Chapter 3111: Bigger Fist

Creek King, the army of Immortal Bronze, and Luminous Master’s dao protector Zhe Long were present. Li Qiye still told all of them to scram. This was the same as telling Luminous Master to scram as well.

Who else in Immortal Lineage would dare to do so right now? No one with the exception of Fiercest.

At first, many thought that they have misheard but this was certainly not the case. Those around him had the same shocked reaction.

“This is too much, right?” One person regained his wits and said.

Creek King wasn’t at the progenitorial level but a Fardao Everlasting like Zhe Long shouldn’t be weaker than Luminous Master or Orchid Sage.

In the crowd’s opinion, someone like Zhe Long should be in the top five in Immortal Lineage, perhaps the top three.

Thus, most considered Li Qiye to be overly arrogant and domineering right now. After all, he was showing zero respect to two of his peers in public.

“Fiercest doesn’t understand modesty.” A few experts became dissatisfied.

“Modesty? The guy has zero ideas about politeness.” A big shot shook his head: “Have you ever seen him treat anyone as anything but ants? Emperors, Everlasings, now a Fardao too.”

“I’ve seen plenty of egotistical people that consider everyone else beneath them, just not to the level of Fiercest.” A sect master let out a forced smile.

Of course, no one would dare to loudly criticize him since he was too strong. This level of rampant arrogance was tolerable.

“Luminous Master and Zhe Long should be unbeatable together, they can take down all of Three Immortals. Does Fiercest really think he can fight them alone?” An ancestor analyzed.

“Creek King is too nice, I would have been furious.” Another said with indignation.

Meanwhile, Creek King was pondering in her carriage. It took her a while before answering: “Young Noble Li, the profundity here is virtually boundless, why not share it?”

Creek King clearly gave a concession, wanting to share the continent with Li Qiye.

Some found this surprising but the ancestors understood the reason why. A progenitorial battle was too unsafe. She didn’t want to underestimate him due to the potential risks.

“Share? Why should I when I have the bigger fist?” Li Qiye smiled in response.

Everyone felt as if he had just punched them despite the casualness of the remark. It was barbaric and overbearing but sure enough, this was an unchanging creed in the world of cultivation.

Might makes right! Reason stands with whoever has the bigger fist!

Wasn’t this the same case for Creek King’s group earlier? They took over the continent and chased off everyone else.

Li Qiye simply did the same again. Of course, he was far more blatant while they tried to be relatively polite.

“There’s no trying to understand Fiercest.” One Everlasting shook his head.

No one refuted the truth behind his comment but in history, those in charge would never directly state this.

He could have refined his statement and added some fake righteousness to it like other people. However, he chose to be blunt.

If another had said the same line to Creek King, the crowd would laugh at him for overestimating himself. As for Fiercest, a few thought that he was being too overbearing but none dared to laugh. He really had the power to fight Luminous Master or anyone else for that matter.

“Young Noble Li, this place has special significance to my husband and Immortal Bronze Cauldron. If you are willing to work with us, anything is negotiable.” She eventually said, trying to negotiate in good faith.

“There’s nothing to negotiate.” Li Qiye shook his head, clearly not interested.

“Young Noble Li, we don’t want much, only one thing in there, that’s all. We’re also willing to trade anything for it.” She didn’t give up.

The crowd thought that she was being very generous to state these unfavorable conditions. Remember, they were here first.

“You can’t give me what I want.” Li Qiye refused with haste.

She fell into silence.

“Fiercest is pushing them too far.” One spectator said.

“I don’t see you standing up for anyone else when Immortal Bronze Cauldron chased them away from the continent.” An older expert gave the guy the side-eye.

This spectator turned red and couldn’t muster up a response.

The young ones didn’t like Li Qiye’s aggressive style but the older ancestors thought that this was karma. 

They kept these conversations as quiet and private as possible. No one really wanted to invite the wrath from either side.

“Young Noble Li, we have no choice but to resort to tough measures?” Creek King said. Wanting to negotiate and making concessions didn’t mean that she was afraid of him.

“Nothing’s tough about this, you’re thinking too highly of yourself. This will be nothing more than throwing an egg at a rock. Though I have a good impression of you, I will still kill you if you continue to stand in my way.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

The negotiation seemed to be failing so the crowd braced themselves for a potential storm.

“Fellow Daoist, your demand is imperious, to say the least.” An old voice finally came from the depth of the continent. 

It was as if it came from the firmaments above. Though people couldn’t see the person, they still couldn’t help feeling reverence towards the guy.

“Zhe Long!” They all knew who it was. A Fardao Everlasting was worthy of respect regardless of the era. The True Gods, in particular, respected him even more.

His power was definitely unquestionable so all eyes were on Li Qiye. Could a fight break out between these two first before Luminous Master gets here?

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