Chapter 3083: Sword Saint And Skysplitter Saber Ancestor

“Should we help the progenitor?” Tai Xuanfeng asked.

“Those three can’t beat the progenitor.” Supreme shook his head: “Phenom Progenitor was an incredible being, capable of entering dangerous grounds and coming out unscathed. He’s not a member of the Decemvirate but is still among the top.”

“This is a battle of the dead. We don’t need to interfere, he can handle this.” Hui Qingxuan agreed.

“You’re not taking half-a-step forward in my presence.” Phenom declared, his voice wielded great authority and might.

His mouth didn’t open yet the words still echoed with unyielding determination. He has been here for millions of years, never taking an inch away from this mountain.

“Boom!” The stallion leaped into the sky and stomped down mercilessly.

It was an incredible breed; the hoof stomp crushed the spatial fabrics. Its rider also took action.

“Clank!” A bright glint flashed as a spear aimed straight for the progenitor’s throat.

The king on the chariot stood up and unsheathed his sword, releasing a light illuminating the nine realms.

“Heavenly Dragon Raising Its Head!” He roared and the sword flew out like a divine dragon.

“Raa!” This golden dragon tore apart heaven and earth with its claws. Its aura swept through the area like a tsunami.

“Boom!” The bronze man was far more direct than the rider and king. His body was a weapon, made from divine bronze. A slam from him encompassed the weight of the heaviest mountain.

Just a slight movement from him resulted in black holes all around. Space couldn’t handle his weight as he slammed on the progenitor’s chest.

“Eight Realms; Eight Trigrams!” Phenom Progenitor retaliated. A symbol consisting of eight trigrams appeared beneath his feet, exuding enough divine light to cause pure chaos.

The symbol sealed the entire area and created a crystallized wall with eight sides. Each side had runes and auspicious beasts such as phoenix, dragons, and tortoise… These divine beasts looked animated and brimming with primordial power. These creatures then rushed out to join the fray.

“Rumble!” Phenom took on the three dark lords all by himself without falling behind. Each technique had extreme momentum and freedom.

“A fine sword never dulls.” Many ancestors in the group praised.

“Boom!” The expedition ship started moving again towards the peak.

“We’re following again.” Li Qiye and the rest kept moving forward.

Everyone had a pretty good idea of where the immortal item was. That’s why Phenom’s corpse remained here.

Phenom himself naturally wanted to stop the ship but he was preoccupied with the three lords, unable to catch up.

The ship stopped once more after entering the domain of the mountain. Snow covered the highest peak along with wintry gales. There were no signs of men here, only snow.

There was one exception - an ancient palace, perhaps meant for worship. However, the style and architecture couldn’t be pinpointed to a particular era due to its old age.

The gates were close, completely covered in snow. No one has been able to open it for a long time, or so it seemed.

To the front was a stone platform with several pine trees growing around it. Sitting on top of this platform beneath the trees and drinking tea while enjoying the sceneries beneath the mountain could be immensely enjoyable.

Two old men were doing just that without the tea. They sat there peacefully and instilled tranquility to the area.

One had a beard down to his chest, clearly a courageous person based on his appearance. He wore a black robe with a sun and moon embroidery.

He had a saber in his embrace; the weapon seemed to be one with its master. It was still sheathed so its saber intent and glint remained hidden. 

Nevertheless, people could tell that decapitation was inevitable the moment he took action even though they couldn’t see its sharpness. Even the strongest master wouldn’t be able to escape this fate once targeted.

The old man on the opposite side had an ever-present calmness regardless of the situation. He was also quite good looking with incredible charisma and a scholarly air. One didn’t need to have a conversation with him to have this impression.

The first phrase popping up in anyone’s mind despite his old age would still be - sculpted by the gods.

He had a sword placed on the table in front of him in a casual manner, seemingly just tossed there. This, in turn, created a profound harmonization with the grand dao and encompassed numerous mysteries.

The sword looked as common as can be but this didn’t matter. People wouldn’t think about its sharpness or its murderous capabilities.

Another word would pop up in their mind - dao. It has surpassed physical boundaries and become a sword dao.

As for how profound this dao was? This would require further rumination and research.

The two old men sat there for an eternity - past, present, and future.

The expedition ship floated above, seemingly staring at the two old men.

“That’s Sword Saint!” The group has also made it to the peak and Holyfrost recognized one of them.

“Yes.” Hui Qingxuan nodded.

Sword Saint originated from Myriad Lineage and lived for the sword. He eventually ascended to Immortal Lineage, still as invincible as can be with his sword techniques.

Some believed that when strictly talking about the sword dao, he was second to none.

The group was mentally prepared for this but seeing him was still surprising.

“And, and that’s Skysplitter Saber Ancestor, right?” Supreme wasn’t too certain about the other man.

“That’s him.” An Everlasting ancestor put on a serious expression: “I heard he was an imperial-level progenitor when he left for Uncrossable Expanse.”

“He’s at the immortal level now.” Li Qiye said. 

The saber ancestor was similar to Sword Saint in that he also came from Myriad Lineage. Now, he was another immortal-level progenitor after a breakthrough in Uncrossable Expanse.

The group stopped speaking and watched quietly, afraid of disturbing these two. They sat there, as still as can be, because they were also dead.

“Did they die from old age here?” Tai Xuanfeng asked with an uncertain tone. The group started contemplating.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head: “They suffered grievous injuries. Hmm, they tried to cure them to no avail, eventually resulting in death here.”

The group became shaken after hearing this.

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