Chapter 3082: Phenom Progenitor

“Rumble!” This area was seemingly rocked by a major disaster with loud explosions everywhere.

The dead legion and the great beasts brutally fought, tearing the fabrics of space apart. 

Though the beasts were made from various stones, their roars, auras, and wildness made them feel so real - akin to primal beasts.

On the other hand, the dead legion was completely silent. Each of them looked like a specter delivering fatal thrust from the darkness almost like serpents.

This battle wouldn’t end any time soon because each side had its own advantages.

The beasts lacked numbers but had the size advantage. One beast could smash thousands of soldiers to pieces.

As for the soldiers, they outnumbered the beasts and worked together perfectly, darting back and forth beneath the gigantic creatures.

“Boom!” One beast stomped down and crushed several hundred soldiers into pieces.

Alas, the fragments became engulfed in evil flame and instantly came back together. These revived soldiers then climbed up the beast with lightning speed.

“Crack!” A dozen or so of them broke the beast’s skull. Numerous broken rocks fell to the ground.

However, the same reincarnation process happened with bright runes. The pieces assembled to form a perfect skull once more.

The beast then swung its claw and blew the soldiers flying.

“Rumble!” Both sides suffered damages as the battle raged on. It’s just that they could recover in such a short time.

This was a bizarre and frightening scene. Both the beasts and the soldiers were unkillable regardless of the damages. This looked like an unending battle from hell.

“The only way to kill them is to destroy the evil flame and the dao runes.” Supreme Emperor felt dread at this special battle.

In the eyes of regular people, this type of undying art could be considered sorcery.

Of course, they weren’t really undying, just continuously fueled by the power behind them.

“Rumble!” Space trembled as the expedition ship moved on, not caring about this battlefield.

Li Qiye smiled and followed along. The rest of the group exchanged glances before catching up.

The ship moved across this plain in no time at all. At the end of this plain, everyone saw a snow-laden mountain.

It stood at the edge of the horizon like a divine mountain separating the realms. Its chill could be felt anywhere.

The peaks were covered in clouds and fog, akin to a fairy hiding their face behind a veil.

The ship floated nearby, seemingly waiting for something.

“The battle is about to begin.” Li Qiye said.

“Whoosh!” A monstrous gale blew away the clouds and fog on top.

This revealed a figure walking down from the mountain - a man with a stalwart figure, twice as tall as a regular person. His shoulders were massive, seemingly capable of shouldering the entire world.

His arms were just as thick. Though he wasn’t posing at all, he seemed capable of plucking the stars by just raising his hands.

Wherever he went, that location would become an impregnable fortress. No one would be able to get through him. He could stop the invasion of an entire world alone!

“Phenom Progenitor…” Supreme became startled.

“You’re right, that’s him.” Holyfrost agreed after taking a careful look.

Phenom was an incredible progenitor - capable of controlling the earth. According to the legend, he could turn a pile of soil into the strongest deity. This allowed him to sweep through his era uncontested.

Moreover, this wasn’t a dao avatar. It was actually the progenitor in person.

“He, he’s dead.” Tai Xuanfeng noticed something.

The progenitor was different, made from rocks instead of flesh and blood. Nevertheless, his unimpressive gray shade looked to be the toughest material in existence.

Unfortunately, there were cracks everywhere on his body now, like a broken piece of porcelain. Just one touch and everything would crumble.

“I’ve heard a tale about the toughness of this progenitor. He once stood still and let nine masters attack him together. They used several progenitorial weapons but didn’t inflict a single wound.” Supreme was shaken because the great progenitor was dead now.

The reason why he was still standing here was due to an eternal obsession or a grudge of sorts. His corpse would stop anyone from trespassing this mountain.

“Just what treasure is worthy of a progenitor’s protection to this level? Still lingering around after death.” Tai Xuanfeng wondered while looking at the highest peak.

“He gave up his life to protect the hope for our Immortal Lineage.” Five Element Goddess bowed to show respect towards the corpse. The rest also did the same after this revelation.

“Boom!” A stallion leaped out of the expedition ship.

A great lord rode on it; his weapon of choice was a saber. A brutal aura engulfed the sky.

This lord was also there during the summoning ceremony, a follower of the dark figure.

“Creak…” Next came a chariot with a king sitting on top. He had a divine sword placed on top of his knees. His regal aura indicated his supremacy.

“Whoosh!” A golden boat shot out like an arrow and stopped in the sky. A bronze humanoid with a mountainous frame walked out.

These dead entities had no sign of life. One could see an evil flame flickering in their eye sockets.

They slowly surrounded Phenom, wanting to suppress him three-on-one.

The emperors exchanged glances while feeling trepidation. These three beings were renowned when they were alive- far stronger than twelve-palace emperors and Everlastings.

Now, they were mere puppets to the darkness, a truly dreadful end.

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