Chapter 3108: Bachi Sword

Flying Sword Marvel had made it to the area barricaded by Immortal Bronze Mountain by this point while Li Qiye strolled behind her.

He didn’t mind the army of Bronze Immortal Mountain ahead at all.

“Please halt, Sir.” The cavalry of Bronze Immortal moved forward to block his path, acting like an impregnable wall of bronze.

The spectators watched with bated breath from the distance. A fight between Li Qiye and Luminous Master might happen soon once both sides chose not to acquiesce.

“Wishing for death?” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and uttered these three words in such a nonchalant manner.

Remember, this cavalry was directly beneath Luminous Master. It might not be the strongest one under him but still quite mighty.

Alas, Li Qiye clearly didn’t give a damn about them or Luminous Master. He meant what he said and would definitely carry it out.

The troops exchanged glances and one of them cupped his fist: “Sir, we are carrying out our duty, please excuse us…”

“Scram or die.” Li Qiye had an insipid expression.

“Sir…” Their expression soured due to the blatant disrespect.

Unfortunately, the speaker couldn’t finish before Li Qiye started raising his hand.

“No, start the formation!” The leading commander shouted in response and the cavalry assumed their position.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Swords and spears pointed at the sky. A massive slash with a long trail directly aimed for Li Qiye’s hand.

This reaction was nothing short of impeccable. The cavalry’s strike was swift and powerful, tearing up the sky.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, this couldn’t do anything against the smashing palm.

It had the same force as a falling sky and smashed all the nearby soldiers.

The ground sank down as a result, imprinted with a hole in the shape of a palm. Those who tried to stop him earlier have become a meat paste.

Blood seeped into the ground and stained it red. The soil seemingly became more fertile.

The stench of blood wafted through the air, some to shudder.

This was the obvious outcome yet to actually witness it was something else entirely. After all, this wasn’t an ordinary cavalry. It had swept through the realm before under the leadership of Luminous Master.

Now, Li Qiye effortlessly removed them as if he had just swatted some flies.

“Fiercest just kills so fast after a few words of disagreement.” One ancestor commented.

Those who were seeing him in action for the first time finally realized why Fiercest was such a suitable title for him.

Li Qiye didn’t bother glancing at the aftermath of his attack and moved forward.

“Senior, please calm down.” Someone eventually stopped him.

“True Emperor Bachi.” A spectator recognized this person.

“The emperor can’t stop him either.” An Everlasting shook his head.

Li Qiye had killed eight masters working together previously. Even if True Emperor Bachi was stronger than expected as a twelve-palace emperor, he still stood no chance.

“Senior? Do I look that old?” Li Qiye smiled at the guy.

“Of course not.” The emperor bowed and respectfully said: “You are a progenitor, the same seniority as my master, so you are my senior.”

“I’m only eighteen, don’t make me look old.” Li Qiye said.

The crowd exchanged glances. The tense atmosphere earlier seemingly dissipated in no time at all.

“Young Noble, please calm down.” The emperor obeyed and bowed again, changing his address.

“Calm down? I’m not angry at all, just a few ants can’t bother me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“...” The emperor didn’t really know how to respond.

“Out of consideration for your cleverness, stand aside and I’ll spare you.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

The crowd could only smile wryly in response. That’s Fiercest for you, always domineering. It would be stranger if he didn’t act in this manner.

True Emperor Bachi was exceedingly powerful, just not when his opponent was Fiercest. How many people in the world could treat him in this manner? Probably only Fiercest.

Of course, no one would deny Li Qiye’s ability to kill the emperor even though the latter was Luminous Master’s disciple. This wouldn’t deter Li Qiye at all.

The emperor smiled wryly and bowed once more: “Young Noble, please be benevolent this time around…”

“If you insist on interfering, then muster your true abilities to handle one move from me. Survive and I’ll leave.” Li Qiye smiled.

The emperor didn’t say anything and stood there pondering. Meanwhile, the spectators who haven’t seen Li Qiye in action rolled their eyes.

Defeating a powerful emperor in one move seemed too much regardless of his previous battle record.

“It’s about to start again.” An ancestor who had actually witnessed Li Qiye in action became emotional.

“Please give me some pointers, Young Noble.” The emperor hesitated for a moment before accepting the defeat.

In his mind, he naturally didn’t want to be on the side of the marvel. To put it bluntly, he couldn’t give two shits about her since she brought this upon herself.

Alas, he couldn’t just watch the pursuer break into their rank. Plus, she was still his master’s sister-in-law.

He remained respectful towards Li Qiye and showed no animosity as he prepared to take one move.

“Clank!” A sword appeared in his hand, surging with imperial aura. Holding it was akin to holding the world.

“The name of this sword is Bachi, given to me by my master. I’m incapable and can only utilize sixty to seventy percent of its power, please forgive my inadequacy.” He said. [1]

“Go.” Li Qiye smiled.

True Emperor Bachi was actually very powerful and famous. However, his master usually overshadowed him so he became forgotten.

In fact, he shouldn’t be that much weaker than Metalkin War God and the others. Moreover, Luminous Master had personally created a progenitorial weapon for him - that showed just how much his master valued him.

“Excuse me then.” The emperor remained polite as if he was a junior asking for pointers.

His actions so far clearly matched the style of a true master, worthy of being Luminous Master’s disciple.

“Clank!” He raised his sword up, paralleling his eyebrows. His target was Li Qiye’s forehead.

1. I can’t come up with another name for this. There’s no context or anything

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