Chapter 311: Arrogance Before The Crowd

Chapter 311: Arrogance Before The Crowd

During Li Qiye’s stay, the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King did not come out, but Le Yi had visited instead. He secretly went to the Lion’s Roar camp, betraying the rumors that stated that he and the other disciples had evacuated from the academy.

He came to tell Li Qiye a message: “Brother Li, my ancestor told me to tell you that everything is well-prepared.”

“At the same time, Ancestor also obtained some trustworthy news; the enemies have seven Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and two Immortal Emperor True Treasures. However, as for which ancestors and which grand sects are taking action, this still remains unknown.”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and stated: “Seven Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and two Immortal Emperor True Treasures… Such a grand gesture.”

There must be at least two Immortal Emperor lineages involved to play such a big hand. Not too many Immortal Emperor lineages in this world would be able to take out so many emperor weapons by themselves.

This time, the enemy had formulated a plan with complete confidence. They wanted to take over the academy in one fell swoop; otherwise, they wouldn’t have brought so many emperor weapons into the mix like this.

Anyone who knew this secret would absolutely piss their pants. Seven life weapons and two true weapons were enough to sink the entire Eastern Hundred Cities; this would become a battle as frightening as the one between Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and the Black Dragon King.

Le Yi secretly left, then Li Qiye called for Little Autumn. He then looked at the starry night sky and slowly said: “The grand massacre begins!”

Little Autumn responded in excitement: “Hahahaha!” It then eagerly spoke: “It has been a long time since the last massacre, hahaha! I must kill to my heart’s content this time!”

“You keep a look out for me.” Li Qiye commanded: “Take action when necessary.”

“Roger!” Little Autumn accepted the order. At this moment, he was more excited than anyone else. It had held back for so many years so it simply wanted to warm up at this moment in preparation for the grand battle that will ensue.

Outside of the academy were many sects and countless experts; there were too many Named Heroes and Royal Nobles to count. Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints also congregated, and Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings of the legends also arrived but they kept their presence a secret.

At this minute, even ancestors and undyings from the grand sects resided in their own camps, including those from the Furious Immortal Saint Country and the Tiger’s Howl School. However, these two powers denied this rumor.

Within two days, with so many people here, the academy became extremely lively. At the same time, the immortal light below the academy’s ground was still being powerfully emitted as chasms continued to violently form on the surface.

The emperor foundation below the academy was extremely powerful; divine lotus vines stabilized the earth, but it still shook. The mountains and rivers within a ten thousand mile radius kept on splitting with bigger divides. Everyone could tell that if this trend continued, the academy would surely collapse.

Countless bright gazes secretly observed in the shadows, spectating the continual deterioration of the academy.

“The Heavenly Dao Academy will soon be history!” A cold voice faintly declared in the darkness.

While countless heritages gathered right outside, three days later, the academy suddenly opened its doors. The Grand Era Hall Master personally announced that all the sects and personnel who came for the mythical portal could enter.

The academy — as the host — did not preside over the allocation of resources and treasures inside the portal. Before everything began, the sects in this world must discuss the order in which they would enter as well as other rules.

Each and every sect and individual was allowed to contribute their input. Within a single day, the sects were allowed to enter the academy. Of course, the giant armies of the grand sects were stopped right outside. Only after they finished deliberating on the order to enter would they finally be able to go inside.

The academy’s decision was very beneficial to the vagabond cultivators, and the grand sects also did not reject this matter. The order wouldn’t be so easily decided since the grand powers and Immortal Emperor lineages had an absolute advantage in deciding the order to enter.

Today, countless elites from the great powers and vagabond cultivators entered the academy. Many camps started to form at the plains. After a brief moment, sects spread out everywhere as alliances began to form. The little powers quickly formed temporary alliances or joined the banners of the great powers.

The Tiger’s Howl School, the Furious Immortal Saint Country, the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, the Thousand Mountains Sacred Ground, and other great powers possessed a great advantage since they were the closest to the academy. The other great powers from afar could not muster a great army in time to come.

Once all the powers settled within the plain, the academy presided over the meeting to finalize the order in which the sects would enter in order to avoid a chaotic massacre before the portal even opened.

In theory, everyone was allowed to comment, but the reality was that all the power to make the decisions were in the hands of the monstrous existences like the Saint Country and the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom…

The Lion’s Roar Gate also came, but they had very few people. Only the Royal Lord and a few more followed Li Qiye.

The meeting had only just begun, but someone had already started to stir up trouble with the Lion’s Roar Gate: “In theory, everyone should be able to share the timeless portal, but a few do not necessarily have such a privilege, such as the Lion’s Roar Gate. One should rethink this matter more thoroughly.” This person was the descendant of the Tiger’s Howl School, Hu Yue.

There were many amazing experts here, but they remained hidden, so the young ones became the leaders in their stead.

Hu Yue’s sudden provocation caused the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord to change his expression. To start such an attack at the beginning of the meeting — this was truly sheer contempt.

Many people then looked at the Lion’s Roar Gate. The powerful factions at this meeting would not support the Lion’s Roar Gate, and the minor ones — along with the vagabond cultivators — couldn’t bear to share the fortune inside the portal with even more people.

On the other hand, a few weaker sects wanted to help the Lion’s Roar Gate, but they also didn’t want to lose their privilege to enter.

The Lion’s Roar Gate did not intend to compete for the riches inside the portal, but now, in front of everyone in the world, it was provoked by the Tiger’s Howl School. If it remained silent about this matter, then how could they maintain their position in the Eastern Hundred Cities in the future?

“What is the Tiger’s Howl School trying to say?”

Hu Yue’s fierce tiger-like eyes created a suppressing atmosphere like a beast coming down from the mountain. The air of a ferocious beast swept through the area. Although Hu Yue was young, his presence was indeed frightening and even the previous generation was apprehensive of him. His current strength truly warranted his right to stand at this place today.

Hu Yue coldly said: “Nothing much, it’s just that your Lion’s Roar Gate had committed some despicable deeds recently. Your sect interfered with other powers with gossip, causing these powers to kill each other. One could say that your intention is evil and laden with ulterior motives!”

Hu Yue’s words caused the Lion’s Roar disciples to look at each other while shaking in anger. Hu Yue was trying to make the Lion’s Roar Gate public enemy number one.

The Lion’s Roar Royal Lord angrily shouted: “Nephew Hu, one may eat foul things but they cannot speak foul words! My Lion’s Roar Gate has never competed with the rest of the world and we have always lived in peace with the other sects, so when did we ever gossip to cause feuds?”

Hu Yue drily replied: “Whether it is true or not, your sect knows best!”

Many experts were present at the moment. Those who didn’t know the situation too well found it strange that the Tiger’s Howl School was picking on the Lion’s Roar Gate. The two sects were not on the same level, and it could be said that the Lion’s Roar Gate posed no threat towards the Tiger’s Howl School!

However, those who were more aware had some speculations. They knew that Hu Yue wanted to marry the princess of the Bao Yun Clan, and the clan itself was willing to form an alliance with the school. The only person not interested in this marriage was Princess Bao Yun, so this created a delay in response all the way until now. Recently, there had been a rumor that the Lion’s Roar Gate’s Chi Xiaodao was quite close to Princess Bao Yun with a romantic tendency. This was why Hu Yue was attacking the Lion’s Roar Gate, in order to attack Chi Xiaodao.

“What is this about gossip? What is this about creating feuds amongst other sects? This is simply nonsense and nothing more.” Li Qiye slowly said while as he was seated next to the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord. He was worried that no one would provoke them and cause trouble, but now, there was someone courting death so he was happy to help their cause.

“This so-called causing trouble between sects is the Lion’s Roar Gate’s young noble wanting to marry Princess Bao Yun. An unbetrothed lady and an unmarried man — don’t tell me that only your Tiger’s Howl School is allowed to propose, and not the Lion’s Roar Gate? The Tiger’s Howl School aims to divide the sects and use this official business to propel its own personal aim; they’re just using this chance to attack the Lion’s Roar Gate.”

Li Qiye also conveniently used this chance to help out Chi Xiaodao and publicize Xiaodao’s desire to propose to Princess Bao Yun.

“Nonsense! A little demon that still reaks of breast milk like you still dares to blabber!?” Hu Yue glared at him with his tiger-like eyes that were filled with killing intent.

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