Chapter 3100: Luminous Master Is Here?

A continent from the expanse devoid of danger? This naturally attracted many cultivators.

It didn’t take long before they ran there in waves and found pristine nature waiting for them - a paradise with surging rivers, verdant peaks, and endless plains of green…

Not a single native could be seen. The newcomers realized that this was an un-excavated land. No one else has been here before.

“So what is this place?” The experts wondered.

Ordinary cultivators didn’t think too much of this event but the ancestors and Everlastings worried about the significance of this continent.

It wouldn’t just float out the mysterious Uncrossable Expanse for no reason. This was exactly the same case as the expedition ship. However, they just haven’t figured out the reason yet.

“Maybe that vast ocean has many unexplored continents?” One ancestor murmured: “I’m thinking that some progenitors saw these paradises and decided to stop there.”

Many ancestors agreed with this statement. Their progenitors might have started new factions there.

“There’s good stuff here.” Other explorers found things while the ancestors were chatting.

“What is it?” An expert asked right away.

“Traverse Ancestor found an incredible spring on top of an eighty-feet peak. Its water is so sweet and can open all the veins and muscles. He himself confirmed that it is comparable to some types of sacred dew.” This news came along and it wasn’t the only one.

“An elder from Beerider found a golden pearl under a lake capable of purifying evil.” 

“Cloud Creek Schoolmaster found a really rare three-jade mushroom in a cave.”

“A vagabond dug out a violet-lotus grass on the plain, it’s incredible as a longevity medicine.”

News like this came from all over the place. Those who came have benefited from the trip.

The news traveled back to Immortal Lineage and attracted more cultivators.

Sure enough, as more people came, more great items were found - treasure trees, spirit medicines, mystical rocks…

They were no different than a swarm of locust, instantly stripping the land of anything valuable. After all, there was no danger here.

This made everyone excited and they traveled a long way to the floating continent for the treasure hunt.

“Heaven must be blessing us.” One of them excitedly said: “Yes, this is a gift to Immortal Lineage, a treasure land from Uncrossable Expanse.”

Of course, the ancestors present definitely disagreed with this comment. They believed that there was another reason for its coming.

“Rumble!” Numerous bronze carriages loudly crossed through the horizon and interrupted the enthusiastic treasure hunters.

They came with lightning speed and landed on the continent, startling everyone in the process.

The number was too few to be considered an army. However, this group had the toughness of a great wall, suffocating all spectators. They felt as if they had been surrounded and left with no escape path.

“Luminous Master’s troops.” Everyone shuddered after recognizing them.

“Luminous Master is coming?” Someone saw a familiar face in this group - Flying Sword Marvel.

The master didn’t have an entire legion like Metalkin War God. However, his cavalry was still unstoppable and earned the prestige of being one of the strongest groups in Immortal Lineage.

After all, how could a cavalry taught by a progenitor be weak?

Their appearance took everyone by surprise because Luminous Master rarely showed himself after becoming an imperial-level progenitor, the same with his cavalry.

Rumor has it that he has been spending his time learning the dao while his cavalry acted as his protectors in order to avoid any needless complication.

“So is he coming?” One person whispered.

Meanwhile, the crowd made a path for the cavalry to get through. Even ancestors didn’t stand in the way.

No one in Immortal Lineage would be dumb enough to hinder Luminous Master’s path. Who would want to provoke a progenitor and his great system - Immortal Bronze Mountain?

The cavalry didn’t stop and continued forward. They obviously had a clear goal from the start.

“What are they doing?” This piqued everyone’s curiosity.

A few experts decided to follow behind the cavalry in order to find an answer.

However, they soon noticed that the cavalry has sealed off the area of their destination. No one was allowed to get close. They had no choice but to leave, annoyed. It would be foolish to take even half a step inside and invite the wrath of a progenitor.

“Creak…” A horse carriage appeared on the horizon, made from wood without unnecessary adornment. The curtain was hanging down so no one could see the person inside.

Only ten guards accompanied the carriage but they were all powerful True Gods. Each capable of ruling over an entire domain. They looked like mighty pillars supporting the carriage.

“True Emperor Bachi.” Some noticed the leading vanguard - a man wearing a hemp rope with an unrestrained expression. However, his actions and movements were brimming with power and momentum. [1]

He hid his aura and presence in order to keep a low profile. Nonetheless, this wasn’t enough to hide his brilliance from the spectators.

“That’s Luminous Master’s disciple, so is he in the carriage then?” This question popped up.

Bachi True Emperor was a reclusive man personally taught by Luminous Master. Some believed that he had ten palaces.

Who else in the world but Luminous Master would be worthy of this emperor’s protection?

The person in the carriage remained low-key as well; their aura hidden. Yet, this didn’t stop the crowd from bowing to show their respect.

1. The word here has too many meanings. Need more context - a Chinese foot; one-third of a meter; a ruler; a tape-measure; one of the three acupoints for measuring pulse in Chinese medicine

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