Chapter 3104: High Heaven

Though some top experts have managed to sneak inside, none had figured out anything.

After all, the seal was quite strong and due to Zhe Long’s presence, these experts didn’t dare to get too close.

Peace followed for a bit during the day but it didn’t last long. 

“Boom!” A pulse from the depth of Sky Ruins rushed to the sky, bright enough to force all to close their eyes. It turned the night into the day and got everyone’s attention.

“What’s that over there?” The mass stared at the direction of the explosion.

“Ascension Pond, right?” Many became startled.

The world didn’t have peace recently with strange things floating out of Uncrossable Expanse while Sky Ruins kept on having bizarre phenomena. An air of unrest permeated Immortal Lineage.

The golden palm from Ascension Pond and now this divine pulse? These were definitely ominous signs.

“I don’t think so, it should be an unexplored area.” One ancestor got a better look and said.

Alas, the light was too bright and he couldn’t see it fully despite using his heavenly gaze.

The weaker cultivators would go momentarily blind the moment they stare at the pulse source.

Fortunately, it was far away enough, or many would be permanently blind right now. Those even closer would be turned to ashes.

“Boom!” A second explosion detonated. The pulse surged with greater intensity and power. It was as if something was being crushed up above, allowing for a portal to open.

“Look, over there!” A keen-eyed ancestor saw a hole as blue as the sky opening. It looked like an azure expanse or an eye.

This unexpected development naturally surprised the crowd.

As the hole was opening, strands of heavenly power came out from within. They were extremely far from Sky Pass but everyone there became frozen.

This was akin to the high heaven scouting the mortal realm. Everyone had the urge to prostrate from this instinctive fear existing since their youth.

Not to mention ordinary experts, even the Everlastings felt this fear.

Ultimately, all cultivators were afraid of the legendary high heaven!

“What’s happening? An attack against the heaven?” One ancestor took a deep breath and said.

His peers all stared at him since this was a taboo topic. People as strong as progenitors would refrain from ever bringing it up.

“Look, there’s someone there!” A mighty True God’s eyes became resplendent, allowing him to see a figure in the pulse.

Other big shots followed suit and sure enough, they saw a figure in the center of the pulse. Alas, the blinding light shrouded this figure. They could only see it holding something.

“Who is that?” One shouted.

“He’s trying to attack the heaven?” Another speculated.

Others couldn’t help but look up at the deep blue hole. Could this be a portal to the high heaven?

“He looks like Fiercest.” An Everlasting utilized his heavenly gaze to its limit by shooting out an extremely sharp ray crossing through space. He finally got a good look at the figure and what he was holding.

“You’re right, that’s Fiercest.” Others capable of seeing this carefully took a look after hearing this Everlasting and came up with a conclusion.

Li Qiye stood in the blinding radiance, unaffected. Everyone else watched with bated breath, not knowing his intention.

“Crack!” Some heard a shatter as if something was cracking.

The powerful spectators saw the thing in his hand flashing with lightning bolts.

These bolts were different from ordinary ones. They contained the power of a heavenly tribulation and the judgment of a heavenly punishment. This seemed to be the will of high heaven.

Those who could truly fathom the bolts shuddered with fear. The will of high heaven seemed to be pressing down and immobilizing them.

“Have you ever seen anything like this?” One big shot asked.

No one knew what Fiercest was up to nor the thing in his hand, just that this should be something terrifying.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The lightning bolts became crazy and started to escape. Some of them began striking him.

He had no problem holding on in the beginning but as time went on, the lightning bolts increased in power. The judgment of high heaven began to spill blood.

The bolts crazily whipped him and blood splashed everywhere.

“What is the young noble doing?” Holyfrost Emperor took a deep breath. She knew that she would have zero chance of surviving these bolts.

However, Li Qiye maintained his grasp on the item and let the bolts freely strike him.

“He’s creating a weapon.” The bull understood Li Qiye the best and said after a careful analysis.

“You can do it like this?” Violet Dragon Empress has never seen such a strange crafting manner before.

“This level of weapon is beyond your imagination, above progenitorial paragon artifacts. It is world-destroying, to say the least.” The knowledgeable bull revealed.

“It’s that strong?” His group gasped in response.

“Ordinary fire had no chance of crafting this weapon.” The bull continued: “He wants to borrow the power of the high heaven, and I’m not sure if 'borrow’ is the right word here.”

Everyone naturally understood the significance of the high heaven’s power.

“Just watch, it’s about to get more fun, a spectacle of the ages. Progenitors can’t do this but he can!” The bull finally concluded.

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