Chapter 3102: Dragging The Continent

These ancestors all held long and thick chains while standing on the vigors. They were made from dozens of crimson links. Each link was wide to the point where dozens of men could wrap around one, hand in hand.

Thus, when these mighty ancestors were controlling them, others could also feel their incredible weight. This was akin to holding a mountain range. They were made from precious divine metals, extremely tough.

The front end of the iron chain had an anchor as big as a peak. They could easily pierce through anything.

“Start!” One of them shouted.

“Clank!” The rest took action at the same time, instantly throwing the anchor forward. 

The clanking echoed in a deafening manner due to their sheer size. This was truly a magnificent scene with the sky vault being pierced. Something akin to an iron curtain blotted out everything above, rendering others breathless.

The anchors smashed into the continent. Mountains, valleys, and lakes were instantly pierced and destroyed. Mud and debris went flying as the continent suffered heavy damages.

“Immortal Bronze Mountain is so damn strong.” The spectators shuddered.

These anchors might not have been powerful enough to destroy a system right away but still could destroy a dozen sects in the blink of an eye.

“It’s a top system right now, probably among the top three.” One ancestor said seriously.

Immortal Bronze Mountain was special. It was considered a system and the home of the Immortal Bronze Race. However, it wasn’t really a system in the traditional sense.

Its great continent might not actually have a dao source, hence the problem in viewing it as a system. The bronzes themselves didn’t consider their land as a system.

Ultimately, system or not, it was immensely strong due to having a brilliant progenitor.

By this point, everyone could see that Immortal Bronze Mountain must have this continent to send someone like Zhe Long here.

Once the dust settled, the spectators could see the mess on the continent caused by the anchors and chains.

Some have reached the deepest part of the land. The strongest ancestors managed to pierce through to the other side for a better grip.

“What a shame.” Many let out a disappointed sigh.

The continent had rich cultivation materials and huge mines. Most were gone now.

“Clank!” The iron chains tightened; their other side was then attached to the shoulder of the vigors.

“What are they doing?” Some watched and speculated. Of course, the majority already knew.

“I can’t believe it.” One expert said: “They want to drag this continent back? Is this doable? Only progenitors usually do this.” 

“Idiot, is Luminous Master not a progenitor?” His senior glared at him.

Immortal Bronze Mountain indeed had the ability to do something like this.

“Does he want to create his own system then?” This question popped up next.

Remember, the three current progenitors have yet to create their own system. In history, not all progenitors did so.

Some waited until the right moment or power level before spending doing so because it required considerable effort.

“It’s only a matter of time.” One ancestor nodded.

Most agreed with this because Luminous Master has been around long enough at this level to start thinking about it.

Of course, if Luminous Master were to create his own system, it meant that he would no longer be a part of Immortal Bronze Mountain in the future.

For example, Orchid Sage was in the same situation. Though he had left Strong Grass, others still viewed him as a disciple of his system. The only way to change this was for him to create his own.

“I thought Luminous Master would wait until reaching the immortal level before doing this. It’s earlier than expected.” An ancestor quietly said.

“Well, maybe he’s already at the immortal level. We just don’t know about it.” A different one said.

As an imperial-level progenitor, Luminous Master was already qualified to create his own system. However, it would be limited at the same imperial level. As long as he was alive, the system would also grow with him. Once he reached the immortal level, his system would also have the opportunity to improve.

“Will Sky Pass let them go through?” Someone glanced back at Immortal Lineage.

Pulling this continent back to their world required traveling through Sky Pass.

“It’s not a problem in the past but it’s a different story now. Tai Yinxi alone can’t make a decision about this.” One Everlasting pondered.

Everyone agreed with him. Normally, Sky Pass wouldn’t mind giving Luminous Master some face if he wanted to create a system.

The problem was that this continent came from Uncrossable Expanse. There were too many unknowns.

“Start!” One ancestor from Immortal Bronze roared after the anchors have firmly latched.

“Rumble!” The chains were stretched to the limit, on the verge of breaking.

“Boom!” The vigors took one step forward and crushed the space beneath. They mustered all of their strength in order to pull the continent.

The entire landmass quaked and shook for a bit but in the end, it still didn’t move in the slightest.

“It’s just so heavy.” The crowd took a deep breath after seeing the vigors failing to pull it forward.

Rays descended from above. More ancestors from Immortal Bronze decided to join the fray. Their majestic aura was enough to suppress the nine heavens - indicative of their might. They held onto the thick chains after arriving.

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