Chapter 3110: Can’t Survive A Self-brought Calamity

Sister…” The marvel sorrowfully called out but Creek King inside the carriage remained unmoved.

It was as clear as day that Creek King wouldn’t interfere right now. The marvel could only rely on herself.

She finally realized that Creek King wouldn’t help her this time even if she cried her throat out. She wiped away her tears and quietly stood up, no longer begging for help because it was useless. The only thing she could do right now was face death.

A somber atmosphere took over the crowd; a few pitied her. This prestigious and proud beauty had fallen to this level.

Of course, some believed that she deserved it for courting death.

“Having a progenitor for a brother-in-law isn’t enough.” One youth sentimentally reflected.

A senior immediately glared at him and said: “Deal with your own mess instead of relying on your seniors, don’t get your sect involved.”

The scared youth naturally shut his mouth afterward.

All seniors would follow this mindset. Provoking someone like Fiercest was akin to dragging their entire sects down the mud. Who would want to implicate everything over a junior’s personal feud and vendetta?

To do something so foolish would turn any senior into a sinner. They wouldn’t be able to meet their ancestors with pride.

The marvel had wiped away her tears and tidied her clothes. A while ago, she looked like a dog that had lost its master, looking as sorry as can be. Her glory and svelte as a genius of Purification Creek were nowhere to be found.

Now, she had accepted her fate and decided to die a more dignified death after listening to her clan sister. She didn’t want to shame her sect any longer.

She was Flying Sword Marvel, a proud beauty, who must go out with a bang. Dying a humiliating dog death was unacceptable. She didn’t ask for mercy since it was useless. 

If death was inevitable, then why not go in a way to not have any regrets?

Li Qiye stood there calmly, waiting for her to do her things. The crowd did the same, understanding why the girl became more unyielding instead of sobbing like before.

“How do you want to die?” Li Qiye asked after she was done.

“I won’t forgive you even as a ghost.” She stared straight at him. The fear earlier was gone, replaced by acceptance.

“Unfortunately, it won’t be your turn. If people become ghosts after death, then those who want to kill me will take up all of Immortal Lineage. You’ll be in the back of the line.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Die!” The marvel attacked right away. Her form turned into a resplendent sword with surging energy.

“Clank!” It splitted into countless divine swords all attacking him. They slashed apart the myriad laws; space crumbled as a result.

The power of this strike was impressive indeed. She had reverted back to being the talented genius; her sword dao was worthy of pride.

The impressive attack certainly moved the crowd. It reminded them that she was far stronger than most. Very few peers could rival her.

Alas, her mighty sword dao couldn’t revert the tides.

“Boom!” Li Qiye released a palm strike that destroyed all the incoming swords, turning them into little pieces.

Flying Sword Marvel faced the full brunt of the attack and withered before exploding into bloody mist.

The crowd didn’t say anything. This was the expected outcome since Li Qiye was at the progenitorial level - a battle between a firefly and the sun.

Their feud dispersed with her death. Creek King was quite wise for not getting involved.

Perhaps Luminous Master could contend against Fiercest. However, doing so would drag Purification Creek and Immortal Bronze Mountain into this mess. The fires of war might spread across all of Immortal Lineage too.

The death of Flying Sword Marvel spared everyone from this. Thus, no one would criticize her choice of not helping. Someone in her position must be mindful of the overarching scenario. Plus, Flying Sword Marvel brought this upon herself. It wasn’t an unfair death.

“Only a wise woman like Creek King is a good match for a progenitor.” A big shot quietly praised.

The others nearby nodded in agreement. Luminous Master didn’t marry her for her beauty and power; her wisdom was the bigger draw, perhaps.

Li Qiye patted his hands after killing the marvel as if he had just killed an ant.

“I fully apologize for what transpired here. It was my fault for not being able to educate her better.” Creek King eventually broke the silence. Her voice seemed sincere with no hint of anger.

This earned her some points from the crowd. She didn’t try to avoid responsibility in the slightest.

“It’s no big deal. I won’t bother taking it out on your Purification Creek.” Li Qiye smiled and turned his sight towards the continent.

This naturally relieved the crowd. A battle between progenitors probably wouldn’t happen then.

“Thank you, Young Noble Li.” She thanked him in good faith.

“Don’t be so fast to thank me, do so after you save everyone here.” Li Qiye said.

“What do you mean, Young Noble?” She didn’t expect this response.

The crowd felt the same way. The conversation went as if the feud between them was gone after the marvel’s death.

“Because I’ve taken a liking to this land. That’s why all of you here need to scram.” Li Qiye nonchalantly declared to the astonishment of the crowd.

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