Chapter 3105: Dragontooth Heavenbane Crossbow

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The waves of bolts continued to assault Li Qiye.

They emanated from the thing he was holding. It seemed to contain endless lightning as if it was the very source of this affinity.

This was his newest weapon. The material came from the meteor found by the Jilin Clan.

His blood continued to splash in numerous spots but he stood there with a tight grip. He had refined the weapon numerous times before, beaten to the point of maturity.

However, it seemed to be outside of his control this time after the opening of the blue hole. The heavenly power coming from there was affecting his weapon, almost like a summoning call. It violently shook, wanting to break free from his hand and fly straight towards the hole.

This was hard to believe. For example, someone mighty like a progenitor would have full control over something they created.

The creator of the weapon was usually their true master. This didn’t seem to be the case here. Something in that hole had a fatal temptation for this weapon.

Alas, there was no escaping Li Qiye’s grip. The origin of the material was one thing but he could still control his own creation.

The only reason why he was letting this happen was to bait some fish and this weapon was the perfect lure.

It started with individual strands but now, more and more came out and eventually formed something akin to a waterfall.

Beautiful flowers of blood gushed from him to the horror of the capable spectators.

However, his body was extremely tough. All of the wounds closed in such a short time. The only unchanging thing was his grip on the weapon.

“Rumble!” Explosions still came from the blue hole. The sound was muffled yet the effect was akin to the sky falling down and crushing everything beneath.

Everyone felt an instinctive fear almost like children being scared by thunder at night.

“Boom!” They felt as if something had pierced through a barrier, that there was another world outside of Three Immortals.

Something outside clearly wanted to break into Three Immortals.

“Rumble!” More explosions added to their nervousness. Some spectators had goosebumps all over.

A maelstrom appeared next to the hole with the shape of a funnel, pointy at the bottom and wide at the top.

It moved like a tornado, slowly inching towards Li Qiye’s weapon. It seemed to have its own sentience and acted with prudence.

As it touched his weapon, the latter produced even more lightning bolts, seemingly going crazy with greed.

The waterfall of bolts hitting Li Qiye immediately changed direction and aimed for the maelstrom instead.

“Rumble!” The combination of the maelstrom and the bolts created an insanely powerful lightning current.

The maelstrom served as a funnel, gathering more and more energy. This combination created a very strange scene - numerous stars seemed to come into being in the blink of an eye. The cycles of creation were rapidly spinning within this maelstrom.

“Boom!” Eventually, the maelstrom went insane and unleashed the empowered lightning current towards Li Qiye.

Many saw his body being instantly destroyed. No physical form could ever withstand this force.

All of Three Immortals were affected by the attacking maelstrom. It could crush the three worlds into pieces.

Everyone gasped at this sight. How could Li Qiye survive being stuck in that lightning maelstrom? 

“This looks suicidal.” Many big shots thought.

Just think about it, he invited the wrath of the high heaven straight on his body. Suicide was the right word to describe this.

“He played with fire and won’t be able to survive.” An ancestor murmured, frightened by Li Qiye’s insane choice.

They stared at the maelstrom, wondering about Li Qiye’s fate.

“Wait, look over there.” Although the maelstrom remained the spotlight, one particular ancestor noticed something over at the continent.

He saw Flying Sword Marvel and a small group climbing up the highest peak. They were carrying a massive crossbow that would require many men to pull the string.

It was made with precious silvermoon metal, giving it a cold luster. It also had the aura of a progenitor; even a fool knew of this weapon’s level.

Flying Sword Marvel placed an arrow on the crossbow, white from top to bottom and looked like a tooth.

“Dragontooth Heavenbane Crossbow!” One ancestor recognized the crossbow and took a deep breath: “Why does she have this? It is used by a progenitor to hunt ancient beasts.” 

However, her target was obvious to the spectators - Li Qiye.

“Fiercest is trapped by the maelstrom, he can’t dodge.” One big shot quietly said.

Flying Sword Marvel clearly wanted to deliver a fatal blow during Li Qiye’s most vulnerable moment.

The crowd knew of her animosity towards him. She was turned into a bloody mist once by him too. This vengeful act wasn’t unexpected.

“Should we help the young noble?” Holyfrost asked.

“Why should we? This will just give him an excuse to kill.” The bull laughed and told her.

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