Chapter 3112: New Tale

“If you don’t like what I’m doing, come and seek death. I don’t mind another massacre.” Li Qiye smiled at Zhe Long.

The air suddenly became tense after this statement. People exchanged glances, not knowing what to say.

Fiercest always conducted himself in a straightforward and aggressive manner as if he didn’t have a single bone of tactfulness and cordiality in him. 

“Can’t Fiercest be a little more likable? Being polite allows for more options. Now, everyone feels as if they’re forced to save face and have to do this the hard way.” An expert said.

Everyone has skin and face, especially the top masters who especially cared about the latter. In fact, some wouldn’t mind dying just to save some face.

Thus, what Li Qiye had essentially done was rendering it impossible for the other side to back off and breaking all pretense of civility.

For example, both True Emperor Bachi and Creek King spoke with grace and propriety after carefully choosing their words. On the other hand, Li Qiye was overly blunt, to say the least, easily offending others.

“This fella, did he come from the wild with no sect to teach him…?” One sect master smiled wryly.

“Idiot.” An ancestor disagreed: “It’s because he doesn’t bother with trite formality. Do you ever show respect to an ant?”

“But he’s talking to Zhe Long and facing Luminous Master.” Another expert said.

“Well, Fiercest has never given a damn about anyone since his debut, not a single person.” The ancestor stared at Li Qiye with a profound gaze.

The crowd thought about it and this was indeed the case. He has always been domineering and haughty ever since his first appearance.

“The succeeding waves will overwhelm the first.” Zhe Long said sentimentally: “Our bones are old now, no longer as fierce as before.”

He paused for a bit and continued: “However, I’m still ready for a fight if you insist on provoking us, Fellow Daoist.”

The politeness remained but one could see a hint of aggressiveness. It felt as if one could see Zhe Long in his prime once more.

“A fight it is then.” Li Qiye smiled.

This had confirmed a battle for the crowd. They didn’t expect for Li Qiye to fight Zhe Long first before Luminous Master.

As a Fardao Everlasting, Zhe Long might actually be stronger than Luminous Master.

“This place is special to me.” Zhe Long said: “Thus, we won’t hesitate from using any means necessary in this battle, please excuse us, Fellow Daoist.”

“Nothing’s wrong with that, if I were to lose, it means that I’m not skillful enough. Go ahead and use everything in your arsenal before it’s too late.” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all.

“I see, I see. I haven’t seen this level of confidence in a long time! Good!” Zhe Long laughed in response.

His laughter made the stars above tremble; the sun and moon became afraid and dimmed down. Everyone else turned pale as a result.

Everyone could tell the fury contained in this laughter and sympathized with Zhe Long.

As such an important character, the world always treated him with respect. But now, Li Qiye didn’t think much of him. In fact, Zhe Long was doing a great job at keeping calm.

“I will also overestimate myself and join in, please excuse me, Young Noble Li.” Creek King spoke.

“That’s fine, I already said that I would sweep through this place if you all don’t leave. I don’t mind how many of you come together.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” Creek King remained polite to her opponent.

Zhe Long didn’t say anything either, clearly giving tacit approval.

Many took a deep breath. This meant that Zhe Long, Creek King, and the rest of Immortal Bronze Mountain had no plan of fighting Li Qiye in a one-on-one situation.

At the progenitorial level, they normally enjoyed fighting on an even footing instead of getting help.

Plus, weaker cultivators wouldn’t be able to do anything. They would only be in the way at best.

That’s why it was surprising for Zhe Long to accept help from Creek King. She was definitely strong, but that’s relative to the other experts in the world. She certainly wasn’t at the progenitorial level like Zhe Long. Even if she went all out, she wouldn’t be able to help Zhe Long at all.

“The two of you sound quite confident right now. I’m sure an intelligent woman like you will not do something foolish.” Li Qiye became amused.

“Your vision is far superior compared to us. I only have a little technique, nothing that impressive.” She said.

It was difficult to dislike Creek King. Just listening to her talk was an enjoyable matter.

“My progenitor was trapped in a forbidden ground and eventually comprehended something new with the help of Jiao Heng. This dao is different from his original so he didn’t cultivate it, same with his descendants. I, on the other hand, have tried to learn it despite being so incapable…” 

This was the first time anyone had heard of this particular story. The common tale told that Jiao Heng sold White Ash Progenitor to a devil. This didn’t seem to match her story.

Or did Jiao Heng help the progenitor after selling him off? Or maybe it was part of their ruse to trick this so-called devil?

The intricacies of this story remained a mystery to everyone. However, it was certainly more complex than it seemed.

“So I’ll be used as a touchstone.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Of course not, I’m simply overestimating myself.” She said humbly.

“Very well.” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all: “I want to see what Jiao Heng and your progenitor have created. After all, he is the heaven’s favorite, far above all other geniuses in the world.”

The crowd didn’t expect to hear such praises from Li Qiye. He seemed to hold Jiao Heng in high esteem.

Jiao Heng has been gone for a long time now but Fiercest still liked the guy so much? This felt quite strange to the listeners.

“Isn’t Jiao Heng that one dishonest merchant?” One of them didn’t agree with Li Qiye’s assessment.

The merchant that created the monstrous Arrogance Enterprise had a bad reputation. Back during his era, many dao systems suffered from his ploys. That’s why everyone in the contemporary world didn't hold a good opinion of him and found Li Qiye’s praise confusing.

“I’ll be starting.” Creek King interrupted their train of thoughts.

This made everyone watch with full attention, waiting to see her ultimate move.

Her strength was at the level where someone like Metalkin War God would think twice before provoking her. It had nothing to do with her being Luminous Master’s wife.

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