turning into gushing lava. The place became hellish as a result.

“Such a monstrous flame.” Numerous big shots became afraid.

Li Qiye reacted by opening his mouth and actually devouring the incoming fiery tsunami.

The crow was obviously infuriated by Li Qiye’s attempt. It sent out more and more, doubting his ability to absorb so much refined sunfire.

“Rumble!” Unfortunately, his mouth seemed to be a bottomless abyss. This didn’t seem to be enough to fill him up.

“This is possible?” Jaws dropped to the ground after seeing this.

This sunfire could incinerate the firmament yet Li Qiye treated it as a delicacy. 

The two sides went at it for a long while - the crow exuding boundless flame while Li Qiye didn’t waste a single spark.

“If this continues, it would have released enough fire to drown all of Immortal Lineage.” A spectator eventually said.

The golden crow found it hard to keep this going, running out of refined sunfire.

“My turn.” Li Qiye took note of this and said. His mouth became blinding as if a thousand suns were about to come out.

“Boom!” He shot out a solar pulse. All other lights felt like darkness in comparison. The only light left in the world right now was this pulsing ray.

The crow immediately shifted its wings to the front in order to stop the pulse while erecting a barrier of fire as well.

“Boom!” These two defensive lines were useless before the pulse. It instantly penetrated the defense and the bird’s body.

“Ooo!” The massive bird instantly turned to ashes from the heat, scattering to the wind.

The pulse coming from Li Qiye’s mouth slowly disintegrated after a successful take-down.

The crowd couldn’t believe it and fell into a stupor. They knew that a three-legged golden crow was a sun god. Its refined sunfire was beyond imagination.

This divine beast had reached the limit of the fire dao but now, it was destroyed by its own flame. This was akin to a fire god dying to fire - utterly unbelievable.

Alas, they all saw it with their own eyes. Li Qiye took down the bird by just opening his mouth, nothing more.

A few Everlastings became afraid. They wouldn’t be able to stop that crow avatar just now. That thing was enough to destroy their systems. This only made Li Qiye look even more frightening.

“Incredible, the future generation will surpass us. There’s no need to worry about being defeated with a grand dao like that.” Zhe Long himself sighed and said.

“You’re getting old.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Indeed, but I’m not afraid just yet. Let’s go again!” Zhe Long laughed in response.

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