Chapter 309: Small Trouble At The Marriage Proposal

Chapter 309: Small Trouble At The Marriage Proposal

Li Qiye sat down and went straight to the point as he said: “For what reason did Royal Lord come here for? Could it be because of the academy’s portal? If this is the case, then please hear my word of advice: return back. Royal Lord does not know the dangers of this place. This is not an opportunity but a great calamity. It is hard to tell whether one will be able to leave this place alive or not.”

The Lion’s Roar Royal Lord was startled, then he shook his head and said: “Young Noble Li misunderstood; this time, my Lion’s Roar Country exerted all of our strength not because of the portal, but because we want to assist the Heavenly Dao Academy.”

Li Qiye did not expect this and repeated: “Assist the Heavenly Dao Academy?”

The royal lord forced a smile and said: “This is the will of my father. The academy had helped our sect a lot; when my father came to the academy to find our ancestor’s footsteps, he was graced with help from the academy. So now, when the academy is in trouble, my father wants us to aid the academy despite being weak.”

“The Lion’s Roar Heavenly King left his isolated cultivation session?” Li Qiye spoke with surprise: “If that is so, then I would like to see him.”

The royal lord answered: “Father only came out a few days ago, then he immediately went back to the ancient pavilion. I’m afraid you have to wait a bit longer if you want to meet my father. I heard that he is currently stabilizing his Physique.”

“Your father had an incomplete Physique Law?” After hearing this, Li Qiye knew what was going on. The Lion’s Roar Heavenly King was a descendant of Lion Monarch Ba Xian, but unfortunately, their clan’s Physique Law was lost. Despite this being the case, the Heavenly King still tried his best to find his ancestor’s footsteps at the Heavenly Dao Academy. Without a doubt, he successfully found something.

The royal lord wryly smiled and said: “Only Father knows about this clearly. After he leaves his cultivation, you can talk to him about it.”

The Heavenly King also came this time. However, he was staying at the ancient pavilion and was not meeting outsiders. In fact, outside of the elders, the other members of the Lion’s Roar Gate did not know that their ancestor had come out.

Li Qiye nodded his head and said: “However, in my opinion, forget about assisting the Heavenly Dao Academy. You guys can just sit still and watch. If the situation deteriorates, then hurry up and leave.” Li Qiye didn’t want to ruin his grand plan because of the Lion’s Roar Gate; he was waiting for the big fish.

After hearing this, the royal lord pondered for a bit before asking: “What is Young Noble trying to say?”

Li Qiye shook his head and replied: “Royal Lord cannot imagine the true power of the Heavenly Dao Academy. Among its ancestors, there is an extraordinary person. Also, the academy has an unfathomable depth. To them, ancestors from the great sects and the sealed old undyings are nothing. Even masters from the legends are not worthy enough to cause the academy to worry. And even against eternal existences, the academy can still deal with them…” [1. Three different denominators of powers here — old undyings, legendary masters, and eternal existences. My own speculation is that old undyings are around heavenly kings, legendary masters are around virtuous paragons, and eternal existence are high virtuous paragons and near the Immortal Emperor level. They are more colloquial than actual titles.]

“These words may be hard to listen to, but even if the Lion’s Roar Country uses all of its strength in this disaster, it will still be dropping a pinch of salt into the ocean. Being involved in this disaster is a calamity for your sect. I trust that the academy will remember your righteousness.”

Li Qiye, of course, did not want the Lion’s Roar Gate to ruin the plans of the academy and his own. Once it happened, he might not have the time to save the gate.

The royal lord contemplated for a moment, then he answered: “I will pass on your words to Father. Father is a sensible man, so he will come up with a suitable response.”

Although Li Qiye’s words were quite frank, they were also the truth. Not too many people even understood the academy’s true strength.

“Your Majesty, the council elder from the Furious Immortal Saint Country and Sima Longyun came to visit.” A disciple came and announced.

Hearing this news, the royal lord’s heart thumped and asked: “What is it?”

The disciple hesitantly looked at Chi Xiaodie, then at Li Qiye without saying a word.

The royal lord then commanded: “Go ahead, it is fine.”

The disciple stuttered and answered: “I’m afraid… afraid that they came to propose. The council elder also brought along many grand gifts.”

The royal lord’s heart sank. The day has finally come... This was the thing he didn’t want to hear the most. If the young ones were in love with each other, then it would be a different matter. A marriage with the Saint Country, in that case, could be considered as the Lion’s Roar Gate reaching higher than its status. But as her father, the royal lord knew that his daughter did not want this marriage. He did not force her, but he also knew that this matter was not so simple.

“Let them come in.” Li Qiye sat in the chief seat’s position and smilingly said: “The Furious Immortal Saint Country is so enthusiastic, I wonder if they came for the beauty or the secret technique?”

Chi Xiaodie didn’t say anything. The royal lord softly sighed and commanded: “Invite the elder and Young Noble Sima inside.”

Very quickly, the group of Sima Longyun was invited inside. They carried along many chests filled with precious treasures. His master, a council elder, also came along, and he was a Grand Saint with a powerful and deep blood energy. His lifespan was still long — truly a powerful character. If Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings did not appear, then this council elder could stand at the peak of this generation.

They revealed the precious dowry; these chests were filled with great treasures that exuded divine lights. Ranging from divine iron, treasure metals, ancient stones and bronze, medicinal ingredients and grasses… Everything one would want could be found in these treasures!

After seeing that Li Qiye was also present, Sima Longyun’s expression darkened with a scowl.

The council elder, Sima Longyun’s master, held a high position in the Saint Country, so he initiated the conversation: “Brother Chi, your precious daughter and my disciple have known each other since youth. As the proverb says: a man of age should marry a wife, and a girl of age should marry a husband. The both of them are of age, and my disciple had always been in love with Miss Chi; today, we shamelessly come here to propose.”

This matter gave the royal lord quite a headache. The Saint Country wanting to marry his daughter was far from being a simple matter. Rumor has it that their Physique Law was incomplete and they had always been searching for a method to supplement it. Without a doubt, their Lion’s Roar Gate was one such target.

The royal lord reluctantly said: “Regarding my daughter’s marriage, it should be up to her, so we have to hear her opinion.”

The council elder quickly said: “Brother Chi is mistaken. A boy of age should marry a wife, and a girl of age should marry a husband; if one’s parents agree, then how could the daughter not listen? The two children have known each other since a young age and they get along quite well, so this matter only requires your blessing. Our Heavenly King has already announced; if this proposal is accepted, then the Heavenly King and our ancestors will bless the marriage themselves. This is a great honor, not only for the two children but also a rare fortune for the Lion’s Roar Gate.”

Sima Longyun stepped up and clasped his hands together in front of the royal lord: “Uncle, this nephew and Xiaodie have always been in love, I hope that uncle will…”

Sima Longyun’s words immediately outraged Chi Xiaodie to the point where she was shaking with anger, causing her eyes to redden. She wanted to rush out but was stopped by Li Qiye.

Li Qiye then leisurely said: “Before speaking nonsense, you should take another good look at yourself in a pool of piss. Someone with your lack of virtues would still dare to say these words? Have you no shame!?” [3. I’m not sure if I made it clear enough in the passage, but this is Li Qiye saying that how could Chi Xiaodie love someone with such rotten morals like Sima Longyun. The pool of piss thing is just a common phrase to degrade someone; I believe Li Qiye used it once before as well.]

Sima Longyun glowed red from anger. His master’s eyes turned cold and with a rising killing intent, he asked: “Who are you?”

Li Qiye didn’t bother to glance at him and slowly continued: “Who I am does not matter. However, I will let you know that there is no chance that the marriage with your Saint Country will come to be. Regardless of whether you came for Xiaodie or the Immortal Physique Law, or another matter altogether, it is better to leave now when it is still opportune.”

“This junior does not know the immensity of the heaven and earth!” The council elder scowled and said: “Since when does a little brat like you, yet to wean from breastfeeding, get to decide the Lion’s Roar Country’s grand matter?”

Li Qiye lazily looked at him and said: “The matters of the Lion’s Roar Country do not need me to decide, but I have the rights to do so for the people by my side. At this moment, this little girl Chi is under my protection — one of my people, so abstain from any ideas!”

Chi Xiaodie was outraged by Sima Longyun’s nonsensical words, but after hearing Li Qiye, she was struck into a daze. Her face became red as her heart beat fast. Her anger was quickly forgotten and her heart felt a soft tingle. To her, she would pay any price to hear these words again.

With a blushed complexion, she lowered her head and played with her sleeves; she didn’t hear anything else besides these words.

However, Li Qiye’s words caused the expressions of Sima Longyun and the elder to turn extremely ugly. The elder’s expression sank as he coldly spoke: “Brother Chi, is your daughter’s matter something for a little brat to babble about? This matter is related to your daughter’s honour!”

The royal lord also had a great headache; he shook his head and said: “I won’t hide it from Elder, but I, as her father, cannot decide this matter. This is up to my daughter.”

Then he looked at Chi Xiaodie and asked: “Die’ér, do you agree or not? Let us know.” [4. Ér is a loving article to express closeness. It could use Little Die, but that is xiao.]

As the group of Sima Longyun stared towards Chi Xiaodie, she who was lost in happiness suddenly came to being. She took a deep breath and stared at the calm Li Qiye sitting on his chair.

She then lifted her head and said in a serious manner: “I will not marry. My thanks and apologies to the Saint Country’s fondness.”

These words came as a shock to Sima Longyun. He always thought of himself as a highborn character. Coming from the Saint Country and a genius at cultivation, as a Royal Noble, he was always surrounded with love no matter where he went. But today, he was rejected even though he personally came to propose.

Sima Longyun couldn’t let go of this anger and snapped: “How could this little demon be worthy of you?” Sima Longyun shouted: “Don’t be confused and tricked by this little animal! Xiaodie, you and me are a match made in heaven and a pair chosen by the earth. Marrying into my Saint Country is a natural course of action, a marriage with comparable status…”

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