Chapter 3106: Power Of The Tribulation

Flying Sword Marvel had amply prepared on top of the peak. Her and the small group pulled back the string and poured energy into it, ready to exert the crossbow’s true potential.

The arrow had been set up, ready to shoot whenever. However, she stood there waiting instead of delivering the fatal blow. She wanted to wait until he was at his weakest moment.

Women were the most vengeful of all beings, the same applied to Flying Sword Marvel. Being reduced to bloody bits was something she couldn’t forget. Retribution must be had.

Though Creek King had warned her to not provoke Fiercest again or no one would be able to save her, she still refused to accept this.

She used plenty of resources to borrow this crossbow while biding her time. Fortune favored her - sure enough, Fiercest was acting suicidal right now and invited a heavenly tribulation.

How could she miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take him down? Therefore, she lied to Creek King and led a small group here.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, the blue hole in the sky was being torn apart by the power of the maelstrom. It really seemed like the wrath of the high heaven.

All existences were mere ants beneath its will and could be reduced to ashes in the blink of an eye. 

Li Qiye was engulfed by this maelstrom. Everyone was certain that he would die.

“Buzz.” The pulse coming from Sky Ruins suddenly extinguished like a lamp going out amidst the dark night.

This made the maelstrom and the lightning current look even brighter than before.

However, the blue hole also disappeared after the pulse was gone, seemingly closed again. The maelstrom lost its root and started becoming unstable.

“Rumble!” Both Sky Ruins and Immortal Lineage became affected by this change. Earthquakes were violent enough to make people dizzy. If this went on, the maelstrom might pull these areas inside and crush them into nothingness.

The unstable maelstrom was then pulled by the lightning current into the weapon.

Say, if Li Qiye’s weapon was a basket to carry fish, then the lightning current would be the bait and the unfortunate victim was the maelstrom.

“Rumble!” Something above seemed to be slamming into the sky vault repeatedly but couldn’t break through.

It was as if the high heaven was furious to have its power stolen. Unfortunately, the hole has been sealed once more. Three Immortals was no longer in reach. 

“Insanity.” Even a fool knew what Li Qiye had done.

“Taking the power of a heavenly tribulation.” An Everlasting turned pale.

No one really thought about doing something like this, not even a progenitor. This was a taboo matter and just one mistake could result in death. In fact, the entire world could be dragged into this mess.

Thus, the most brilliant progenitors in history never treated this matter with slight. Now, Li Qiye had just stolen some power from the high heaven and added it to his weapon.

“Only a madman would do something like this.” A pale ancestor murmured.

To do something so reckless for the sake of crafting a weapon? Who else was crazier or more domineering than Li Qiye?

“Fiercest, yes, this title is so true. He deserves the -est superlative.” One big shot sighed and said.

The truth was that many found the title “Fiercest” to be overly haughty when they first heard it. This was no longer the case now.

“I think Craziest is a better title for him. Probably more crazy than anyone else in history.” One ancestor smiled wryly and shook his head.

Those nearby nodded in agreement, liking Craziest over Fiercest.

They started praying for this madman to act more normally. Otherwise, his insanity might bury all of Immortal Lineage.

“Boom! Boom!” The weapon has finally finished taking in the maelstrom. It even made a noise that could only be construed as burping.

The spectators felt that the entire thing was only a play earlier between Li Qiye and his weapon - with the bolts hitting him and all. The goal was to bait the power of the high heaven.

That would be ridiculous but not exactly out of the realm of possibilities. Maybe Li Qiye wanted this the moment the blue hole in the sky opened.

They saw him bloodied from top to bottom with thousands of holes as if he was the target of an archery battalion. He coughed out blood and seemed unable to stand straight.

Most were actually focusing on his weapon. It was just in a fledgling state yet possessed enough power to easily destroy Three Immortals.

“A dragon among ultimate artifacts.” This was the consensus.

At the same time, Li Qiye staggered back and forth, perhaps from his grievous injuries.

“Whoosh!” A white ray crossed through the air first and the sound came after. In fact, people actually saw blood before the whoosh.

Flying Sword Marvel shot out her arrow during Li Qiye’s weakest moment. Even the Everlastings couldn’t see the trajectory of the arrow before it pierced through Li Qiye.

Time came to a stop for everyone else as he fell straight down like a meteor.

“Damn!!” Some shouted.

A few people actually wanted to warn Li Qiye but it was too late. The arrow was unreasonably fast, perhaps the fastest some have ever seen in their life.

“No!” Liu Yanbai shouted in horror.

The others’ expressions changed as well. Only the bull thought nothing of it.

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