Chapter 3109: Meeting Creek King Again

A parallel was created between his brows and the sword. Everyone felt as if the tip had already struck their forehead, drilling a hole inside to end their life.

They felt how fatal it was even before the actual delivery - the target was already dead before the thrust - completely impossible to dodge.

Not only did the emperor have a humble appearance, even his sword hid its sharpness and glint.

Both gave off the feeling of returning to simplicity and the source, enough to cause others to shudder.

A sword returning to simplicity was something to behold - its existence only had one sole purpose - to kill!

The emperor finally made a move, neither fast nor slow and devoid of thunderous explosions and aura - just a thrust straight at Li Qiye’s forehead, simple to the point of being boring and tasteless like water. The only goal was to kill.

A few spectators thousands and thousands of miles away fell down with a small wound on their forehead. They were too immersed in this move and ended up becoming its victims.

“Impressive indeed, this murderous thrust.” An Everlasting couldn’t help but praise.

The other Everlastings also thought about whether they could survive this move.

“Clank.” The crowd felt cold after hearing a continuous sword hymn.

Time came to a stop - they saw Li Qiye stopping the fatal thrust with his index fingertip.

Though it was only a slight touch, it felt as if the entire world was pressed down on the sword with an immeasurable weight.

The emperor found it hard to just hold the sword despite mustering all of his strength into his grip. His face turned red as a result.

“Boom!” Li Qiye then flicked his finger in a casual manner yet it sent out enough force to send three thousand worlds flying - the same with the emperor.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The guy smashed through several mountains, causing debris and mud to splash everywhere.

He got up from the pile and vomited several mouthfuls of blood, grievously injured.

Those experiencing Li Qiye for the first time couldn’t keep their mouth close from awe. Even the ones used to it still became shocked.

True Emperor Bachi obviously stood no chance against Li Qiye. However, to lose to a single finger flick?

They became afraid and felt their heart beating faster in fear.

“I’ll spare you.” Li Qiye looked at the bloodstained emperor and moved forward.

Meanwhile, Flying Sword Marvel has been watching the whole thing. She started running deeper while shouting: “Save me!”

“Creak…” A carriage drew closer from the distance.

“It’s Luminous Master’s carriage, is he in there?” A spectator shouted.

“Hmm…” The ancestors became serious.

All eyes were on this carriage, wanting to know who was currently inside.

“Sis, save me!” Flying Sword Marvel hurriedly rushed over, thinking that her rescuer had arrived.

However, the person inside didn’t come out; the door remained closed.

“Sister!” The marvel shouted again after seeing this.

“It’s Creek King.” People exchanged glances.

A few were disappointed to find out that Luminous Master wasn’t here. However, if his wife was here, he should come soon as well - this made them excited again.

Li Qiye was getting close now with a smile on his face.

“Sis, please save me!” The marvel panicked more and more.

Alas, no response came from the carriage.

“Sis… save me… we’re from the same clan…” The marvel got on her knees and sobbed.

Everyone started wondering about what Creek King would do. Many knew that they were from the same clan and were quite close.

Would Creek King just watch?

“Sister!!” The marvel was crying her heart out.

Finally, a sigh came from the carriage. Creek King finally responded: “Look at what you have done…”

“Sister!” The marvel became ecstatic, thinking that it was going to be okay.

On the other side, Li Qiye stopped and simply watched these two.

The crowd thought that this was to be expected. Even the wise Creek King still needed to save her clan sister. Her hands were tied.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you this time.” Creek King spoke again, surprising everyone in the process.

“What?!” Many thought they have misheard.

The marvel’s smile became frozen, shocked. She then wailed again: “Sister, we, we grew up together, I always viewed you as my role model…”

“I know, but your mistake is too grave. You didn’t think about the sect either. You’re no longer a child and need to take responsibility for your own actions.” Creek King answered.

“Sis… I won’t do it again so...” The marvel shouted.

“Remember, you are a disciple of Purification Creek. Stop acting so shamefully like a coward. Die with dignity.” Creek King interrupted her.

“Sister, you can’t do this, just, just save me this once!” The marvel’s soul nearly left her body and hastily begged once more.

No response came this time from the carriage. The area became silent outside of her cries.

The audience definitely didn’t expect this and knew that it was over for the marvel since Creek King refrained from joining in.

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